Managing Next-Gen Expectations

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Managing Next-Gen Expectations

As we break through the gates of new console hardware, it's always hard to fight the expectations and "wishlisiting" that comes along with such a rare occasion. Players are often waiting five-plus years to get their hands on new gear, and the last generation really pushed people to the limit. With Kinect and Move delaying the onset of this new generation, we had to sit through unnecessary sequels as well as solid but uninspiring yearly releases.

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Not much difference graphically with Next-Gen... Better lighting etc. is an improvement.

I've moved onto PC gaming this generation, from all 3 consoles in last generation. Loving every minute of the openness that's PC gaming. I may get a PS4 down the line, as I see a lot of similarities in being friendly to openness.
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OSguy, I completely disagree. Play Fifa or 2k for an extended time on the new consoles and then go back to last gen. It is difficult to look at. Kind of like when Blu-Ray first came out. Most people saw there was a bit of a difference but didn't think it was very large. After watching Blu-Ray exclusively for a while going back to dvd became very off putting. Fifa and 2K are cross gen titles, I think we will see even more substantial difference as the games are developed with the new consoles in mind first. I.E. EA UFC.
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Fight Night was never a complete game the series always left true fans of the sport cheated and wanting overall realistic representation of the sport. A casual and arcade boxing fan would only enjoy it for the long haul.

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are you kidding me with this? ... I could understand if devs needed a few years to get their "footing" on the new platform if games like NBA2k14 never came out. Devs know what they can do with the new platform its more about how much companies like EA want to spoon feed us gradual improvements.

If they want us to have a gradual expectation of what they can do graphically with the new platform then they (mostly EA) need to stop false advertising to cosumers with their pre-rendered game footage. That is is what is misleading and setting our expectations.
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While the "wait for the engine to hit it's stride" theory applied to the last gen of consoles, i have to disagree that it should apply to this current gen of consoles. PS4 and Xbox1 are as close to PCs as gaming consoles have ever been. The devs have had access to this tech with enough time to make a bit more of the splash. Some devs have already done so while others are still waiting to build up. Watchs Dog and Infamous seconds sons are only scratching the surface of next gen power and still manage to be impressive games. 2k and The Show have struggled shoring up their servers for online play but the solo game, plays and looks amazing for both. Sure it's not the final product we'll get 5 years from now but you can see and feel the improvements over their current gen versions.

Personally i don't think many next gen owners are asking or expecting these games to take full advantage of next gen power at this point. I think that like myself many ppl want to see an improvement over current gen and that's why we made the investment to next gen.
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I applaud companies that push their titles back when the realize that the need more time to reach their goals. instead of releasing a half finished product and telling the consumer it's the best work they've ever done.
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I know im in the minority here but next gen has exceeded my expectations so far. Fifa was a mile betrer next gen. And then there was nba 2k. Sure it has some issues but its way better next gen. Next came mlb 14 the show. A lot of people say they dont see much difference. I have it for ps3 and ps4 and its not even close. Add what ufc is looking like and that screenshot of the next nhl. Like I said its exceeded expectations.
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