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Re: Current-Gen Sports Game of the Year

A truly remarkable baseball game is how I will put it. Never has a game come as close to real life as The Show series this gen. It was a system seller for me. When The Show 2009 was released.....my mouth dropped. I had to have it even though I was still content playing MVP 2005 on my old trusty PS2.

But when MLB 11 came out....things went to another level with classic rosters. And that continued on 12 and now 13 is truly the pinnacle of the series. I can only imagnine once the hiccups are worked out.....how incredible this series will be on the PS4 in the coming years.

Can't wait to dive in eventually.

I really love NBA 2K14, NCAA 14 and yes Madden 25 as well. Also I recently picked up WWE 2K14 and that game is a total riot. I am having so much fun.

I am not one for nostalga.....never have been. Sports games today are leaps and bounds better than the much nostaslgic PS2/XBOX era. yes features of some games have been removed for better or for worse....but game play, franchise modes, player animations/movment and realism is so amazing now. I am in hog heaven.

I guess you really had to come from the 2600 era to understand how far we have come. Even the NES system had some great sports games (tecmo, Baseball Stars, Bases Loaded etc) but when you go back and play them (save for the exception of Tecmo Super Bowl which IMO still holds up as a truly fun game) they just don't have the same wow anymore. Not when i can pop in The Show and play my 1978 Yankees, or the 1996 Yankees or the 1985 Royals.....and really feel like I am playing baseball. That's the difference. The games today are as close to real life as they ever have been. I know nothing is perfect......but realize what we have today.

It's the best it has ever been and IMO will continue to get even better on the new consoles in due time. By 2016.....we will be singing the praises of The Show, 2K B-Ball, and Madden.....I know it. And look back at this era with far more fondness.

I think these games right now (Show 13, M25, NCAA 14, WWE14, 2K14, Tiger, FIFA) will hold up for a few more years till the next gen get's it feet under them. In fact I think it will hold up far longer than the PS2/XBOX versions did. I felt the leap from PS2/XBOX to right now is significant. I have a feeling the leap to PS4 and XBOX One won't be for some time in terms of modes.

Just my thoughts.
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Just picked up Tiger this week and looking forward to the sim side of the game. I couldn't get into the Show again for the 2nd year, immersion factor is still low for me in franchise mode. I'm hoping that PS4 will breathe some new life into it.
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Early nominee for mlb 14 the show as 2014 game of the year...

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Re: Current-Gen Sports Game of the Year

The Show 13. NBA 2k14 in that order. As far as Tiger Woods goes they screwed up the putting after 12. Downhill since then. Game is progressively getting worse. The cameras are awful.
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Re: Current-Gen Sports Game of the Year

The show is by far the best sports game! For me personally. ..its the best game period!!

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Re: Current-Gen Sports Game of the Year

well deserved now with Next-Gen time to fully incorporate online to be just as strong as offline
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