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PlayStation 4 Console Review

It was over ten years ago when I purchased an Xbox, based solely on the availability of one game: World Series Baseball. I was amazed by the graphical fluidity, realistic ballparks, and features (like managing staff) that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

Last summer, I found myself in a similar position. Just as I had done in 2002, I made a console purchase based almost entirely on the availability of baseball games. I preordered a PS4.

Now, having spent a weekend with the new console, do I feel that this decision -- regardless of future baseball availability -- was a good one? Should you jump on board the next generation with Sony’s new console? Is the PS4 even a good console as a whole?

The answer, unfortunately, is a resounding “maybe.”

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I think this is a pretty fair review. Basically the same thoughts i have. It has A LOT of potential, but that's what it is right now, potential. Down the line i think this machine will be great.
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No one buys a new system specifically for the launch titles. When you make this purchase you understand this is a 3 to 4 year investment(PS4 OR Xbox One). I purchased a PS4 at launch knowing the games I want to play will be available in the near future(MLB the Shoe,Infamous,Uncharted and others). Just realize the system you have today won't be the same you have in 1 year with all the updates and media additions. All you have to do is look at the past generation and see how both companies improved the machines for the better for the customers. It's your opinion but just want others to step back and realize a new system isn't made or broken just on launch day alone.
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I bought the ps4 for Christmas for me to play so I can't wait to play it. I am a diehard baseball fan but mlb the show wasn't even on the list of reasons why I chose the ps4, its just icing on the cake.
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I think this is like getting a Nuru Massage. At first youre like, "this isnt really my cup of tea" but then as that hot oil drizzles down your back, youre thinking "Oh its just getting good!"
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Great article and agree. I also have the PS4 for the 3 following reasons:
MLB the Show -
Netflix streaming - although the XBX1 has it too, i use the PS4 for it as well as all BD movies we watch
The eventual Uncharted franchise that will pop up and be awesome -
I am a sucker for new tech
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Cool read I want to see game developers review these new consoles and hear their thoughts.
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When I think next gen, I think of something different and groundbreaking. Not the same video game experience Ive had since I got nes for christmas back in the 80's. I get ps4 insides are superior (wasnt ps3s too) but xbox one seems different in a good way.
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