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OS Fact or Fiction: EA Has a Surprise for Us All

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OS Fact or Fiction: EA Has a Surprise for Us All

With Madden NFL 25's first info hitting the streets, and with NCAA Football, NHL, and FIFA all having early reveals -- one has to wonder if EA has anything up their sleeves as we head into the summer. Typically, EA is good for a surprise or two when E3 hits, and we are totally expecting at least a next-gen Madden and/or FIFA to be demo'ed at E3.

So OS, Fact or Fiction: EA his holding a big surprise or two on us all still, be it NBA Live, or new 'big' features in each sports game that'll be game changers?

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Been while since I followed, but seems to be fairly late for EA to be releasing info on Madden. Weren't we getting info as early as February/March a couple of years back?
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I really hope so and really really want it to be true.
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I'm guessing so too. I'm almost rooting for EA @ this point. People hav really given them a bad rap, not company hits on the money each and every game. Though some of those maddens and lives were just atrocious, they have done some great things with other franchises people won't give them credit for. Basketball and football are my favorite sports but I do appreciate FIFA, FIFA street, NHL, fight night and even grand slam tennis. 2k has 1 good franchise in sports but I don't hear people calling them the devil for releasing terrible hockey and baseball games for years. With that said I can't stand that online code bs or this micro transaction bs either them dudes on some bs with that.

What I'm looking forward to seeing is the UFC game they have been working on. I almost can't imagine making a UFC better than thq but I kinda liked that mma games demo, it really looked good too. Of course I'm dying to see nba live! I used to buy live religiously just because I was a fan boy @ that time! Wouldn't give 2k it's credit but 2ks been the best bball game since prolly 09. I'm really hoping ea learned something about quality , depth and the basics. I do hope they throw there hat in baseball as well, I used to love MVP baseball
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Oh believe me I'm excited for this summer. Got my popcorn ready and my big boy pants on. Surprise me EA.
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I agree that EA will likely pick up the MLB License. I doubt though we will hear any conformation until later in the year. As for NBA Live, who knows. The way EA have handled this franchise in recent years its anyone's guess. Personally I don't think we'll see an EA basketball game until the next generation of consoles are released.
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I see EA Sports releasing info on NBA Live in June near NBA Finals & NBA Draft time since their website has been updated saying more details coming soon.
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We didn't get a Madden next-gen trailer this year like in 2005, I wonder why.
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