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Discussing the Best New Feature of 2014 (Roundtable)

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Jayson Young: There's a powerful secret in the gaming industry, one that PC developers like Valve discovered almost two decades ago, and most console sports franchises stubbornly choose to ignore:

When it comes to content creation, no gaming company can ever compete with the abilities of its audience. A community of hundreds/thousands/millions will always be able to make better rosters, design better uniforms, produce better sliders, and build better courses than a few dozen salaried employees.

This.... So true. Someone please make a NCAA Football Game and the Community will take care of the rosters and uniforms.
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Disappointed to see no mention of The Show Dynamic Difficulty feature. In so many sports games I find myself stuck between one difficulty and another. On one level the game's way too easy but then on the next higher level it's too frustrating. Now with the show I can have fair and balanced CPU AI that competes with me without frustrating me to the point of not wanting to play anymore.
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Originally Posted by gjb01
Well said, jpollack34 - console developers are finally feeling the threat from mobile and micro games, as they gain popularity over consoles with a younger generation. These other platforms have been allowing customization for years. Golf course creators are nothing new. PC games had them in the 80s and 90s. Most on this site are probably too young to remember Earl Weaver baseball's stadium creator - it was years ahead of its time, and today you still don't see a stadium creator anywhere. Online, you have sites like PennantChase.com that have been allowing people to create their own style of simulation leagues for years, letting their creativity build communities that no single developer could ever do.

Let's hope this trend continues for console games.
I believe MVP baseball had one

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