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Re: OS Roundtable: Hockey/Soccer Edition

The main problem with NHL games are that EA never fixes the big issues. People have been complaining about lack of penalties(regardless of them being realistic or not) called ever since NHL12 and we're at NHL14....the problem hasn't been solved....Every NHL video game for at least a decade prior, had no issues in the penalty department,so don't get how EA can mess this up,not fix it,and act like this isn't an issue(only times I've ever seem them slightly comment on this issue,they blame the users for the issue....So suddenly the way majority of their fans play the video games have changed from like 3-4 years ago,all starting from the exact same game?)

NHL without penalties is like NFL without flags or NBA without fouls...it can be a game changer, yet the video games act like they rarely happen.

There's numerous other issues in NHL games such as physics. Even though EA does make changes, it's still not that great. MLB The Show for example, has great physics system, yet even their developers admit there is still room for improvement(and they even proved that with MLB13 as it changed so much from MLB12,even though MLB12 was already real great,MLB13 was still an improvement). EA on the other hand, acts like their games are fine and that everything in their games are what the fans want.

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Re: OS Roundtable: Hockey/Soccer Edition

Originally Posted by BigJT1083
FIFA World Cup 2010, by far the best FIFA made on 360
While I agree that Fifa WC 2010 was an incredible game, I'd have to say either Fifa 12 or Fifa 13 (haven't played 14 yet). I can't speak to PES as I played it a long time ago, and felt Fifa was the superior product.

All that being said... I miss 2k hockey. Although I miss 989s Face Off. FaceOff 98 was probably my favorite hockey title of all time. I wore the hell outta my PSX playing that. And it was perfect for head to head play. Me and my friends would play that non stop.

And I know its off topic, but the best NCAA Football game is (IMO)'Bill Walsh College Football 95. I dominated with Colorado; Slash, Rashaan Salaam, and Westbrook made up the sick offense, and Colorado had a pretty stout D too... Although they were just numbers back then. No online, but again, a hellofa head to head game. And I miss NBA Jam on my Genesis...
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