Top Stories of 2015: EA Access' Arrival

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Top Stories of 2015: EA Access' Arrival

EA Access has been a thing for awhile -- but it hasn't been THIS big of a thing until 2015.

Thanks to a growing library of games in the Vault and even more consumer friendly policies in terms of the early play period, EA Access is now one of the best deals in gaming at $5/month.

If you recall, I wrote on this very site quite skeptically about the actual value access offered. I'm not afraid to admit I was wrong on the program, as it's become perhaps THE system seller for the XBox One.

For $5/month you get a vast library of games in the vault and you get to try out most every new EA game for roughly 10 hours before you have to decide upon buying it.

Sports gamers in particular will find value in the vault or the early access, as you get the chance to play games you wouldn't normally buy to see if they're for you. Not a fan of hockey but want to try NHL out? No problem.

For some sports gamers, a year old version of a game from a sport you really don't care about (think: Most Americans and Soccer) won't be a huge deal.

Regardless, 2015 marked the arrival of EA Access as a huge thing in gaming with a real and incredible value.

What do you think of EA Acccess' value and are you a subscriber?

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Wish they had it for PS4. It's got to be hard for Sony to deny the value of EA Access at this point.
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The best value EA ever had done!
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It really is incredible. The discount I've gotten from battlefield, nhl, Madden and fifa basically paid for the service. Not to mention I saved 80 bucks (Canadian) by playing the early access for Need for Speed
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Last year I did not have EA Access and got my EA Sports games on PS4 just because they were slightly better than their xbox counterparts. Then I got EA Access this past Spring and have bought all my EA Sports games for Xbox One. The 10 hours they give you is A LOT of time which helps me build my franchise or gain my progress that the only natural progression is to purchase the game for the XBOX One. Why buy the PS4 version and start over? I'm sure there are thousands of people like me and that's where EA Access works for Xbox One. Big plus for MS here. Not sure if Sony will ever change their mind.

Also need to mention the Vault is fabulous. It's opened my experience to games I would never consider even trying before EA Access.

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It's worth it for the Vault. Dragon Age nearly pays for it itself.
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I have had it since it first came out. Previewing games, discounts, and games for free (that I wouldn't have touched) are all amazing features of EA Access. For $29.99 per year, it literally pays for itself and if you have an external HD, that allows you to download all the games in the vault without having to worry about your memory. The video is right, this is a must purchase for anyone who loves sports games and/or wants to play EA's titles. Sure you have to wait awhile after release for the free games, but for $29.99 a year, those year old games are still worth that much in many cases. I can't recommend this enough, if you have an Xbox One and don't have this yet, try it out.
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Loved it from the start. Not sure why anyone would bother with the $5/month, just drop the $30 for the year and get it for $2.50/month.

Honestly if you have an Xbox One it's a no brainer. I really wish they had it for PS4 as I'd get it on both systems.
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