When It Comes to Criticizing Sports Games, We Can Do Better as a Community

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Years ago (I'm 52), developers had 1 shot, 1 SHOT, to get it right. They lived and died by their releases and for the most part, games were very solid releases. Now it seems they take the easy road by releasing a game and then patching and tweaking it as they go. I am completely avoiding the server issues here because I am comparing game quality from years past. If they spent a little more time perfecting a release I think you would less complaints from the gaming community as a whole.*
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I can dig it... but then the internet would be inundated with videos showing the issues with the different teams at the helm. I find that most issues that we complain about are usually verified by multiple people. When are we going to hold those in the quality control department accountable for not catching these mistakes in the first place? Or, are they catching these mistakes and not willing to go to the drawing board and change these issues. I can agree that patches are saving grace to games, but as a sports game fanatic, I cram to understand how this market has become so stagnant.* Madden is putting weight behind a new engine that allows them to do things that other games have done since 2003 and beyond. I know that coding and programming is a difficult area of expertise but why do we, as the consumer have to continuously put up with substandard results?*I*would rather not hear much about game releases this*far in advance only to*get a game riddled with bugs. I am not a game developer but I can certainly spend my hard earned money and expect to not get half-assed products. I am a sanitation worker and I can tell you that I receive*complaints and criticism from people who have never spent 1 second on a route and couldn't last a block*in 95 degree heat, running and dumping*70 pound cans.*The reality is, as long as people pay their taxes and put out cans of spoiled meat on a Saturday evening for a Tuesday morning pickup, they are going to expect us to pick it up and endure maggots and dead flesh odor, Therefore, if I am taking 65 bucks of my doe to by a*sports game to fulfill my*inner fantasies of creating my own teams and players and leading them to the promise land, I expect perfection or it least*supreme satisfaction.*As far as trollers, get a life!! Hard critics and mean individuals, you guys have to eat that!! It comes with the turf..**
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I'll never condone personal attacks, or ignorance.* BUT, it's not my job to QC your product.* I gave you money for a game that you told me was going to be able to do "x,y,z", and when it doesn't do that I feel ripped off and taken advantage of.** People work hard for their money, and all they want is a working product.* I agree that there is definitely such thing as constructive criticism, but anymore it just feels like you pay for a game to be a beta tester, and if you're lucky most of the major bugs get worked out in time for the next release.* Then, it's the same thing over again.* I'm so down for things like roster updates over 1-2 years, and in the meantime you can work on polishing the gameplay,*new modes,*etc., so that at least maybe every 2 years you are coming out with a game that is ready to be awesome on day one.
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?There are always solutions to things we play...we don't know about cars but we DO know how a game ought to be played when we're complaining/upset about it. When we identify a problem, we should also be offering a solution with some support as to why it's a good solution. In your example of passed balls, we can provide the video support...maybe some sample data...and real life data to show how the current state of the game does not mirror real life. That is irrefutable evidence something needs to be fixed, as Steve mentioned. In some way or another though, we need to provide more situational data wherein the devs can replicate an issue (if a bug) or if something doesn't work with the flow of a game (i.e. more franchise content), ideas of what could be implemented.
Though I hear you, I don't think it's unfair to wonder where my QC paycheck and/or free copy of the game is. Not my job to explain to a dev how to fix their product. There's a fine line -*I agree. But this whole "provide undisputable evidence with 16 different, concrete examples" is a little crazy.
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Clearly sites like this one have a different perspective when it comes to certain devs. Unfortunately, these sites can't be more objective given that the relationship with certain devs are there meal ticket for access. The community doesn't get free games/swag from devs nor do they get exclusive access to events etc. However, they do pay REAL money for a product and expect it to deliver as advertised. They also have the reasonable expectation that certain areas of said product will improve over time to be inline with what the industry at large is able to achieve. *When these expectations are not met after paying money for a product or service, the customer has the right to either critique the process or question the competence of the producer of this product. If those critiques aren't responded to, the consumer will chose a competing product. However, as we know in certain sports titles, this consumer option has been taken away. Therefore the critiques are compounded and the frustration grows as every possible type of feedback has already been given.

Obviously it is not prudent or productive to make personal attacks on a content maker when your expectations are not met. However, it is definitely fair game for the consumer to question the motivations of a producer of content, their competency and the overall value of their product if said producer is asking for REAL money for the customer to have access. *If someone were to tell you otherwise, you'd have to question whether this person is somehow an agent of said producer or someone speaking on their behalf. IE PR or some other entity.*

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Good article. I agree we need to do better as a community.*
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Re: When It Comes to Criticizing Sports Games, We Can Do Better as a Community

I want to start by saying I totally understand both sides of the argument. On one hand yes we’ve been waiting for features “X, Y, Z, for years since past generations.” On the other, “well moving to a different console is a different language, a new engine, pressure from the suits, not enough resources, etc…”

No matter what industry you’re apart of you’ll face the same criticism at some point, I face it weekly at my job. The only way for any of us to truly understand their side would be a peek behind the curtains. Let us see what kind of codes you’re looking at and/or recordings of these legendary board meetings. Of course by no means should they have to or fill obligated to. But that would definitely subside some of the critics if not most. Even still it should never be taken to a personal level, that’s like anyone walking into your job and they’re like “Hey you’re not doing it right. Where’s your love where’s your passion? I’ve been waiting for you to prosper and develop. What’s going on?” Even though your boss is telling you, your doing a good job. You’ll probably tell that person “Shh, get out of here.” That’s how they are feeling, that’s what we’re doing as a whole to the EA developers and we have to understand that.

Anyways a solution, I don’t think will ever see the light of day, would be to actually let us see some of that code, let us see Madden on a technical scale. I personally would love to see if I can “crack their code” so to speak, maybe find a work around to whatever the problem it is they’re facing. If not find a solution maybe all they need are some fresh eyes to come look at their codes and guide them in that direction, even for anyone without a technical background. You could just pose a watered down question: We’re trying to go from point A to point B, but here are our obstacles X, Y, Z. If it is an issue along those lines.

If it really is resources, I’m assuming money, that would be the perfect solution. What better way to get a great product when in our free time we could help the EA developers with whatever they are doing or struggling with. We are all passionate about the game, whether we love it or hate it. Yeah I know legalities and liabilities of letting random joes see your codes but all we have to do is sign a contract.

I’m not trying to get a job at EA, or straight defend them either, just offering a solution to the problem I see. We all could get a better understanding from their point of view. Maybe we’ll see that frostbite code and be like “I’ll pass, I understand now” or possibly as a community put out the best Madden to date and break every record for video game sells, who knows. But at the end of the day, we all want the best football game and if EA can’t keep up with their “resources” then maybe paying that exclusive licensing should be looked at again by the decision makers.

Don’t the developers overwhelmingly have at least a little say in what they’re doing if they are as passionate as they say they are? Couldn’t all of EA sports or Madden developer team speak up as a whole and say something to anyone? Again I don’t know maybe they did already, who knows how heavy handed EA’s executives are or how their contracts are written up. It sounds like the higher ups are extremely heavy handed. I could be totally wrong but I don’t work there, and again I don't know.

I think here is where the problem lays. What ever EA tells the developers to do they kind of have to do it, that's their job. And as frustrated consumers go, we come here and let out are feelings here not really knowing who is really to blame over there at EA. Since the developers are the faces that we see from EA we take it out on them without even asking the real questions.

Developers, if you let us know whats really going on, we'll support you guys and extend a helping hand if needed, otherwise keep doing the best you can.

When I'm not playing video games
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Re: When It Comes to Criticizing Sports Games, We Can Do Better as a Community

Madden Developer Clint Oldenburg referenced this post in his interview with Ryan Moody when asked what is the best way users can critique Madden, saying that he agrees with this and wishes users would follow the steps (record a video, say how it should be improved, give details etc) when sending him feedback. I thought that was pretty cool! It starts at 17:20

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