Why Sports Games Will Be Even Better in 2015...

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Old 01-06-2015, 11:43 PM   #17
Sic 'em Bears!
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...because EA NHL on PS4 and XBOX One can't possibly be any worse than it was in 2014.
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Old 01-07-2015, 01:25 AM   #18
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Re: Why Sports Games Will Be Even Better in 2015...

Yeah, I'm not agreeing with this article...

NHL 15 was crap.
Madden 15 was crap (so many little things about this game just irritate me.)

And it just seems that all these games are looking only to pull in more money with their gimmicky gameplay and ultimate team modes.
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I'm looking for sports games to become true simulations,or at least hope they will lol,I really am a big fan of this site,the reason I like it is,because the staff of this site and my fellow members/gamers are very passionate about sports games as I am and there are no real sites on the internet that are are strictly all about just sports video games,it seems like to me sports video games are a minority when it comes to video games,and it's great site like this that gives the minority to have a forum and discuss just sports video games! I think sports games are going to become better and better in the years to come! They can only get better! I'm hoping that the sports game developers,not including Sony MLB the Show,they will start listening to the huge sports gamer out there and stop giving us a bunch of lip service,a lot of them especially EA sports need to start looking at this site and see what the true die hard sports video game fans have to say! As sports video gamers we need to continue giving our voice the sports video game genre! I think we all can agree on that! The last thing is they say that the ps4 and Xbox one are the most powerful systems ever,no more excuses about systems not having enough power! Put up or shut up!
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Old 01-07-2015, 06:50 AM   #20
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Yep NCAA Basketball is what I'm hoping for too.
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Old 01-07-2015, 09:13 AM   #21
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I hope we get boxing this year!

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Games will get better in 2015 as soon as all these developers stop using last gen builds and start taking advantage of current gen technology and create a completely new game. There's no excuse for the cutscenes in Madden to look so much better than the gameplay graphics. There's no excuse for MLB the Show to be the exact same game on the PS3 as it was on the PS4. There's no excuse for all EA Sports games still using last gen player models. I'm starting to think why the hell did I buy a PS4 because none of these sports games in my opinion have made a significant leap graphics wise from last gen to current gen.
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Old 01-07-2015, 10:36 AM   #23
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A couple of thoughts -

1. I would love to see a return of college basketball and to a lesser extent, college football.

2. Re: Madden. I don't know if Madden will ever be able to authentically replicate everything or most of what you "see on Sunday". There are just too many moving parts - 22 players each with their own abilities, personalities, responsibilities, etc.... This is by far more than basketball, hockey, baseball, and yes, even soccer despite having the same number of people on the field. Personally, I think Madden plays pretty well. My problem with Madden is that I stink beyond belief at it - I can't read defenses, can't really tell if receivers are open downfield, I take too many sacks, etc...
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Big reach but shoot, there are re-mastered games all over, let me get Knockout Kings, NBA Street Vol 2, MVP 2005, and NFL 2k15 re-mastered! Lol man can you imagine what those games would look and feel like on One and 4?!?!
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