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The Biggest Feature Needed in All Franchise Modes Is...? (Roundtable)

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Originally Posted by AgustusM
I believe simple immersion of stats would make a huge difference. If you are in week 10 of a real NFL game and the opposing RB leads the league in rushing - that would be a major talking point. Tough to get the announcers to do it - but graphic overlays of top 5 is each categories and highlighting players in current game should be easy.

also career stats. total pro bowl appearances, anything really that creates the alternate reality around your franchise and what is and has happened.
Yep yep yep, couldn't agree more...... It would be nice if we had more stats and the graphic overlays as you progress, especially in the Pro games.

NCAA Football does it sometimes with the announcers but it should also be mentioning before the game, for instance, " Player is going for his 350th homerun today and the stadium is packed to see if he does it"

As they say with franchise mode IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS
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Every single player needs personality tendencies(ratings) just as they do for the on court/field/ice decisions they make
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They all need to be like MyLeague

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For Madden, I'd like to see a coaching career similar to NCAA. Start off as a offensive or defensive coordinator and build from there. Add in the coaching carousal. Have a skill tree for your coach to unlock and build upon, with the skills having an impact on the game. From how certain players progress, how team chemistry is affected, how the potential free agents view your team etc.

Make free agency more meaningful and deep, have actual meetings with players you are going after. If anything, the off-season part should take longer than the actual season, between FA and the draft.

Make the pre-season mean something with real position battles based on training, practice and games.
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Meaningful offseasons is a must have. Free agency is a money grab in offeason modes right now. If I have 10 million dollars in cap space but have an awesome team, and the free agent I want wants 10 million a year, I can only sign him if nobody else offers 11 million. I understand that is fairly realistic, but some free agents will go to a better opportunity, not someplace just for the money. When I start a franchise, I want to feel invested in the character, building him/her up from the beginning and making them a force in whatever league it is. As far as coaching goes, the college games, NCAA football and College hoops 2k series had it right. There was such a great carousel in the game. If I start out as an offensive coordinator for the Redskins and build up their offense and get offered a Head Coaching job for the (hypothetically speaking) aging Steelers, or upstart Titans, do I take either? Do I hold out and hope for a potential superbowl winning season with my current team the next year when maybe my "dream job" opens up? These are questions that any coach would be asking themselves in this situation. Do I jump at the money or do I wait and hope for a better opportunity. Maybe your team fails miserably the next year and you do not have any head coaching opportunities, but a chance to move on as an offensive coordinator to a better team...

Also, gameplanning really needs to become more of a focal point in these modes. Basketball and Football especially. The overall scouting of my teams strengths and weaknesses as well as the opponents and being able to easily formulate a gameplan based on this. Why would I want to come out and throw 50 times with a bad qb, when I have one of the best running attacks in football? Why wouldn't I want to focus my players on the floor to give space to the ball handler at the 3 point line because their team struggles shooting the 3 in basketball? You can control your player, but you cannot control your team overall... There needs to be a better way to do that.
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The Biggest Feature Needed in All Franchise Modes Is...? (Roundtable)

I think companies wrongly think we need a lot of around the league info delivered to us in "tv" format. It's just wrong. How many of us sit through NBA 2K game intros? While cool, I skip them as soon as possible. Same for halftime. I just want to finish the game.

A good way to show what's happened around the league is a week ending "around the league"'report. And guess what....its just text!

NBA 2K for example would have:

Injured this week: Would show all the injuries that happened around the league and their effect

Top players
Would break down the weeks top player AVGs, sort by stats.

Top single game
The top single game records for the week

Top slumps
Worst (high rated/starters) lines/game for the week.

Etc, etc, etc

That's all you need, you get a good idea on who got hurt, and who has been playing well/poor with out clicking through a bunch of box scores.

Then introduce these stats into games as well.

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Doc holiday, the TV presentation adds to the immersion. You may skip through it but if you are in year 5 of a franchise you may want to see some of game intros for generated characters.
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