Do Franchise Modes Have a Future? (Chat)

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Do Franchise Modes Have a Future? (Chat)

Chris Sanner: Okay everyone. Welcome to our first chat on the new OS frontpage design! We haven't...

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Re: Do Franchise Modes Have a Future? (Chat)

Offline, singe player franchise modes - the kind that I've been playing since the early 90s on the NES, are the only thing that matter in sports games to me. What I want is for a game to be an awesome GM simulator, and then have solid graphics and gameplay on the field.

I do not play online, I don't want to create a player and RPG him through his career, and I have no use for any of the other various mini modes that are around today.

I've already, depressingly, chosen not to purchase MLB The Show for the first time since 2008 because they made no improvements to their franchise mode. I'm hoping that I don't have to do the same with Madden. Gaming is my only hobby, and it would crush me to lose a big part of what I love.
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Re: Do Franchise Modes Have a Future? (Chat)

One thing that I believe would help franchise modes immensely would be the incorporation of a full functioning companion app. I welcome increased depth with franchise modes, but I often only have an hour or so to sit in front of the console. However if I could allocate xp points, scout, and manage my roster from my smartphone during downtime over the course of the work day, that would be heaven. I would fully expect to pay for an app like this too
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Re: Do Franchise Modes Have a Future? (Chat)

I love the comments above by mcpats and Unlucky - I agree with both. I am only an offline gamer with no intention of changing. I am not sure there are enough of us for the future of offline gaming to be rosy (heck, with the few sports games that come out these days, sports gaming, to me, has been less than rosy for years).
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Re: Do Franchise Modes Have a Future? (Chat)

I'm with unlucky 13.

Game must have a franchise mode, or else no buy for me.

Online is fun, but most of my time playing sports games are spent on franchise mode for me.

There were some changes made to the Show 17 for franchise mode, but I'm also a bit disappointed in the overall experience. MVP 2005 had me hooked with it's franchise mode. It was deep and fun to play! Still hoping out that we'll see another MVP in my lifetime...
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Re: Do Franchise Modes Have a Future? (Chat)

The neglect shown to offline franchise modes are the reason I play text sims these days more than actual console games.

OOTPB is the greatest representation of actual baseball that you can purchase. MLB the show was returned to GameStop and I've been playing OOTP non stop since it's release. The level of detail and depth is mind blowing.

I'm old school, so I'm all about realism and being the general manager of a team. I don't care about cards, online domination modes, play now online, NONE of that whatsoever.

OOTP and NBA 2K are currently the only games that offer me a deep, franchise experience, so those are the only two games I currently have in my library.
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Re: Do Franchise Modes Have a Future? (Chat)

I spend months fixing/detailing/editing the roster so Franchise play can seem as realistic as possible. This is my joy in the sports titles I play. No online play nor money spent in Ultimate Team Modes for me. $60 for the game itself is enough spent every year.
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I can concur with most of the sentiments said already. I'm a strict offline franchise guy myself. I would gladly play online in a league but A) I don't have a ton of friends that play and B) I don't have the time to schedule games on a regular basis. This is a huge reason why I have gravitated much more towards online sports sim leagues rather than console gaming.*
I have given MUT a try and while I do enjoy the collecting, trading and auctioning of the cards, I don't particularly care for playing against other users. Again, time is a premium and I don't have the ability to grind out challenges to better my MUT binder. That time would be much better spent playing a solo, offline franchise mode.
The games that I have spent the most time in franchise mode are College Hoops 2k8, NCAA 14, MVP 05 and Madden 06 and in that order. They all did it pretty damn well and would have no problem playing those same games still to this day.
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