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Are Console-Like Gaming PCs A Good Choice for Sports Gamers?

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Are Console-Like Gaming PCs A Good Choice for Sports Gamers?

Like it or not, the "next" generation of consoles are now the "current" generation as the PS4 and Xbox One have become the new standard. Most, if not all, of the coverage from E3 will be focused on games for those two consoles -- as well as personal computers.

Console-like gaming PCs are become popular, and cheaper, ahead of Valve's official Steam machine. But are these machines, like the Alienware Alpha, a good fit for sports gamers? Here are a few pros and cons to ponder if you are considering purchasing this type of machine for your sports action.

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Nice article. Itís a great question you guys bring up.

I have personally made the move to PC Gaming last couple of years. And though I have a PS4 (and was predominantly a console gamer last generation 360/PS3/Wii), I find myself turning it on less and less.

The reason: Editing and modding. I honestly donít think I can go back to consoles and their closed platform. The PC can be frustrating at times, but that comes with any open platform. A platform that allows editing/modding and other such tinkerings will necessarily come with complications because customization is at its core. They go hand in hand.

Does it suck that I canít play some of the great sports games? Of course. However, I have come to the realization that if modding is not part of the experience, Iím simply not interested.

Thankfully I have been able to quench my sports thirst (I purchased PES and NBA2K on Steam). I also have a heavily modded version of MVP Baseball 2005 for the baseball fix; although Super Mega Baseball is coming to Steam, so Iím looking forward to that. If the modding community gets a hold of that one it could launch that game into legendary status.

I honestly donít think that a lot of AAA studios in the sports genre are prepared for whatís about to come. I have been saying for a couple of years now that they are ill prepared. They seem to want to hang on to an old model; hoping and praying that things wonít change. Change is inevitable. When Steam hits the living room, with itís already 100+ million active users (and an estimated 900 million pc gamers), the studios that are ill prepared are going to get a rude awakening. There is going to be an avalanche of independent games hitting the market that will now take advantage of the couch setting (sports being one of the underutilized genres). And now that that Unreal Engine 4 (and other top class engines) is free to use up-front (5% royalty only), the quality over the next 3-5 years of those independent games is going to skyrocket.

The old way of doing things (exclusive licensing deals and using high costs as barrier to entry) are going to go the way of the dodo bird (to be replaced by modding). Listen to bell it tolls for thee.
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If I get one, which I'm deciding between an Xbox One, it won't be because of sports games, but just for AAA games that will look better.
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The price argument changes dramatically outside the US where consoles most of the times are twice as expensive if not more.
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Does he mvp series actually look better and better with upgrades?
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I have both a custom built gaming rig (built by me ) and an Xbox One. Most days I find myself reaching for the Xbox One. As I get older I find its no longer fun to sit crunched in front of a keyboard an mouse and its a lot easier to just sit back with a controller and relax while playing. PC games will always look better and offer the chance at some truly great mods from the community, especially games like Skyrim which with mods is playable forever. But consoles have the better selection of games, especially sports games.
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I haven't made the jump to PS4/XBONE yet. We also need a new computer, so I'm seriously considering making the move to PC gaming permanently. However, I'd like to be able to play games on my basement TV rather than my PC monitor, so I'm torn whether to get a laptop.
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Re: Are Console-Like Gaming PCs A Good Choice for Sports Gamers?

Also an Alpha owner since Jan. Wonderful machine for all it does, but does have its pros and cons. Wrote a blog on all those for it. I wanted a compliment to the consoles to get those PC only titles, but once I got into Steam and seen all the sales they have on games, I rarely buy games for the consoles now.
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