MLB 14 The Show: Debating the Merits of Quick Counts

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Old 05-15-2014, 03:54 PM   #17
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I tried Quick Counts for a few games and went back to regular at bats because Quick Counts disrupted my ability to steal bases and bunt runs over.
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i used quick counts at first, it actually helped me become a more patient batter, throwing me into certain scenarios that i had no choice but to try and fight my way out of, thus making me more aware of pitch types and how to look for them. once i really became more of a patient batter, i switched it back to normal and have had much more success than ever before. i work the counts much better and actualy get the pitch counts up just as high as quick counts would, although maybe not every game. although quick counts is a great development for this franchise, i choose to still go the old fashioned way as i thrive for realism, and now that i have learned how to properly hit and work counts, i find i get the most realism out of playing with quick counts off. dynamic difficulty is a godsend also. lastly, in terms of speeding up the game, quick counts is great, but IMHO users can always just simulate half innings, or what not to advance games a little quicker if they so choose, for me... thats good enough.
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I don't use quick counts. I take a lot of pride in drawing a walks in video baseball (as weird as that sounds). It's pretty satisfying when you get one. It's not satisfying when you start with a 3-1 count. The AB feels empty and it feels like I'm just going through the motions. The show and the old High Heat series were the only series that had AI that allowed you to work a count and draw a walk. I gave quick counts a shot, but for me it's not enjoyable.
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Old 05-15-2014, 04:28 PM   #20
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I strictly use quick counts... love it! The only issue I have is when I am needing to pinch hit for my pitcher.. I've had to bring in a pinch hitter with an 0-2 , 1-2, or like an 3-2 count ... which sucks, MOST of the time.
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Quick Counts don't work very well if you like to manage games (my pitchers walked over 40 batters in a weekend series against the A's and walked in 4 runs during an inning twice during that span) but I've found it can be pretty enjoyable if you're actually doing the batting and pitching for yourself. It seems in manage mode the pitchers are oblivious to the count and the fact that they don't have as many waste pitches at their disposal. They appear to go into every count thinking it's a 0-0 count. That would simply be an AI issue, which I trust will be figured out by the time 15 rolls out next year, unless quick count just wasn't meant to be used in manage mode, in which case it shouldn't be presented as a option for that mode. No matter, still having a blast with the game despite this extremely minor hiccup.

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I have tried using quick counts on a few occasions and came to the conclusion that I like to work the counts myself in my MLB franchise games. However, I have been using the quick counts feature in some of my minor league games in order to play with certain prospects and not have to spend an hour doing so.
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Originally Posted by DGuinta1
I don't like the unrealistic aspect of subbing a picture after he has already thrown 2 pitches but other than that love it. Thank you SCEA!
Quick way to alleviate this is go in and select the option "Schedule to Put in Game" before the inning begins. It's what I do!
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As changed are made min other sports to.better the game baseball could use a change in counts in real life. Maybe to 2,strikes and and balls. Games would move much faster, and hitters would swing more often/ pitchers would throw more strikes.
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