Xbox One Won't Support Game Rentals, Used Games Decided by Publishers

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Xbox One Won't Support Game Rentals, Used Games Decided by Publishers

More news continues to leak about the XBox One and its stance towards classic gaming hallmarks, and the latest news isn't good. It appears Microsoft's new console will not support game rentals and whether used games will be allowed or not will depend on individual publishers. Publishers can lock out the used games market if they so desire.

Users will be allowed to transfer game licenses once to a friend, so long as you have been friends with said friend for more than 30 days on Xbox Live. Microsoft is looking at the possibility of loaned or rented game licenses, but those features won't be available at launch, and perhaps never.

Furthermore, XBox One users will be able to give up to 10 other family members access to their shared library, which presumably will mean people playing on the same console unless Microsoft wants a game-sharing mess on their hands. All titles will be available both digitally as well as on disc. Digitally downloaded titles will be attached to specific users and not consoles, meaning you could realistically download Halo at a friends house and play it via your username.

Of course, all items are subject to change in the future says Microsoft. You can read more about the Xbox One's policies on Polygon. Coincidentally enough, it appears EA's removal of Online Passes was nothing more than a publicity stunt after all.

What do you think? Are you worried about the Microsoft DRM push?

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I gotta say, I have never been less enthused about a new console. I think I'll still be playing my 360 for awhile. I'll see how things shake out, but I see absolutely no reason to jump on the bandwagon.
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Who wants to be in my XBox family?

You buy the games and I'll play them

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Next gen = Upgrading my PC !

Chris, there's a nice article at Eurogamer.net: "Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile"

And then there's this great article: http://www.pcgamesn.com/why-your-nex...e-should-be-pc

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This is not going to turn out good for XBOX ONE. EA influence has emerged.
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Microsoft can do whatever they want, i'm going with a PS3. Microsoft trying too hard to do too many things while not doing the things that gamers want.
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Not going to be effecting me. I was on the fence before, now I KNOW I won't be purchasing one.
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Wow, so im confused. Does Microsoft NOT want people to buy their new system? ....
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