The Biggest Feature Needed in All Franchise Modes Is...? (Roundtable)

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The Biggest Feature Needed in All Franchise Modes Is...? (Roundtable)

Franchise modes have been around for quite awhile now, and while we've seen them grow up in big ways -- it seems like the next level has been elusive for these modes.

Universally the franchise modes we play today are way better than they were a decade ago, but there's still so much to explore. Our staff takes a look at a few ways franchise modes could look to expand their offerings in the future...

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As far as football is concerned, Player Personalities is the biggest thing missing. The players currently still seem like bots that don't react off the field to the changing world around them, from immediate roster/coaching staff changes...to players at the same position but on other teams getting bigger contracts.

Developers are on the right track with player traits for in-game performance. But they need to develop player mental make-up....is this guy a loner or a mentor? is he a quiet, lead-by-example guy or a rah-rah, vocal leader?....is this guy passionate about the game or is he just a headcase? Then...give those personalities an arc that changes/develops over the course of the players career based what occurs around them.

And then take it another step in how those different personalities co-exist on a team...and then how they collectively respond to the coach.

To me, this is what will ultimately immerse gamers in a franchise mode. I could imagine being at work thinking about how to deal with benching my aging veteran qb who's deteriorating skills are holding the team back. I drafted him when he was just an immature, out-of-control punk with a golden arm. Now he's got some maturity, gray in his hair, and four Super Bowl rings with this team.

Even if the qb understands the move...will management understand? How about the fans?....Or the media? ...How will this sit with the locker room? I mean...I've had a few players approach me privately and suggest a change at qb but do they represent the majority or the minority?

The above is EXACTLY the type of decisions and thought process that future franchise modes should be forcing on the user. That would make every little victory in the game that much more meaningful and emotionally rewarding. Above all it's ultimate immersion in the game because suddenly...the user will genuinely CARE about every player on the team.

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Unlock ables for GM and Commish for expamsion. I am of those who feel that in all pro sports we need the companion amateur leagues. So in a franchise mode there needs to be an adequate deep subleague that you can be involved in, not a random generated crop of rookies.

A full scouting mode, built into the same game at one time. For instance. In 2k we create draft classes, but what would be crazy is if we could actually have a league those players come out of. Instead of making their attributes be too gaudy, give them general potentials and let their careers play out.

On an entirely extreme angle, there needs to be a game for all pro sports come out that challenges the majors, and attempts to change the way we play these games. From simulation gameplay to autopilot. Where we connect our mobile devices and manage the games similar to.how they have it now, but it's used to build stadiums, share data, build leagues on the fly and manage until we are ready to play. Immerse the entire process into the game, scouts, agents, front offices, referees, everything.
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I'd have to agree with Dustin Thomas' idea but with the addition of team success and player "legacy goals" playing a decent role in regards to where the free agent will sign.
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One thing that would help is to integrate an online presence, one of the old NCAA football games let you make a website that was built by the game. I believe one of the NBA games let you manage some things on the phone too. Giving you wider access and the ability to share with friends your franchise accomplishments would go a long way.
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Year to Year saves with injected roster updates! The main reason I am still playing MLB the show! Having a created player in franchise mode and keeping track of those stats year to year is awesome and fun! Extra plus that the games graphics don't look dated!
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I believe simple immersion of stats would make a huge difference. If you are in week 10 of a real NFL game and the opposing RB leads the league in rushing - that would be a major talking point. Tough to get the announcers to do it - but graphic overlays of top 5 is each categories and highlighting players in current game should be easy.

also career stats. total pro bowl appearances, anything really that creates the alternate reality around your franchise and what is and has happened.
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You guys are dead on about feeling like you're part of the game not just playing the game. Let's talk Madden right now because it's one of the most flawed games. Have a GM mode where you have to make decisions. Is your coach not motivating your players, should you fire your coach and promote someone else (mid-season or at the end of the season). Are certain players cancers to the locker room, what should the focus be in the draft. Its all about real decision making. They should also include a market based salary because then you have to make tough decision on drafting players letting players go. I had to let a player go just so I can draft one not because I couldn't afford him just wanted to let him go. I had over 70 million in cap space.

They need to talk to former GM, coaches, players and maybe even some owners on how things work. Every position is different and when you have the game play be the same repetition whether you're a coach, owner or player it's all the same. They need to make it different it's own entity.
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