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Next-Gen Sports Game of the Year

The entirety of 2013 built up to the launch of both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

While expectations for launch games were probably a bit high considering the historical performances of launch titles, we still got several very solid games out of the next-generation lineup of games. While there were several contenders, at the end of the day the Staff’s pick for next-gen Sports Game of the Year was really all about one game.

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While not usually an EA fan, I must agree that, all things considered, Next-Gen game of the year is FIFA. NBA 2k does some key things right, but many important things wrong.

I find myself drawn more to FIFA than NBA 2k and Madden. NBA 2k is still a great game, however 2k is starting to go the way of EA as it is mixing a toxic combination of arrogance and glaring quality problems.

I find FIFA to be a well-balanced game. The graphics are pretty good - not great, the game play seems really good, and all the modes work. (I can't believe I am actually paying compliments to an EA game!) The game is fun. If they can bump up the visuals to NBA 2k levels and increase the gameplay to PES caliber team identity play, it will be a definite toss-up between NBA 2k and FIFA.

One thing I can't stand about FIFA and Madden is what seems to be EA's commitment to eternally be in foundation-building mode. They're always talking about building some foundation for a point they never seem to reach. I think their development approach is far too slow-paced. Thank God they have PES breathing down their neck on FIFA. I am convinced that if there was no PES, FIFA would be even more further behind than it is now.

Madden is, well, Madden - and that's a bad thing. It is a lackluster effort with some spots of positivity.
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MADDEN 25 is the only real canidate
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Leaving out modes should've eliminated FIFA. That's the very problem we complained about with last gen launches.
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Just bought madden..ugh. not a next-gen title. Embarassing for EA
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You've used "solid" or "solidly" 5 times just in this small article, mix it up a bit guys lol.
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FIFA is the same game on current gen. I don't understand how it gets the nod.
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Madden NFL 25 for me was the only game that made the transition without stripping out features. That makes it number 1 for me. It may not have made the visual jump of NBA 2K14 or FIFA 14 but it improved on the Current Gen model without any sacrifices in content.
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