OS Roundtable: PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

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Old 05-26-2013, 09:57 AM   #49
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TV and an all in one stop media box means that Microsoft is banking on folks with limited budgets to buy their system. Why buy all the other media devices,w hen one box can do it all. The outcome will be folks fighting for game or tv time at once.
That box will wind up in the family room or living roorm. The scenario will be little sister wants to watch my little pony while littel brother wants to play Call Of Duty....

question I have is does thiis box have the capability to connect to multiple output devices via a router or switch. Is it a multi port device, so that little sister, Mom or Dad can watch/stream TV on one televison via the XBOX while someone else games?
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Xbox One. I'll get the PS4 soon after, but it will only be used for exclusives, just like my PS3.
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Re: OS Roundtable: PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

X-Box One is a total disappointment. I'm sure it will play games wonderfully, but the PS4 looks more powerful, sounds as if it's gonna get better support than the PS3 did, and, as everybody else here mentioned, I buy my consoles for gaming; I have a smart TV, a PS3, my Satellite receiver, an Xbox 360, a PC, a smartphone, a tablet, and a smart Blu-Ray player which all do the job of giving me viewing content admirably. Microsoft bragging about that is like some back country cable provider bragging about HD. We already got that, brah. Next?
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There were two exclusives (Maybe Three) that were shown at the PS4 event. The other games that Sony showed are coming to Xbox One too, so it's really all about preference. I honestly want both systems. I done this with every console war so I see no reason to stop. E3 will prove to be a big deal for both companies. Sony is going to come with there Exclusives, but if Microsoft shows off 15 Exclusives, and at least 5 of them are top notch w/ 2 of them being new IP's, then that changes the focus. I want new games. I'm tired of playing the same franchises. If Sony and Microsoft can do this then it's a win-win for gamers.
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The fact anyone would choose the One over the PS4 at this point baffles me.

How much are they paying you to say that?

E3 will be what wins me this year, though the only choice is "PS4" or "No Next-Gen"

I'm already dead set against the One. I'm poor, I don't have the income to deal with the used game bullcrap the One is trying to enforce. Most of my games are used. If I have to choose between paying 60 for a new title, or paying 60 for 4 older titles that I can lend out to friends for free... I choose the latter.
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If I buy a console (which face it... I will. I'm 25 and have disposable income) it will be the PS4 and even then it's just for the games that won't come out on PC.

This gen also marks the first time since NES that I will not buy a console (the XBone.)

Everything MS is doing and focusing on this gen is a joke to me and screams to not touch it with a 10 foot pole, sadly.
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PS4 for me.
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As long as PS4 continues to use that design for their stick from 1994. No thanks.
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