Some Sports Gaming Predictions for 2016

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Some Sports Gaming Predictions for 2016

2015 brought with it few big surprises in the overall sports gaming landscape. The biggest surprise (and it was a pleasant one) was Rocket League — a game with a ‘so obvious why wasn’t this done before premise’ with cars playing soccer (and then later ice hockey).

Outside of that, 2015 had a pretty good run of quality titles and few missteps. In that regard, covering sports games this year was pretty pedestrian. There was no real scandal and no real big, earth shaking events in the genre.

As we look ahead to 2016, will that change? I’m going to give three predictions in a bit, but fist lets look at a few of your predictions.

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I'm really excited to see nhl 17. NHL 07 was overall a poor game, however with the new control scheme that made it feel really unique. NHL 08 improved on a lot of things and was a very good game sorta the same pattern as NHL 15 and 16. NHL 09 was the golden year and I think the same holds true for NHL 17.
Madden finally has its footing and has a focused direction on what's being done with it. They just need a presestation upgrade and a little more dynamic gameplay and this game will be right up there with NBA.
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dare i say...en fuego?
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Would love to see EA sports get back in making MVP baseball. Awesome franchise they had going until the end. The competition with SCEA would do nothing but make each game that much better
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More than anything, I very much want to see the return of college football and basketball. I would like to see EA with football and would like to see 2K get basketball. Other games I would like to see are Canadian Football, college baseball and Arena football (I know they are all long shots).
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With as good as MLBTS is EA would really have to step it up if it were to compete in the baseball market, but I would be fine if they did offer a baseball game if it was based on realism that is.

Im not sure EA has it in them to go at this though, as it would be even harder fro them to compete against MLBTS than it is with basketball and NBA2k each year, so it would definitely be a gamble for them.
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Not really a huge gamble for EA they have more money than god, the show only on ps4 alone helps their cause. Would a new mvp beat the show? Of course not the first couple years. However it's like comparing apples to oranges if you're thinking mvp vs the show would be like nba 2k vs nba live.

it just seems as the years have gone by and game of Baseball has grown, it's right in EA's face to wake up and finally begin making the return. Hopefully with some announcement sometime this year. Again not a new game this year, an announcement this year
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My prediction is that a boxing game will come out this year for the Next-Gen systems.
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I'm hoping for a college football and basketball back, created by all companies. Whether it happens or not remains to be seen. Prediction : college sports will be back
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