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MLB 13: The Show The results are hidden 0%
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Re: Sports-Game-of-the-Year: Current-Gen SGOTY

I assume we won't be seeing Vladella again anytime soon.
Anyway I voted The Show first and NCAA14 second.
I hear good things about Madden 25 and NBA2K14. But...
When reading the first impressions on the various forums, it was clear to me that on those two games there is a split in whether people are happy or not.
If you like playing online or head to head, you was happy. But if you was 32 team franchise or CPU vs CPU player, you was left out in the cold.
That first night a game breaks is big to me, If you noticed, there was very little dissatisfaction all year expressed n the Show's Forum.
Same with NCAA.
Actually, considering NCAA came form EA, I might consider changing my vote due to the rise in quality,
But in the end, because I can see flaws in NCAA such as timekeeping and lack of penalties. And because I cant find anything resembling a flaw in TheShow, I have to go with TheShow once again. For the fourth year in a row.
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Old 12-26-2013, 12:49 AM   #29
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Re: Sports-Game-of-the-Year: Current-Gen SGOTY

Voted for MLB the Show 13. Truly utstanding game (graphics, presentation, playability, soundtrack, etc.). Was tough picking over NCAA Football 14, the game that I play most. Can't see me moving up to a PS4 until they get a college football game. Could not consider NBA 2K14 because I am still playing NBA 2K13 which would have gotten my vote if eligible (also deserves consideration as best sports game ever). Madden 25 needs MAJOR work with presentation but the gameplay was fun. If I was more into soccer, FIFA 14 would deserve strong consideration as it really is an outstanding game.

All in all, one of the strongest years for video sports games in recent memory.
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Re: Sports-Game-of-the-Year: Current-Gen SGOTY

I voted The Show. Maybe because I like baseball a bit more than basketball. Despite their flaws NBA 2k and Sony's The Show are easily the best sports games out there.
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Old 12-26-2013, 12:51 PM   #31
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Re: Sports-Game-of-the-Year: Current-Gen SGOTY

I just realized that the one I voted on was next gen even though I have current gen so I voted FIFA 14 here. Best PC sports game ever.

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Old 12-30-2013, 02:15 PM   #32
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Re: Sports-Game-of-the-Year: Current-Gen SGOTY

I vote MLB 2k13
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