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Defining Sim Gaming

The definition of the word Simulation is “Representation of the operation or features of one process or system through the use of another.”

Well that seems simple enough, right? Ah, but we all know that in the world of sports video game simulation, nothing is ever that simple. Sure, the word simulation is bantered about with carelessness and used by developers in a large percentage of game descriptions released for public consumption, but we really need to ask ourselves again, what does simulation mean to us as individuals?

Read More - Defining Sim Gaming

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Great article man. As someone who now likes a realistic experience and having friends who are more casual sports gamers I do think we can find a balance between the two.
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That was a great read! I think the biggest thing holding back games from being "true sim", if you will, is the AI logic on tougher difficulties. Take NCAA Football. As you bump up the difficulty, the computer is given boosts to physical attributes, which creates an un-even playing field. Yep - its definitely tougher, and if thats all your looking for, your set. But some of us would like to see the computer improve its tackling angles on tougher levels. Mix up play calling, disguise blitzes more, audible based upon our defenses, etc.... Those things would mirror what you see in real life. Simply allowing a 300lb DT to chase down my RB actually does the opposite as it clearly reminds me I'm playing a silly game.
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Options are the answer.

Make them game play casual out the box, but give us simheads the tools we need to make the game play simulation. Full explanation on sliders, player & team editing, Coaching profiles just to name a few.
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I liked how the wii had controls for people who don't normally play videogames in Madden and NBA Live. Where the beginners controls were semi auto. It would be cool to have my dad play against or along side me in NBA 2K14. If we have beginner to pro controls in NBA 2K games that would be nice. And I wouldn't mind the beginner mode controls be semi automated just as long as the normal(or pro) controls stay manual.
That's a good idea Auto and Manual controls.
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I mean that's a good way to put it Auto Vs. Manual controls
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Re: Defining Sim Gaming

I pretty much defined it as that no matter what sports game you're playing, that when you come away from the game, whether you played the computer or another human, it seemed like you were in an experience close to what you've experienced (either directly or visually) in the real world and that, win or lose, you left the game satisfied with the outcome.
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As far as football goes I agree that the gameplay needs to be improved as said above. I also think the game needs to teach more. For example there is no regard for gap responsibility which is the most important defensive assignments in real life. I think they have done a better job with the coverages but many teams don't use a basic cover your zone area anymore, now it is zone with a man-man concept. For example in real life Cover 2 can cover 4 verts if the corners read it right, reading receivers inside out (3, 2, 1). If they all go deep you cover #1 WR. Cover 4 or cover 7 is probably the best coverage in football if taught correctly. Unfortunately it is the worst coverage in the game, except deep but in RL it can cover nearly every combonation of pass patterns. I coach football and have studied many playbooks and defensive schemes.

I love playing football video games for fun but I think it would be great to be used as a teaching tool for younger players. Right now I think offense is doing a pretty good job with the option read and teaching how to execute it. Right now I think the defensive side is being over looked. My main concern is gap responsibility.
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