Kinect-less Xbox One to Sell for $399

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Old 05-13-2014, 01:59 PM   #9
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Would have been tempted but already jumped the boat to Sony.
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Old 05-13-2014, 04:23 PM   #10
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Too late..PS4 already got my money!! And I'm not sure if I would have gotten an Xone anyway! Love my 360 alot but the whole total home entertainment NEVER sold me once!
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M$ came with nonsense from system architecture to the way it was marketed to the bs policies to making it a Kinect only bundle and after falling behind in public opinion then to sales, they've made modifications to the X1. Smart but waaay behind Sony and the 4. We'll see how time treats the X1. Things could change for the better like it did for the PS3. We gamers need both these powerhouses to keep the market going.No need for another crash but damn M$ really effed this one up. Dunno how this whole thing was even green lit to begin with. Small, dumb minded and possibly arrogant ppl heading up the console gaming division and even more idotic oversight.

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Had 360 and PS3. After the Xbox one introduction fiasco went with the PS4. Now the Xbox one is like the PS4 except less powerful? To late now....
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Old 05-13-2014, 05:34 PM   #13
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It may be too late for us as early adopters but MS has plenty of time to gain ground and succeed financially which is the ultimate goal .It's funny that they thought they would make more money by being greedy with their policies which ended up biting them in the ***.
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I thought the Kinect was tied to a lot of Xbox One features? Seems strange they would remove it, but guess they have to play catch-up with Sony's PS4.
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Originally Posted by OSGuy321
A smart move by Microsoft. However, of the two consoles, I would say Sony is still the better deal. Both consoles are severely underpowered imo. Hard to believe we will have them for 5-6 more years, while PC technology is just exploding and growing exponentially by the day it seems.
Yeah they are not as powerful. but a vast majority of people don't have the money to keep up with PCs, so it makes perfect sense as to why they are inferior.
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*S *dd*ct
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Still have not made the jump to this gen and I have not really seen a game on the X1 or it's competitor to make me run out and drop $400.00. Graphics of course look good but that's to be expected imo. Too many games I have yet to play on 360 and would eventually like to play Last of us on the ps3 at some point. Last Gen still got some juice left.

Despite all that, smart move by microsoft but it's too bad they couldn't figure out a way to incorporate the price drop to include the kinect since that is supposed to be one of the advantages it initially marketed having over ps4..They have been playing catch up to Sony since that E3 face plant..
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