Say you went back in time to January 1st, 2000...

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Say you went back in time to January 1st, 2000...

... well knowing what your life and the world is like today, as if you have the choice to do something different in a parallel universe.

Do you let history and items run its course as is, or do you bank on the butterfly effect and hope things swing in your favor?

Keep in mind that you can do anything. You can change your career path. You can bet on the outcomes of certain sporting events that already took place. You can compose some of your favorite songs of this millennium yourself. You can write the script for films like The Departed, The Dark Knight, and No Country for Old Men. You can invent MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (which obviously needs some programming background). Heck, when the iPhone comes out make the apps for Flappy Birds and whatever else is addicting. You can try and prevent the 9/11 terrorist attacks. You could try and reverse the thing you said to a girl or close friend once that drew you apart.

Basically, I guess the question isn't so much what you would do differently in a creative sense (though please, by all means bring up some things that would be interesting to do differently that I have yet to mention), do we try and fix things and/or selfishly take advantage of certain situations? I guess that's hard with that kind of knowledge, and furthermore you don't know how one thing changes something else.

I know how this topic could get political or religious (not to mention the majority of things are "plagiarism" in a way haha), so I guess I'll just preface it by saying that's not the point of the thread. I just thought of it when Peter and Brian went back in time in Family Guy, and Peter quoted Die Hard, saying: "We could write it, Brian." Just a funny concept I suppose. Didn't know whether I would change my life and make a bigger bang out of what I have, trying to strike wealth, fame, and anything else that I feel would/should help my family or country, etc. Because sadly, doing one thing might alter the course of everything, so maybe you can only do as much as one of the ripples.
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Re: Say you went back in time to January 1st, 2000...

I would change the **** out of things. Pretty hard to mess things up in a way that would make things more terrible than the way they actually are in Actual 2016.

January 1, 2000 was about 10 month before we moved to LA. Stopping that would be first and foremost.

Then I'd tip people off on 9/11 and all the other **** that's happened since then.

Then I'd work on inventing **** like iPhones, Facebook, etc.
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Re: Say you went back in time to January 1st, 2000...

Selfishly there are so many things I would do differently, in my personal life. Bridges I have burned, mistakes I have made, so many regrets I live with now that I would nullify.

Things I would try to change/fix for the greater good, on a grander scale, there are too many to list.
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Re: Say you went back in time to January 1st, 2000...

I would save Heath Ledger definitely. Stop 9/11. Fire Claude Julien. Make sure Ben Cherrington never becomes RS GM. Fire John Farrell after last season. And invent some things like Uber and Twitter.

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Re: Say you went back in time to January 1st, 2000...

I wouldn't. I can't imagine my life without my wife and I wouldn't chance that.

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Re: Say you went back in time to January 1st, 2000...

I would like to at least see how my life would have turned out if I didn't join the military and went to college instead.
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Re: Say you went back in time to January 1st, 2000...

If the Multiverse theory is correct, then I wonder if we can actually change anything. Every eventuality will happen in each universe.

There was a really cool X-Files episode where Mulder and Scully got caught up in a bank robbery and the robber had a bomb and they got killed over and over because Mulder kept living that same day. But eventually he started having Deja Vu and piecing together that he was reliving the same day and tried different things to stop the robber each time until he was eventually able to save everyone.

But if I could change anything realistically I would obviously stop 9/11.
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Re: Say you went back in time to January 1st, 2000...

The cynic in me says it would probably be better to just try to improve your life & the life of those closest around you. If you tried to make things better on a large scale for the good of the human race, it's nothing more than windmill tilting. If you went to Japan & told people to leave before the big earthquake, millions aren't leaving & millions more aren't even believing you.
If I went to California next week & told people I was from the future & a quake was going to dump Cali into the ocean within a month, millions would shrug. People are going to live their lives with a damn the torpedos full speed ahead mentality no matter what.
With that in mind the things I'd try to change would be very little on a personal level, even though my life is far from perfect, perfection is overated & would become very boring after awhile. I'd warn my brother & uncle to stay off my grandmother's roof, but even then I don't think it would do any good. About ten years ago my grandmother needed roof work done & my uncle went up to give it a go & fell off & broke his arm & leg. The next day, my brother, not learning any lesson from the previous day, went up & promptly did the same thing. Broken arm & leg.
I wouldn't even warn Bama not to hire Mike Shula, because we needed him there for the exact amount of time he was there just to be able to have an opporunity to hire Nick Saban.
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