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OS Roundtable: Does the Lack of Next-Gen Info Worry You?

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Re: OS Roundtable: Does the Lack of Next-Gen Info Worry You?

It is worrying from the standpoint of a consumer of an industry that as a whole typically struggles at the beginning of new technology jumps, but from a marketing standpoint its easy to see why. Since both systems are generally sold out in pre-orders there is no reason to take a chance of disrupting current gen software sales by showing anything. The only reason they would show flashy next gen video is if their console sales were lagging behind and they needed to convince people to get their box in people's living rooms to be able to move money making software. The transition between console generations has become so hyped up that most people (me included) went out and pre-ordered their system sight unseen. Until gamers move away from the gotta have it now and gotta have the next best thing (never going to happen) companies are not going to be compelled to try and convince the consumer until after they ride the initial wave of locked in sales.
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I could have swore Ronnie2K said there would be a next gen reveal at the end of this month? Well, its the end of the month???
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Well the issue of last gen games at the beginning was mainly a lackluster feature set that many games never recovered from. Madden, for instance, lost every valuable feature in its game outside of play now. We now know madden will be fully featured at launch which means the only risk would be gameplay--which is something that will either happen or not. While it is still unknown, most consumers recognized that gameplay would have bugs at first and they will be sorted out eventually. This isn't going to be the same type of problem as last gen because the graphics we have already seen are true gameplay in most instances
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Honestly, the more i seem to think about it the more i feel as though the last gen opening cycle was in the same boat.

Not a lot of fuss was made about the 360-ps3 until right before each system was to be released...

Only generation i could remember getting a lot of hype was the ps2 days..
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This is why I am waiting. People don't seem to ever remember the failures before Playstation and Xbox. Platforms such as Neo-Geo(or whatever it was), Dreamcast,or the Gamecube to name a few. Remember the first cd type add-on the Sega Saturn. I have been gaming since Nintendo Duck Hunt and if I have learned one thing it is never buy on day one. Give it a few months. Let the dust settle and figure out which system is here for the long haul. It would really suck to end up with the next Dreamcast(extinct) under the tv.
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It makes sense from a business perspective to focus on getting as much out of the current gen as possible before moving on to next gen so I am going to try to be optimistic until NBA 2k14 drops. BUT if they are not marketing NBA 2k14 for next gen by 10/4 ( 3 days after current gen NBA 2k14 drops ) then I will start to worry.
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It doesn't worry me at all. It just baffles me how rudely impatient a lot of people around here are. People are ready to crucify companies when they aren't spoon-fed info every hour. People were expecting 5-on-5 gameplay out of NBA Live 14 at the reveal at E3. Its crazy.

At the end of the day, the games are coming. Whether you are getting the info today, or next week doesn't really matter.

I just wish people would ease up and relax, because it gets really annoying to log on just to see a bunch of people griping and complaining because they didn't get their info at a certain time.
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Good article....

As for me, I am a little worried. It has become common now for these companies to "hide their hands", sort of speak. They have done it with many games for years now. Hell EA Sports are the Kings of "Smoke & Mirrors".

That's why I won't buy an Xbox One. I think Microsoft with pull the old..."Bait & Switch" when it come down to paying to play used games. I think they only decided to change their strategy after all the negative backlash. They knew how it would impact their sales, so they reverse their decision. And after a year or so I bet you they will go right back to the "Pay to Play Used Games" strategy.

More & more every year I am leaning toward converting to PC gaming.

Just saying.....
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