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OS Roundtable: Where does EA Football Stand at the End of This Generation?

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OS Roundtable: Where does EA Football Stand at the End of This Generation?

With this generation coming to a close, where does EA Football (NCAA Football and Madden) stand as we prepare to see the first next-gen football games? Do you think both games are behind the curve or are they in a position of strength heading into the new generation? Read our thoughts and share your own!

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This statement by Mathew Coe -"EA Sports is dealing not from a position of strength going into the next-generation, but instead from a position of "prove it". ",

and this statement by Robert Collars- "EA stands on somewhat shaky ground as we close this generation, but with no competition currently does it really matter?:

These statements sum up the consumer/seller relationship with this series. That's been this entire generation of football.

Madden has improved but is still far behind when comparing it to the progress all sports games have made this generation. Maddens progress has been stale. Gameplay wise, Nothing has changed since the PS2 days. Only significant improvements has been the graphics. I
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EA/The Devs don't seem to want to listen to what the consumers want in the game. We surly don't want to hear the words "can't" & "won't" when it comes to adding vital things from everyday NFL into Madden.

You ask a question about the game (Madden 25) & get ignored. While you see them retweet praise upon their creation. Yet behind the scenes, you watch people post all the bugs and problems with the game. You don't ignore your customer base, sorry!

I await word on the PS4 version of Madden. I look at it like a glass half empty...........
I post in the Madden Wishlist hoping to drum up ideas like everyone else who posts there does. Reading all of the posts, you just see how everyone is on the same page of where this game should be & the direction for it's future.
I don't get that feeling from the developers/upper management have the same direction as we do.

I don't want to hear about the yearly timetable. NFL Head Coach 09 was one of the DEEPEST Franchise modes Ever. Josh Looman stated that the time they had to make the game was a lot shorter than people think. I was impressed.
When Looman came over to the Madden 10 dev team I expected great things......Madden 12, they added a lot of things back into the game. I thought whoa 13 was going to be a beast.

13 was different, I liked, but it needed MORE.....

Hearing everything about Madden 25, I just don't know what to expect now.

Would like to get a date that EA will do an info dump on Madden 25 next gen. This would help against the thoughts of "what are they trying to hide?"

Madden 12 they were excited and dumped ALL their info in May. The next two years it's all been quiet in my opinion.

We'll see............
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I finally bought NCAA 14 2 days ago and I'm absolutely shocked how much better it is than M25. The animations and infinity engine are actually smooth. The presentation isn't the best but it far exceeds M25's. Madden has a long way to go. I will always look back at the fact that Nfl 2K5 is a last generation game that has better presentation than every Madden game of this generation. Whats so hard about adding an actual halftime show???
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There were two games you could count on me buying, NCAA Football and Madden. Last year was the first year I did not purchase Madden and I didn't purchase it this year. NCAA Football has always been fun for me to play but has always underwhelmed and I never needed big things (decent pass coverage and the ability of using duplicate numbers isn't so much to ask is it?) from it. With everything going on it looks like this really could be the last year of NCAA Football. It's especially hard to go back to Madden and fully enjoy NCAA like I used to when you see NBA 2K and MLB The Show making such incredible games. I know football games have a lot more going on but when you see the continual advances from those two games, The Show was almost the perfect baseball game for me, you really get more frustrated with EA.
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EA ended with a college football game that plays the best of any football video game we have seen but still has a huge run defense imbalance issue. Problem is that the current standing of the college licenses are on anything but stable ground.

Madden 25 right now is a broken mess. There are many small nagging issues with Madden 25, but when connected career franchise is your big draw how can a game breaking error such as repeating draft classes make it into your final build. I guess the answer to that question is how as a company can you release a promotional demo designed to boost sales that has actual players on the field become invisible.

In my opinion this entire generation for EA's football titles has been the equivalent of having a goose that lays golden eggs and then tying a noose around its neck to choke as many eggs out of it as possible rather than feeding it and letting it lay more eggs year after year.

Madden has made missteps in the past but some of the issues in this year's game are flat out inexcusable.
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Until people quit buying the games, EA is in a position of power. The lack of innovation, pathetic Q/A efforts, and focus on revenues versus consumers would normally result in awful sales. However, EA has the trump card with the NFL license. Their best title to date, IMHO, was Madden 05 (with Madden 10 close behind).
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Re: OS Roundtable: Where does EA Football Stand at the End of This Generation?

Robert Kollars sums up my approach to EA Football both Madden and NCAA with this quote:

"I'm not a Madden or NCAA *****, I actually enjoy each title for what they are - a fun game of digital football, but neither title is a true simulation of the sport. I purchase each game every year and I have a realistic mindset and level of expectation when doing so, and that is why I can find enjoyment in playing them."

For the record I found the NCAA series far better over the course of this console cycle. Starting with NCAA 11 that series made strides with 12, 13 and now the best in the series ever in 14.

I can't say the same for Madden in the way of consistent progress. My first title on this cycle was Madden 10....which on the field blew me away but off the field crushed me. Madden 11 made one great feature in Gameflow/Gameplanning.

Madden 12 off the field as well as AI on the field for the CPU made that version the most replayable up to this point.

Madden 13..........ok not going there anymore.

Madden 25 IMO is the most impressive Madden package ever in the way of modes, intuitive menus and a great user interface in Connected Franchise. The depth of CFM is also for me quite impressive. On the field the game has been a huge surprise for me. I went in expectating nothing after really loathing M13's sloppy half finished product. M25 feels finished in many aspects.

Play by Play and color is the best it has ever been for a Madden title.
The passing game is so much fun, and feels really smooth.
The running game is something to behold on both NCAA and Madden this year.
The depth of CFM and the XP system is highly addictive.
Online CFM with real mature sim players is amazing.

So there are many positives to take away this gen. I think the real focus was more for online players than offline (I am primarily on offline player but have played in a very successful NCAA 11 and 12 online dynasty) and am now part of a superb 32 owner Online CFM.

I also tend to agree with this quote as well from Robert:

"I am willing to overlook this whole generation of football, and chalk it up to a bad engine and poor design decisions early on. My hope is that with the supposed ease of developing on the upcoming generation of consoles, we will see quite an improvement and some corrections to the glaring issues each title is dealing with in their current state."

The final verdict for the roundtable question is a loaded answer. I think for those who approach the game as I (and apparently Robert) do, at the end of this gen with Madden 25 I can say it was a huge success. I say this because it is hands down the best Madden football title I have ever played. And that was all I ever wanted to say about a Madden title this gen. I almost was able to say that with M12.....but on the field (off the field it was sterile and lifeless) it had a couple of glaring warts that I could not get past to make it the most fulfilling title in the series history. It felt like Madden 12 was a stop gap.....a band aid to a heavily bleeding wound.

Madden 25 feels like a game almost fully realized after getting out of the gates really late (it took them 5 tries to actually make a playable game on the field.

Compared to the PS2/XBOX era they hit gold on their 4th try in Madden 2004. And hit a grand slam on their 5th try. On the PS3/360 era that monster hit (and it is not a grand slam but i will give them a solo HR) did not come till the last game of the cycle.

NCAA 14 was a product of a steady climb starting with NCAA 11. This years itteration is also hands down the best college football video game ever made.

So what's next?

I think EA will hit the wheelhouse by Madden 16. I think for it to be a grand slam it will need:

A fully realized presentation package (NFL Network or ESPN style presentation, half time show, weekly wrap up show, dynamic play by play and color, player of the game interviews, robust franchise hub building off of this years CFM) and fully realized player interactions all over the field 1-22.

I have faith it can be done. I think the fact they will have a better engine to build from out of the gate will work wonders.

They must be focused though and have a clear vision and must be allowed to mold and build off features....not add and subtract every iteration.

I will be curious....and playing M25 and NCAA 14 on my PS3 for the next 2 years as I watch the new consoles work out their bugs, let developers get a grasp of the new power...then dive in when I see the all clear sign.
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