Putting 2017 into Perspective As We Move into the Heart of 2018

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Putting 2017 into Perspective As We Move into the Heart of 2018

#1 - What was the biggest sports gaming story in 2017? Kevin Scott To me, the...

Written By: Operation Sports

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1. MyCareer, for all intents and purposes, being locked behind a pay wall.*
2. MIcrotransactions, as much press as they received, it wasnt enough. which leads to >
3. The continued trend of pay to win. I see no end to this anytime soon, and I wont be part of it.**
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Microtransaction are a major problem. Games should not be Pay to Win.*
And I don't get why people spend $60 on a game, then give a lot more money away to the company to be better. I for one will not waste money like that.
I'll continue to enjoy my Franchise Modes over collecting cards on a video game.
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Re: Putting 2017 into Perspective As We Move into the Heart of 2018

Since MUT's most popular competitive mode is a Scary Cap mode, I have hard time calling it pay to win. You earn coins by playing matches or offline challenges. You don't need to pay for coins to build a team to the cap limit.

I would prefer if MUT and other CCG modes in other sports games were monthly subscriptions. The mode offers a ton of content that is updated often. It costs more money to support than what the $60 price tag offers, especially f they have to make investments in franchise mode and others. But that's not going to happen.

I just watched the Madden Championship game on ESPN last night. They dedicated 90 minutes to one game between Problem and Gos. It was a flipping fantastic game.If EA can cover more games like that, I think the mode will only get more popular.

And what many fail to realize is that 90% of the MUT players are not spending money. Yes, you might have to spend some cash to acquire the ultimate cards some of those guys use, but are you really planning on playing at an elite level? For everyday online play, if you stick to salary cap, you are going to face teams no better or worse than your own. Take your time grinding to some of those huge cards.

But you have to realize, you have 900 points to allocate to 34 players. Early on in the season, it is just 700, then 750. You have time to acquire cards with out spending money. But then, if you get those 50+ cap hit players, you are going to have to skimp on many other positions. I have a salary cap team, by my QB and HB are just 35 and 36 cap hits. If I upgrade them, I need to downgrade maybe 20 points in other positions.

I think CCG modes need to continue to mature and improve. I would like them to find some other funding, like advertising and broadcast rights, to continue to lower the cost of those spending money on the game.

The reality is, $60 is no longer the cost of a complete edition of any AAA game. That $60 gets you in the door, and that is because gamers are so averse to price increases, even when development costs skyrocket, along with inflation. And yes, this reality puts franchise modes in the crosshairs of game producers looking to cut costs.

If EA put out a MUT only game, I would buy that and skip the boring franchise mode altogether. What do you think would happen to the franchise mode of EA went with a MUT only option of the game? Would it make it even two years before getting cut like Head Coach?
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"I think a lot of the anger some fans have toward video games they fear will disappoint them are rooted in unrelated desires for basic existential validation. And I get that. But no video game (or movie, or book, or song) is ever going to fill that hole." - Arthur Gies
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