Do Franchise Modes Have a Future? (Chat)

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Re: Do Franchise Modes Have a Future? (Chat)

Yeah I really only play offline franchise modes. The day those are gone would be a very sad day indeed.
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Re: Do Franchise Modes Have a Future? (Chat)

I do believe every sports game NEEDS to have an online franchise component that's parallel to the offline one. There's no excuse not too.

Only Madden has that. The Show is an extremely watered down and broken version of offline. 2k, NFL And fifa don't have one.

Everyone in the interview seems to be looking at online franchise as having full leagues. 30 users.

What about the 3-4 guys that want to play together? I feel that is more popular. Me and my buddies get 10+ seasons done in Madden. When MLB comes out we play 1 gm a series and are currently in year 6! Even with how horrible the mode is, there is nothing better then fighting for the division, free agents. Who can find the gem draft prospect. It's awesome. But nowhere near where it needs to be.

Lastly, for the guy who said who would want to play LF? Um me? Many would. Another thing I would love Is a combined RTTS where me and a friend could be the SS/2B for the franchise. Or PG/SF for 2k. QB/WR in Madden. Or even SS/FS.

How awesome would that be? Honestly. It's not all about full fledged 30 team leagues. Its about the 2-4 group of friends playing together in a shared franchise.
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Here's Salah
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The only place to get a realistic management experience these days is a text sim. *It's really as simple as that. *Keep up the good fight, offline guys, but you're just not where the money is. *I actually do still buy FIFA and The Show (not 17 yet though - wasn't going to buy a game where the servers didn't work again). *I don't even touch franchises in these titles because they can't come close to FM and OOTP for really feeling like you're managing something. *I buy console titles for pick up games and the card modes because they're fun. *I'm not going to concern myself with trying to produce realistic results in their severely lacking franchise modes. *Right when you figure out sliders to get what you're looking for, a patch comes out and changes the balance. *It's a chore.

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I agree with you. Franchise Mode is the main important thing to me.
I'll try out some other modes like "myplayer" and possibly the "card modes" since I wait a bit to start my real Franchise mode for updated Rosters and stuff. But if those things weren't in the game I wouldn't care.
I don't buy every year on sports games, because I like to get a long ways into them before starting over. And Madden hasn't impressed me lately (it's Franchise mode feels so shallow compared to NBA 2K). Hoping it's improved this year and I might buy, if not I will wait another year.
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Franchise mode is a huge selling point for many. I look forward to these modes.
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I'm in the sentiment of i'm pretty much a franchise mode only guy. I'll dabble in the UT modes but nothing serious.. Hell my stream is dedicated to playing franchise modes because there is nothing out there for us who enjoy franchise modes and watching someone play games. I wish there were more franchise mode streams. I love seeing people play franchise.
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For me, offline franchise modes are all that matter... these are the only modes that I play. I'm a busy guy: work full time, school full time, and I have a wife and kid. I need to be able to play my franchise at my leisure. It might take me two months to complete a season, and I rather do that knowing I am hold holding up everyone else.*

For stuff like Madden MUT, sorry... I just don't get it. I think in 2013 I fired it up once and just did not see the appeal. If Madden and other titles decide that stuff like MUT and "you get the pretend to be a fictional character" mode is priority, so be it... I guess my video game days would be over.
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As someone who only plays in an online madden league( runs it) , i do feel sports games needs franchise modes.Plain and simple, both online and offline account for alot of people buying these games only for those reasons. They wouldn't buy it otherwise ,and thus would never even come close to trying out the card game modes , these companies want us all playing. They are the core of what got these games this far along and has helped sustain them over the years.*

One of the nice things about only leagues is, you can find one to fit what would work best for you. There are over 1000 leagues on Daddy Leagues to look thru. Some advance daily, every 48 hours, some 3 times a week some twice a week, etc. It just really boils down to finding one that works with your schedule. One of the things i always ask new people who come to ours looking for an opening is their availability and letting them know majority of league owners availabilities. Clear communication between and by all owners is the only thing that can keep a league moving so people are not getting bored and frustrated.* But trying to make online franchises pay more than 60$ to get all *the features for that year, is a bad idea. It will turn alot of people away for that reason alone.

Yup, i said it !

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