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The Stories of 2015: The Quality of 2015

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The Stories of 2015: The Quality of 2015

After what was a tumultuous 2014 of two steps forward and one step back as sports gamers, this year was quite a contrast.

Most games launched without terribly major problems -- with most issues being cleaned up within a month of launch.

What was once thought impossible happened in MLB The Show having an amazing online experience. NBA 2K avoided its major woes of years past, though there were some hiccups. Madden and FIFA both chugged right along.

Adding to the quality this year was surprise hit Rocket League, which took the concept of cars playing soccer and made something great out of it. The Golf Club got better, and other independent games were more than solid.

Most notably, NBA Live 16 and NHL 16 made big strides in quality.

All in all, it seemed as if quality was on the rise in 2015.

What did you think of the overall quality of sports games this year? What do you think we'll be talking about in regards to the quality of next year's lineup?

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This was a good sports gaming year. So good that I am seriously thinking of just enjoying my games through next year. I'm having a blast with the following titles, NHL, Madden NBA 2k, FIFA, and Project Cars. I cannot even get rainbow six siege in my Xbox.
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Re: The Stories of 2015: The Quality of 2015

If you compare sports games this year and non sports games, it was a bad year for sports gaming, with horrid launch problems and bad games. But if you compare this year sports games to any other year, this is easily the best year for sports gaming.
NBA 2k16 is one of the best, if not THE BEST, sports videogame of all time. On the other hand, even though I'm not an online player, 2k still has terrible launch support (and support in general, waiting for a week now for a simple question I sent them), unacceptable online servers and of course, VC (I'm looking at you, Jay-Z)
I haven't played Madden 16, but from what I heard it's better then 15, which I love.
MLB The Show: I have never played a baseball game, as it's not even slightly popular in my country, but from what I heard, it's incredible.
FIFA 16: worst FIFA ever. Played it in my friend's house, hated it and went home to play FIFA 14. I never liked Ultimate Team, I hate EA, and the only good thing about this game (career mode) was downgraded to bits. When every team I play against is passing around like Barcelona or Bayern, it's boring.
PES 2016: Best PES game ever, best Football (yes I'm European) game ever. If I hear anyone say "but it doesn't have the BPL" I'm going to lose my mind. It took me 2 hours to completely "license" the BPL with the new import system on the ps4 (hope XB1 gets it next year) and frankly, it looks better than FIFA. Only downside is the fact KONAMI are a bunch of lazy bums and can't make proper updates every week, but let's hope 2017 will be a better experience.
WWE 2k16: Best WWE game in terms of gameplay and looks, horrible submission system (stop changing stuff 2k), still too many bugs, no monthly updates, dull universe mode and the most repetitive "Showcase" mode ever.

Wow, that was a long post... So if anybody read the whole thing, have a banana
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It was a good year for gaming in general and especially sports gaming. Have to agree with quality. Every sports game improved this year from it's counterpart last year. The only game that you can probably argue went back a little or stood pat is FIFA 16. Very happy this years with sports games.
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