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The Franchise Mode 'Goldilocks Zone'

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The Franchise Mode 'Goldilocks Zone'

Last week, the scientific community focused on the discovery of seven earth-sized planets that orbit the star TRAPPIST 1, three of which may lie in the “Goldilocks Zone.” Alluding to the fabled character, the Goldilocks Zone is the area around a star where conditions are just right -- not too cold or too hot -- to encourage life.

As the hype for The Show ramps up, I thought about the Goldilocks Zone and how it might apply to sports games, specifically franchise modes. You see, when trying to play through multiple years of The Show, typically, one of two things happen: I finish one full season right before Madden comes out and then quickly switch sports, or I get antsy to play out the offseason and give in to the “sim temptation.”

Neither of these outcomes are the fault of The Show, which has demonstrated consistent excellence. Instead, it’s an inherent problem when trying to play through the MLB season: simply too many games. In other words, it lies outside the Goldilocks Zone.

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good article.
only thing I disagree with, is, that you said the last great college hoops game was ch2k7. Shouldn't that be 2k8.

The Show needs to have an option to shorten their franchise mode. I know they have the season mode, but I dont think they have all the extras found in a franchise mode. all they have is a draft.
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I stopped simming The Show ever since you could carry over franchise seasons to the next year's version. I play every game now.
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Good read! College Hoops was perfect for my goldilocks zone, 30-40 minute games and a perfect season length. Other bonuses for me was I typically prefer recruiting over GM management vs the CPU.

Football games are what got me into gaming. Unfortunately Madden games vs the CPU feel way to long and unfulfilling for me.

In my opinion carry over saves is one of the best features ever added to a sports game. I used to think about carry over saves in the late 90's for my NCAA dynasties. I can't believe in 2017 we only have one sports game with carry over saves. I never thought I would complete a full season in a baseball game, but I have actually completed 2 seasons in the last two years for one reason, carry over saves!

The Show has become my sports go-to game. I can usually knock out a full game with fast play in 45 minutes. I prefer to be able to finish a game in around 30 minutes but this is better than NBA and NFL games. Another reason I love The Show is the game balances fun and challenge. It is so easy to play but so hard to master. The last two years I usually tried to play a game a night before bed to relax.

However, I'm on the fence about getting MLB 17 for personal reason. I have personal goals and motivations that seem to be driving me away from gaming this year. Playstation sent an email in January that said I played 500 hours last year in nearly 2000 hours since the PS4 launch. I'd like to divert at least half of that energy if not 75-80% into other personal projects this year. If I decide to pick up The Show this year it might be time to move to quick counts or one of the new streamlined experiences to free up time for other activities.
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Originally Posted by johnnyg83
I stopped simming The Show ever since you could carry over franchise seasons to the next year's version. I play every game now.
I have always had a question about that. So I use OSFM Rosters. If one if my prospects actually makes it to the majors in real life and he is put in the game the following year, does his character get replaced with the one designed by sony or are you stuck with the OSFM Character from the previous year?
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Great article and I figure The Show should give players the option to change the amount of games during the season. I sim though, and I don't have a problem with that because I just love getting through seasons and having the story of the organization play out and continually change. What For big games such as a prospect's first start, rivalry games, or playoff games I watch the CPU play the CPU. My actual playing of The Show is done in RTTS and the occasional DD. This year, I'm going to take a crack at the Quick Manage feature as it has potential to be the main way I play the mode. I personally don't like playing games myself because I like to let things play out organically. I remember waaaaaay back in the PS3 days I'd win too much if I played. Turning the difficulty up, I'd lose too much lol I'm actually someone who's enjoyed simming and can't wait to try out Quick Manage.
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For a few years now I have been playing the shortest season possible in my NBA 2k franchises. This year I created a 36-team league (added three ABA teams and three European teams), created a roster with all the legends, did a full fantasy draft, and play 17 game seasons with one-and-done playoff "series". It makes every game massively important and allows me to get through multiple offseasons.
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I love how today's sports games have a sim and jump into the game feature. Saves me hours of playing a full game, and managing a team throughout a season. Especially for those who play multiple seasons.

I hope these game developers continue to improve and add more to this going forward.
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