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Originally Posted by The Lob Mob
Given the choices... NBA 2K15 clearly shines above the rest! The fluid gameplay, stunning visuals, dynamic presentation.. the game of basketball comes to life. There are still many nagging issues mainly dealing with servers... still this is the BEST sports game by leaps & bounds. Imagine how good NBA 2K would be with some REAL (basketball) competition nipping at their heels; it would drive them to be TRULY great!
Actually no, NBA 2K15 is one lf the worst games ever made. First of all, wassup wit the pass coverage in this game??? Let somebody try pass the ball all IN coverage, and it doesn't get picked off and the team gets an easy score because of it
You got ball handlers running right through defenders, a center could go up for a fast break dunk and a fast point guard comes from behind and when the center's hands are already up for the dunk, the PG strips him with no foul called (just happened to me yesterday)... You got players missing an inside layup JUST because a defender simply raises their hand and the offensive player's standing layup rating is low, you got players engaging in the obvious pushing animation during inside layup attempts and there's no foul, KEVIN DURANT MAKES EVERYTHING online, you still got player actin like they don't know how to make a wide open pass, but anybody could throw and easily complete a long pass with defenders all over the receiver, people love playing off ball defense so they play off-ball and just span the square/X button all day long, and 2K took off the intentional fouls, that was 2K's dumbest idea!! I could play My player, online OR offline, I time a passing steal and somehow he misses, but he has interceptor gold, and let somebody tip a pass, the ball will end up behind them out of bounds, how is this stuff happening? WHY is it that ONLINE, 2K feels the need to STOP THE GAME TO SHOW SOME STATS THAT I REALLY DON'T FRICKING CARE ABOUT????????? Tryna be realistic sooooooo bad!!!! Just STOP!!!!!

AND WHY THE HELL CAN'T POINT GUARDS INBOUND THE BALL AND SIMPLY GET IT BACK LIKE IN REAL LIFE!!!??? Somebody get dunked on, they on the floor, now the PG picks up the ball and has to wait a year and a day JUST so that his teammate, who Just got dunked on, can inbound the ball. WHY CANT THE POINT GUARD DO IT AND INBOUND TO SOMEBODY ELSE TILL HIS TEAMMATE GET HIMSELF TOGETHER!!!???!?!?

For God Sakes!!: You need a SHOE ENDORSEMENT IN ORDER TO WEAR A PAIR OF SHOES. I get the Adidas Sponsorship, but I still canít wear Adidas, so I'm still wearing 2K generic shoes. 2k so "realistic" right? SO why canít I simply wear a pair of shoes I want if this game so "realistic"? At least let us BUY shoes with our coins, then get the rest of whatever shoe brand we bought for FREE after we get the endorsement!!
In my player, why tf does LeBron or Kevin Durant get a break in the beginning of the 4th quarter, but my myplayer doesn't!???? My myplayer is from a LOW RANKED MEAC university, I don't care WHAT his overall, ppg he averages, I DON'T CARE. There is no excuse for him NOT to get rest before the most crucial part of the game!!!

Park is stupid and it needs to be taken off. First of all: Why does everybody start off in a BROWN OUTFIT. 2K wanna be 'soooo realistic', who the hell is gonna show up to hoop in an ALL BROWN OUTFIT!?!?
I can press "got next" and he either finally responds after like 5 minutes, or he doesn't respond at all and somebody get in the spot that I JUST told my my player to get into. Park is just so laggy!! I donít understand why 2K canít just go back to matchmaking like 2K11, except just be able to simply be able to jump into a matchmaking or invite your friends to a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 online blacktop game, itís that SIMPLE!! Bet you wouldn't have all these issues! Don't nobody got time to be waiting for a game to be over and getting a crew together just to play "Jordan Rec Center". THIS IS A VIDEOGAME, NOBODY HAS TIME FOR ALL THAT!! People just wanna simply take their my player, and simply get into a game!!!

And these are reasons why 2K is horrible game and deserves a 1/10!
This and Madden 15 is a sorry excusr for a game to be played in the year 2015 and both will also NEVER amount to MLB The Show; PERIOD.
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Re: The OS Year-End Awards: Sports Game of the Year


Ain't nobody got time for that.

Agree with the choice....although I only play basketball and football so my choices are limited...
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I'd put FIFA or PES over Madden, and I don't even care for FIFA much. Madden getting a medal is a huge head scratcher to me.
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Originally Posted by kingdavidtaylor1989
Umm I have both Madden 15 and NBA 2k15. NBA 2k15 beats Madden by a landslide and it's not close. NBA 2k15 has soooo many customization features, new modes, a new scanning feature, new gameplay features,etc. What has Madden done new this year?
They made a sports game that has held my interest for an extended amount of time. Which is something I couldn't say for that franchise over the past decade. Technically speaking, the game is balanced against the cpu (IMO), Ultimate Team has been addicting as heck, it's rock solid online and from a gameplay perspective it's enjoyable. I've always struggled with the NBA 2k franchise in the sense that the online has always been dicey at best and playing the cpu has always been an exercise in frustration as I never am able to tweak the AI to where it's challenging without feeling it's too easy or you're getting ripped off by the AI (to hard). I've never really seen the appeal of the 2k franchise, to me the players just sort of float around, when you call plays everything has to perfectly lined for the AI to even trigger an offensive set, the right stick moves are essentially rendered useless in the heat of battle because much like the offensive sets everything has to be just right to trigger the correct move hence making the whole concept unpredictable and unreliable. I see what people like about 2k, I get it. But my experience is the same every year with that game, and it's to the point where I don't even buy anymore because it's the same experience every year. I play it for about 3-4 hours total and don't touch it again until enough time has passed to where I have forgotten what annoys me about it then I fire it up again and go throw the same cycle.
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sports game of the year is NBA.

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Originally Posted by RipCityAndy
If I'm a developer, this means if I put of a broken pile of garbage at launch and fix it over the next three months I can still win Sports Game of the Year!! We as a community shouldn't praise this kind of game development. It hurts gamers by lowering acceptable standards. I understand the difficulties inherent to a yearly development cycle, but the initial game quality was (or at least should have been) unacceptable.

Don't complain when we get another broken pile of garbage next October...
Thanks for this comment. 1000% agreed.

The same for the year in and year out totally unacceptable MLB:The Show online modes. If you think that you americans have online issues with this game I invite you to Europe to play this game online. It is a total joke!
Although I love both series I find these business methods totally unacceptable.
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Re: The OS Year-End Awards: Sports Game of the Year

Originally Posted by Dubmarciano
2k best sports game, BARELY!!!!!! This game is bad on so many levels. The animations are so overpowering it's ridiculous. Ball handling attribute means nothing, unless it's bad, physics don't exist, 7'1 320 lb centers can't score on a 5'9 160 lb pg, it's laughable. This game rewards bad basketball, you can "left, right, cheese" and score, but if you actually cross your man then you get this stupid hesitation animation after your in the clear, which makes you shoot a jumper when you were driving the lane, or help the defender recover lol. If you box out on rebounds, you get ran over. Then while your on the ground u either get called for the foul, or get penalized for allowing an offensive rebound, and or allowing your man to score. Oh and how about the guys who jump for a rebound before it even touches the rim and get it every time, fyi touching the net while the ball is in the cylinder is goaltending. I'm talking about the Rec by the way, which I'm pretty sure everyone plays. How about bad block attempt, then good shot defense lol, or get fouled and get, loose ball then draw foul lol. Please explain how you can block someone's shot, then when tthey recover it, you get allow offensive rebound. Which takes more grade then you get for the block lol. I'm also so tires of the animation when you poke the ball loose and it goes straight out of bounds no matter where it occurs, and I'm tired of passes going through my body, I must have Casper the Ghost gold. The process of waiting for games is horrible, game play laggy and unrealistic at times, lack of physics and not being able to make layups all attribute to this being the WORST 2k I've ever played, people who say this is the best have no baseball knowledge. OS Sports yall lost hella points in my book for this. Let's not forget we couldn't play this trash for a month and a half when it came out. While yall was tryna get retweet for finally getting your face scan to work, I was tryna play an actual game lol. It does have its good points though and is obviously better then Live, I'd give it a 7 outta 10, let's make that a 6 for this GARBAGE a** soundtrack.
i agree with everything u said 100
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Originally Posted by johnlevy090
sports game of the year is NBA.
Your I.Q. is now in question.
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