The OS Year-End Awards: Sports Game of the Year (Reader's Choice)

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The OS Year-End Awards: Sports Game of the Year (Reader's Choice)

At the end of the day, our readers and our staff were almost 100% in line with their top picks on awards this year, with Sports Game of the Year being no different. OS readers cast their ballots over about 10 days right before the end of the New Year, and this is the reveal of the final vote.

Here is who took the podium:

Gold - NBA 2K15

Despite the amount of vitriol about 2K Sports’ attempts at basketball near its broken launch, NBA 2K15’s on-court gameplay, superior presentation, and fun modes has a lot of OS’ers hooked. There’s not much more you can say about 2K15 winning except that it was by a large margin over the rest of the field in the voting, which was actually fairly surprising.

Silver - MLB 14 The Show

The OS readers also agree with the staff’s silver medalist, MLB 14 The Show. The Show’s quick counts, dynamic difficulty, and the ability to take your save files with you into next year’s game are obvious selling points. The Show also saw a wide gap between its vote total and the Bronze medalist.

Bronze - FIFA 15

It was interesting that our staff’s Sports Game of the Year last year didn’t even podium despite a strong effort, and readers only gave it a bronze. That does likely speak to the quality of the genre as a whole, despite perceptions otherwise. FIFA 15 brought stellar gameplay and presentation, a full suite of Premier league stadiums and teams, and great modes to keep gamers busy. It’s likely the fact soccer isn’t the most traditional American sport hurts FIFA in these votes, but the best-selling sports title is well deserving of any of the spots on this list.

What do you think of your picks for sports game of the year? Sound off with a comment and your top three list!

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First of, let me say I'm happy with Rex Dickson and his team for all they have done for the Madden franchise with Madden 15. It's a step in the right direction. But nothing more then a step.

Just take a look at FIFA 15 (both EA Sports games). Neither game is perfect, but the little things in FIFA add so much to the immersion. The way it is presented; when you pauze the game you see a highlight reel; the ball boys tossing balls on the field when it is out of play; the replays of individual players when they scored a goal, made a sliding tackle, did some trick or got booked. And off the field: you earn coins with which you can unlock new booth, balls, kits and so forth. Also, you never have to look at a loading screen in between games, the loading screen is used to play some skills games. Then, when you look at Madden, there is nothing there to keep you playing, unlocking stuff-wise. Replays don't make sence when you compare them to real games. Still long loading screens. There is so much stuff that could have and should have been added Madden.

Therefor I applaud the readers at the OS forums for acknowledging that, even though socces is not amongst the most popular of sports. Madden deserves an honorable mention in my opinion and it's definitety fun to play, but there is so much content that needs to be added and so much presentation stuff that needs to be altered (let alone gameplay-wise) that in my book, it can't compare with the Fifa's, NBA2K's and The Show's out there.
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It's going to be hard to beat The Show this year as it will be the first true next gen version. Last year's PS4 Show was basically the PS3 version with a new coat of paint.
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The Show as silver? Was really average. I really hope it rebounds this year.
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Re: The OS Year-End Awards: Sports Game of the Year (Reader's Choice)

The two best sports titles year in & year in a landslide for 1st & 2nd, sounds about right!
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I have to agree with two of these love 2k15 and fifa. Madden on Xbox one is not bad it has a good foundation.
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NBA @ #1...that seems a bit much. Sure it is a decent game but becoming stale and I have only bought the series 3 times since being on PS3/PS4
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The OS Year-End Awards: Sports Game of the Year (Reader's Choice)

What a joke haha. NBA 2k is the most unresponsive sports game I have ever played.

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