Our Bold 2015 Sports Gaming Predictions (Roundtable)

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Old 01-14-2015, 02:57 PM   #9
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Madden needs to have gameplay that feels different than the last 10 years. Less arcadey.....passing needs to feel different....the audible systen for defense and offense needs a massive overhaul...franchise mode is still too boring an too scripted....the scouting system an draft need to be completley redeveloped....team chemistry as well as personel unit chemistry needs implementation...practice squad for developing players....a deeper offseason. Better presentation and commentary. Better banners for stats. Graphics are decent....just look too arcadey....better weather affects and graphics...

Penalties obviously needs more added to game an a system on how they are called....how do u do that? Simple...add player tendencies a la 2k....there are stat websites that can tell how often a player gets called for a penalty or how often he draws them....u implement.those and based on statistical.matchups can.get more holding...block in back...defensive holding...dpi...roughing passer...intentional.grounding....etc etc

Player tendecies would also be great for other aspects....how they cover...or gamble...or which side of field or wr qb throws too...tie that into player chemistry with each other and look at the type of game you have...a game and franchise that gives u something to build.towards...more aspects to look into.than justa players rating...which btw needs a complete overhaul....spread those dang ratings out major....as a season goes on...a players ratings can increase or decrease based on chemistry...morale...and performance and age...

I also think not every rating for players should be seen...especially overalls. I think u have to.take a chance on players based off base ratings and advice from.scouts and hope it works out. There are free agent gems and busts every year....not in.madden.tho...

Slow down progression as well. And make it be based off performance amongs his piers at his position and age group.

I could go on.forever...ea...just hire me already
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Why all the high expectations for Madden 16 from you guys? I hate to be negative, but I highly doubt that Madden improves much from 15 to 16 other than the annual new gimmick they add to the game each year. Hopefully the actual gameplay graphics looks as good as the cutscenses this time, but I doubt they finally get rid of the PS3 player models, add real players and coaches to the sideline, make the gameplay more sim, add penalties, revamp the career mode or add a story mode. And why should they, Madden has no competition. EA Sports knows they can improve Madden very minimally each year because there's no other alternative and it's going to sale regardless. I hope I'm wrong about all of this, but for some reason, I doubt it.
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Wonder what is Chris Scanners definition of the last bastion of the gameplay? Here's mine-

Greatly reduce suction, sliding/gliding, and motion warping, especially during blocking and tackling.

Add a ton more animations in general especially transition and little step and nudge animations, this should help with reducing warping and suction, because the game makes up for lack of animations by warping and sliding.

Get rid of pre-determined canned animations! it ruins the game for me because it happens way to often to see a defensive back warp in front of a receiver or a defender warp and make impossible tackles.

Animation overhaul, most of the animations looks stiff, robotic, and not natural at all, especially quarterback animations, they've been the same since PS2 days!

Signature player animations- make the player more individualized like they are in real life, I want to see Lashawn Mccoy carry the ball with one hand, i want to see Demarco Murray carry the ball away from his body. Bring the actual players in for mo-cap like the basketball games do.

Receivers need to loose momentum and/or stumble when make catchs especially on deep balls. Every deep ball is thrown perfectly in stride in this game, does not happen very often in real life, receiver almost always slow down, adjust, stumble, or loose momentum when making a deep ball catch.

Un-tether the ball from receivers, make the ball independent

Sidelines are still horrible

Add dynamic weather


I doubt they fix all of these major issues this year.

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Old 01-14-2015, 08:50 PM   #12
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BOLD PREDICTION: A Fully Customizable Sports gaming title.

A large portion of the community have been clamoring for it. I think 2k would be the one to do a custom football title.
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I predict that sports gaming is about to witness substantial growth over the next 24 months. The college games (FB,BB) will be back and there are already rumors of a next-gen NASCAR. I think 2k or EA will produce a tennis game. Also, HB Studios just announced a rugby game. Don't be surprised if a lacrosse game is produced as well. Lastly, I can't wait for a next-gen Olympic game. In all, there is a ton of room for optimism.

I will say, we need boxing on next-gen. If PBF had mass marketing appeal, he could have made virtual boxing what Tiger did to virtual golf.

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I see NBA Live 16 taking another step towards becoming a top-tier sports game. I think 16 will be the year we see the addition of sliders and perhaps different selections for style of game, ala NHL (casual, simulation, hardcore simulation). Improved player and team tendencies and improved AI will really boost this title.
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I predict that Konami's Pro Yakyuu Spirits will have an English settings option.

2k will make a comeback with a football title. maybe a franchised version of APF or a collegiate game. I wouldnt be surprised if they release a football title like Super Mega baseball, with more depth. I just think its time they dive back into football, with the hopes that one day theyll be able to make an NFL title.

and I can only wish CH2k16 will release in January 2016
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Re: Our Bold 2015 Sports Gaming Predictions (Roundtable)

All I want is PC versions of Madden and NHL. Also the college game for PC.
Check out my sport blog:

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