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What Game(s) Exemplify the Best Post-Release Support? (Roundtable)

This is a discussion on What Game(s) Exemplify the Best Post-Release Support? (Roundtable) within the Operation Sports Content forums.

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The Golf Club seems to be hands down winner imo.
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I only buy NBA2k and MLBTS religiously day1 always, use to with Madden but I got smart several years ago and quit doing that, and now don't buy it every year unless the reviews are extremely good on here and I have the money to waste.

With that said I have to go with MLBTS for the best support of game, as far as making a quality product year after year for us old guys that just like franchise modes in sports games and could care less about online play. I have always felt the MLBTS devs are the best in the business while also being honest. There has been times where you might not quite call the NBA2k devs liars, but there have been times where they just wont answer on something that's flawed. Now that more than likely isn't all on them as Im sure the big wigs say hey just don't answer on that certain issue or issues, so its probably not fair to point at the devs on that.

It does seem NBA2k16 is getting support, but its also the least flawed out of the box game they have ever made too, or for that matter possibly the least flawed sports game out of the box I have ever played, so that's high compliment coming from me considering Ive always held MLBTS as the best game and best devs. This year however NBA2k16 gets the nod, and imo beats out MLBTS15 which was a great game.

Now there are some flaws that really need another patch, like the CPU team not being given there 20 second timeout back after halftime, and Ive yet to see teams ever switch to a zone, as I have play calls on auto and in 50 games my team has yet to go to a zone ever, even with coach profile cranked up. Plus these are 2 things that I haven't seen them address or say much about either, the timeout issue wasn't until this last patch though. Also have heard of some contract issues in MY League/My GM from people as well that need fixed. So 16 does need some work, but overall I have to say the devs did a amazing job with NBA2k16, and its the best gameplay of any sports game I have ever played.
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