E3 and the Hype Train

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E3 and the Hype Train

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is just around the corner, and thereís always a great deal of hype and zeitgeist generated by the teased, shown and playable games. Itís one of those times where itís easy to get kind of swept up in the moment, losing sight of the fact that you are being messaged the whole time. Developers and publishers want you to think of their game above all others, and they also want to show you their games in a very favourable light. This can lead to hyperbole during the show and then a crashing reality once the game actually ships (or is delayed). It doesnít mean games at E3 wonít end up being great games. On the contrary, many games at E3 will end up delivering the goods. But we all have to understand that E3 is a big marketing machine, first and foremost.

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There seems to be an increase in the number of shows at E3 this year. It's not just Sony Nintendo and MS anymore.
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My biggest question I have is what does Microsoft have up their sleeve. I've been waiting for something big from them that would knock my socks off and purchase an XB1. At the moment, there's nothing that interests me besides Quantum Break. Besides new IPs will there also be a remodeled box? Rumors have circulated recently that a slimmer model may be introduced without the brick. There may also be price reduction accompanied. I know the hype train is to get Ooohs and Ahhhs but they need to bring it. We shall see.
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Division News is all I care about. Sports news for gaming is usually stale every year.
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Eh, being cynical has served me well when it comes to games and hype. I really can't wait to see what Joe Montana Football 16 brings. Unfortunately, I'll have to pick up an Xbox One if it turns out to be exclusive and good.
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Can't wait for HipHopGamer to stir the EA/2K football pot...
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