The Extinction of the Single Player Experience?

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Originally Posted by footballfan41
Well i want a Xbox 1 and Ps4, but if single player goes away so will I,..I am a 42 year old dad, and i ONLY play single player, hope hope they check with all before doing this alway, cause i buy THREE of everything in my house due to sons, and if they stop so will I....but I'm just one man i'm sure it don't matter to anyone if i did or didn't,
That's why i don't play NBA 2k just because of that, you setup a My-Player and if you don't like it, to start over with Names and all you have to Ask 2k to remove it, that's Way to my control over my $60 dollar game, lease Madden would let you start over and over as many times as you like,...
I am turning 40 this year and a few years ago I was really awaiting online gaming as the step to a great future of PC/console gaming. After my share of online games I am disillusioned by all those cheaters who play a game solely to win it - and not for the fun of it. Now I am playing almost exclusively offline. If the authors fears come true I have to look for a new hobby.
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I too am a fan of the single player games, I don't have a problem with multiplayer games. I think that especially in a sports game like madden, NCAA, 2k etc. as long as single player dynasties and career modes are available I'd be good with that. Give me the option to go online and play against friends if I want.
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Re: The Extinction of the Single Player Experience?

I have almost always played single player games or online games where it's still basically single player with a social/guild/alliance component if you want it, but it's still you vs the game.

The few times I play online, it's with a group of guys who usually end up co-op vs the AI, and I usually take the task of modding (which also eliminates ranked/automatch play) so we continue to get enjoyment out of vs CPU co-op play.

Otherwise, I'm either getting my butt kicked in 1v1 SC2 (still a single player experience as far as I'm concerned, just facing another human instead of the AI), or playing in single player mode.
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This article makes me think of the Manager Mode in FIFA. For the past 3 editions the online component of FIFA has received great additions (Seasons, Match Day, Ultimate Team, etc.) and that's fine. I'm all about adding new features and modes to sports games to keep the yearly entries fresh. However, the Manager Mode, which doesn't have an online equivalent and is where the real simulation of soccer happens, has been the same for the last couple of years. Now this year EA has treated us to improvements to Manager Mode in the way of...a new interface.

Yeah, single player is dying.
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