OS Roundtable: Does the Lack of Next-Gen Info Worry You?

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OS Roundtable: Does the Lack of Next-Gen Info Worry You?

NBA Live is sitting exclusively on next-gen, why the delay in hype?

There are a lot of people within the sports gaming community expressing concern at the lack of information on next-gen sports games at this point. Do you feel this is a sign that sports games aren't going to be that good, or is it something else behind the delay?

Read on to find out some of our thoughts!

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It worries me very much...I hope I don't get buyer's remorse. I expect info on games to start coming Oct 1...which I believe is the start of the holiday season. There is plenty of info out there on the systems which claims they are built for at least a decade. Hopefully our sports games take full advantage of the hardware.
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I am not so concerned about the lack of Next Gen sports game information as i am fully aware of why there is none. Each of the major software companies are trying their best to maximize the current gen profits before starting the hype machine on the next gen product as they are fully aware that many people will not by the same game on both consoles. It sucks that i have to wait to get even a glimpse of the new product but i totally understand why EA or 2K is withholding information.

I am expecting the next gen games with their updated engines to blow the current gen games out of the water. If i see an updated 2K on next gen i will not purchase the current gen since i will scrap it once the next gen systems drop. I bought Madden fully aware it would be just like last years game but since it was released in August i could not wait 3 months to play online football so i buckled. Basketball games are within a month of each other and I have GTA V to occupy my time so i "should" be able to hold off and not by the current gen 2k14. Hopefully all of this secrecy is worth the wait.
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Great article and piece. I for one fall into the " Gray" area of this topic. I don't know what to think about next - gen, other than knowing my PS4 was pre-ordered a day after its E3 reveal.

All of the hype and passion generated during that time this year is gone, and i feel its because fans don't know which way is up, since there is ZERO commercials or hype being generated for anything ; aside from

a few madden XB1 commercials on ESPN. GTA, Arkam, Last Of Us, and beyond 2 souls are great games that are in our face day in and day out. I think with games like them and a lot of people still back logged,

along side the lack of promotion for next gen will keep every at an un-easy pace going into the next phase of gaming.

Not to mention 360's entrance to the market 8 yrs ago with their sports games, which i know ppl still have a sour taste in their mouths over.
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I'm not worried. Now, if we get to a week or two before launch and there still isn't anything out, I'll change my answer, but outside of getting more impatient waiting for the next-gen consoles to come out, does it really help or hurt a whole lot to unleash all of the information right now?

Pretty sure those who are going to be able to get next-gen consoles at launch have already ordered, if not then good luck! That being said, rather or not they release the information now or a couple of weeks before launch, it's not like we're going to be rushing out to grab our copy of NBA 2k, FIFA, or Madden any sooner.
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I don't think I can remember a console release being this understated. I can understand why EA would advertise FIFA on TV for the current generation because they want people to buy that game right now, but as stated, Madden has been on the shelf for a while so surely now EA should be making noises for the next gen release. But we've had nothing for a while. 2K have been totally silent on their next gen NBA release while even news on the XBOX ONE specific Forza game has been minimal.
Are Sony & Microsoft just confident that the consoles will sell themselves? I don't know. The lack of information coming through is strange to say the least.
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I'm really not worried. I understand that the Gaming companies want you to buy their existing products. And the "wow" factor can only last so long. If EA blows the doors open with new madden features. In 12 weeks you might not be as excited. I am more surprised than anything. IMO developers of none sports titles don't care what system you play the game on, it is expected for the stories in those games to be the same. Where as with sports titles if Madden starts showing passing pockets and tons of animations. Someone may not buy it on a PS3 and miss out on a PS4 and not buy the game all together. I understand why Sony and Microsoft aren't over hyping the systems right now also because they are already taking a lost at launch no need to compound it with a multi million dollar marketing scheme this early. Now if we hit the 5-6 weeks mark and we still do not have any news then I might start to get worried.
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I'm starting to wonder if buying a next gen sports game title is like buying a new model of a car. With a car, the conventional wisdom is that this isn't the smartest thing to do as the manufacturers haven't fully worked out the kinks of a potentially new engine, configuration, components, etc. It ends up being smarter to buy a car in its second or third iteration of the new model. Maybe next gen sports games should be perceived the same way. It only makes sense that devs will be able to do more with games next year and the year after than this year.

I wouldn't say I'm worried, but I just don't expect to see real progress in the genre until a year or two from now. In the meantime, I'll sit tight with my 360 and current gen games until next summer.
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