OS Roundtable: Which Sports Game Has the Best Control Scheme?

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OS Roundtable: Which Sports Game Has the Best Control Scheme?

Sports games have long been known for a lot of things, but amazingly intuitive control schemes have rarely been mentioned as the cornerstone of sports games. However, we did ask some of the writers on staff which control scheme they liked best in sports gaming.

Read on to find out what they thought were the best and be sure to add your own into the discussion.

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I agree with Chris here FIFA and NHL are fantastic. NBA 2k isn't far behind though.
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I agree both FIFA and NHL are great control schemes and NBA 2K is up there for me as well. I couldn't pick one that I like more than the other though if I had to choose between those 3.
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CH2k8 gets a nod as well. The passing controls alone in my opinion CHk28 makes it on my list.

Id say pretty much all of 2k sports controls gets my vote.

MLB2k series
even football APF2k8 and NFL2k5. those games have control features that EA just started integrating into their control scheme. The last few years EA has improved because of this

MLB THE SHOW 13 gets my vote as well cause of the smoothness and responsiveness.
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The aim of any modern sports simulation is to do exactly what it states. To simulate the sport it represents as accurately as possible. This means we expect to have our digital pros behave just as their real life counterparts.
Being able to control all the nuances of movements from a control pad is almost an art form in itself. Die hard fans are able to learn a myriad of button combinations to carry out these moves but it can leave casual gamers somewhat bewildered. Games like FIFA are pretty good at giving both types of player the opportunity to play the game although some of the special moves can be hard to pull off.
It's great to have total control over every deke & shimmy but for the more casual gamer I think a more simplified style of execution should be included. Lets say having a single button control a special move, with that special move being dictated by what's happening on screen at the time.

As for my verdict on the most intuitive I'd probably say FIFA & NBA 2K. The worst game to play for me is Rugby League Live. An horrendous number of button combinations to do the simplest of moves.
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The nhl series by ea by far. To me it just feels natural and effortlessly. I played the nhl series for along time and then after nhl 2002 I took some time off because the games were not very good. But when they introduced th analog stick it was the best control scheme it made the game so much better. I've played all major sport games and the nhl is the best by far.
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I actually am loving 2k13's control scheme. I hate the shot stick and the fact you can still shoot with square(PS3) is great. The new dribble move scheme with the right control stick is great too.
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NBA 2k13's control scheme is the best i've played. My brother played the game for the first time last night and was hooked but he was using the buttons to shoot. I taught him how to use the stick & the trigger and he liked it even more. But the thing about the controls is the longer you play the game, the more you use the controls, the more moves you learn how to do and the more realistic the game becomes.
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