The Psychology Behind Ultimate Team's Success

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Re: The Psychology Behind Ultimate Team's Success

Originally Posted by MrPinkBlackrose
Never have played any of those modes... I mean, if I want an ultimate team on a game I simply make the trades (and play offline). Not gonna buy players who are already in the game just to play with them online...against some else who has those players too. I just don't get it....and wish it weren't so popular because thats where games like Madden are putting their focus at.
Agree with everything you said, especially the bold. I am hopeful that it is a fad that people will soon tire of.
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I really recommend everyone to try out the Ultimate Team mode. It is a great way to have the team building experience against other people without huge commitment. It also gives one of the best gameplay experiences Madden has to offer in the early divisions. You start the game with pretty much your whole teams OVRs in the 60s. The change when you get that 80 ovr RG with STR and RBLK in the 90s is huge. When you climb up the divisions you start seeing these all 99 OVR teams and MUT starts to lose its appeal. But the ride up there is fantastic!
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UT and modes like that in other games, is 100% the reason why games are being put out with out much innovation or at the least without too many bugs. Take FIFA for instance, UT gets updated daily at some points but mostly weekly. Yet they can't or wont be bothered with game play fixes, not to mention the player editor in that game is a complete joke. You literally can't edit anything other than a few gear changes and stat changes. Then when you do that it will mess up what they wear when the weather is bad, and it's been like that for the last few years, almost like they want people to give up on editing players and go run UT, surely they'd never do that. Yet on the hand they put out "edited" versions of players on UT without any problem. Add to that the lack of polish that Manager Mode and Clubs seen. I you clearly see that they don't want you in Clubs and Manger Mode, because bottom line they don't make money off of those modes like UT.

Then you gotta look at NBA 2K. What an absolute joke. You literally have to use VC for just about everything. They went way too overboard with it and frankly I think people who purchase that game are on crack, I will not be picking it up this year if I have to pay VC like that again, hell I doubt I'll even rent it. Sure VC can be "earned" in game, but they have made it so hard, you can't even really grind it with any ease, I mean come on, it comes across so cheap like they are broke. My Player doesn't allow you to sim any games in your first year, because at the end of the year you get paid, it also has cut scenes that can't be skipped, and it costs crazy amounts for just about everything in order to make your player elite. That's just My Player, My Team is worse and My GM is a joke. NBA 2K is the biggest "cash-grab" I've ever seen, it's sad really.

My question is, why are they trying to take the fun out of these games? This is why I have pre-ordered the Destiny Limited Edition, the free Beta was probably the most fun I've had gaming for quite while. Also, I've not pre-ordered one sports game yet, and sports games are all I usually play. Sports games are starting to turn into that friend that has spent too much time hanging out, sleeping on your couch, eating all your food and trying to bang your girlfriend, because, "sorry bro, I think I had too much to drink". You know that guy, the one who drinks or smokes to much, never has any money, and makes you question your friendship with them constantly. Eventually, no matter how long you've been friends with them, how much you love them, you eventually have to tell them to GTFO and never talk to them again because they crossed the line one to many times. It's really just unfortunate that the gaming industry in general is going this route. Games do not cost 60 bucks anymore, don't get it twisted. Most games cost around 100 bucks when you factor in DLC and/or micro-transactions. I am glad I have the money for it, but I have two kids and it starts adding up quick. I just wish they would allow games to be what they were intended to be, a fun experience, not a cash-grab.

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To me it is more fun to build a team using a salary cap, contracts, trades, free agency and a draft then buying packs of cards. I will always choose a classic franchise mode over an UT mode. I also don't believe in paying more money to play the same game I already own. Offering DLC like new uniforms, stadiums, classic players is one thing that don't mind spending money own but having to pay to use players that are already in the game is beyond me.
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Have never used these modes, never will.
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These ultimate team modes have zero appeal to me. I keep trying them and thinking I must be missing something.

A deep franchise mode (offline) is what I'm interested in. I like to manage a team in a league that resembles reality. Sadly franchise modes have suffered because games devote all development resources to these sophomoric collect-a-pack modes. I no longer buy games that use "ultimate team" as a main selling point.
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I have only played it once and that is with NCAA 14...I like that I can use past College greats. If they did that for NBA2K and I could use old school players I'd be down...I do not understand why people do with current players...just not my thing.
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I'm surprised to see so many people here like me who do not use this crap. If I do dabble a little (like 5 games) I ONLY use VC that I earn from playing. I would never use real cash to play this mode.
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