Don't Expect EA Access on the PS4 Anytime Soon

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As a PS4 owner I wish it did have EA Access. Not sure if I would keep it long term but it would be nice to have the option of subscribing and maybe playing some games early. Obviously there is no downside for us we either choose to subscribe or not. So I am not sure what Sony is "protecting" us from. They aren't forcing us to use it if we don't want to. So I kinda call BS there must be something else behind it.
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Re: Don't Expect EA Access on the PS4 Anytime Soon

Sony has really dropped the ball with this one, IMO. I'm admittedly an Xbox first, Sony second guy since the original Xbox came out but went with the PS4 as my console at the start of this generation because of a host of reasons, neither here nor there. I've always intended to grab an Xbone as soon as there was something to pull me in. Thought it'd be some of the exclusives by now but honestly, there's been nothing to this point.

Until now. With the combination of Forza 6 and Gears Ultimate Edition, it was going to be hard not to grab one. But with Sony's stubbornness when it comes to EA Access, that's the straw that broke the camel's back.

Unlike most on here, I have zero issues with EA as a company. They make alot of games I play and love and EA Access is an absolute win for the consumer in every way. I thought Sony had learned from their mistakes when they became arrogant after the PS2, dictating to the consumer what we want with the PS3 and they suffered a butt kicking in North America. Looks like old habits die hard.

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Re: Don't Expect EA Access on the PS4 Anytime Soon

I have it. It's not that great. You're not missing out on anything
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This just never appealed to me because, honestly, EA doesn't make many great sports games, and they usually offer demos anyway.

That being said, it makes no sense to deny your customers the option, considering there are obviously lots of people who are satisfied with their subscription.
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