MLB 14 The Show: Debating the Merits of Quick Counts

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MLB 14 The Show: Debating the Merits of Quick Counts

How is everyone finding the quick counts in MLB 14: The Show? I've certainly heard several opinions on this new wrinkle to the gameplay for the 2014 version of Sony's baseball franchise, including a spirited discussion on the most recent Press Row Podcast. I can certainly appreciate both sides of the argument, as there is a definite trade-off when activating the feature. The idea of speeding up the game and forcing some realism may end up diminishing the control someone has over the game and it's certainly not realistic. Then again, it serves an important function: speeding up the game.

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I thought I would hate quick counts and never use the option. I admit I was totally wrong. I use it all the time now. Other than when I would bunt, or steal a base, it makes for more accurate pitch counts and I don't feel like I lose much (I am way too much of a free swinger, so I never drew any walks before using QC).
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Once I started using quick counts, it seems to be all I use now. I don't have very much time to play so it is a bonus. Sure, you get into some un-desirable counts in certain situations, but so do major league players. If anything, I think it helps mix up the games a little bit. At first I was a little worried about it driving up the pitch counts and not being able to ever pitch a complete game. However I pitched a complete game (perfect game actuallly) with Cliff Lee with only 98 pitches. So I've been getting some realistic total pitch counts.
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I agree you lose some control but it definitely speeds up the game and that far outweighs losing some control. I also like the realistic pitch counts I get.
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I don't think I could use anything else now. It keeps me way more engaged as almost every pitch is meaningful. I don't have time to complete an hour and a half games to get through a season. Plus, I like the variety of situations you encounter. I don't think it takes away choices (bunting, stealing, etc.), it just makes those choices more inline with what you see in real life. You have to weigh risks/reward since the count may ruin your plans... just like real life when the batter doesn't get the job done. It takes out the arcade video game aspect of having too much control and adds more of a sim element of actual baseball situations.
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only complaint is that it causes me to lose that immersion factor. I dont use it at all.
I play 6 inning games and the pace of games move along quite nicely. only drawback is that I had to lower every pitchers stamina in the game.
baseball is a time consuming sport,
they could have tried a mercy rule. but that would mess up the stats.

next year for quick counst they should include some hiiting and pitching situations where its starts with an 0-0 pitch count
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Love it. Glad they finally were able to put this feature in.
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I like it in general, but what I don't like is the fact I start with 2 pitches already thrown. Playing NL teams, there is a lot of bunting by the lower part of the order and with quick counts, that part of the game is basically null and void. In the same way, my running game is terrible because I get Reyes on first and sometimes I get an 0-2 count and can't run with him.

What I would like to see is a choice every time a batter comes to the plate of whether I want a quick count or not. That way, if I get a runner on and the pitcher is next to bat, I can choose just to start with a 0-0 count and move over the runner, but if no one is on and I want to speed up the game, I can just use the quick count option.

It could be fairly simple, at the start of the game you choose quick counts on/off, then as your batter is coming to the plate if you click the X button, whatever you had chosen as your default selection to start the game will be put in play, if you press the O button, you get the other.

So let's say you chose quick count, anytime you press X, the next batter starts with a quick count, however, if a player comes up that you want to bunt with, you choose the O button and start with a 0-0 count. Or if you want to run on the first pitch, you can just start from the 0-0 count. I would really put us in control of the speed of the game as well as allow us to use this feature while maintaining the reality of baseball.
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