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BCS Polls
1 LSU 13-0 ................................... 2 Army (BCS)
2 ARMY 11-1 ................................. 1 LSU (BCS)
3 (6) COLORADO 12-1 ................ 4 Duke (Orange)
4 (3) DUKE 11-1 ........................... 3 Colo (Orange)
5 (7) S.CAROLINA 10-2 ............... 7 Tex (Sugar)
6 (8) NEBRASKA 11-2 .................. 20 ASU (Rose)
7 (11) TEXAS 10-2 ........................ 5 SC (Sugar)
8 (9) MINNESOTA 9-3 ................. 13 MIA (Fiesta)
9 (4) GEORGIA 10-3 .................... 16 Psu (CapOne)
10 (12) HAWAII 12-1 ..................... Ucla (Maaco)

**** GOTW ****
1 LSU 13-0 vs 2 ARMY 11-1

Now that the dust has settled we officially have our matchup for the 2032 National Championship. 1 LSU comes in undefeated and unblemished with a flawless resume that includes 2 top 10 wins against #8 Minnesota and #9 Georgia. Many believe that the SEC had a down year overall but when LSU played the top teams they came out victorious and they remain the only undefeated team in college football. Army has built a great program over the past few years but nobody expected them to be playing for a national championship. Army has 1 loss against Indiana but wins against Michigan and Air Force. They do not have the big wins that LSU has, but they only need one big one now to make history. While this looks like a David vs Goliath matchup what people forget about David is that he was the best at what he did before meeting Goliath. These 2 teams are polar opposites but what they do have in common is that they are the best at what they do offensively and that they both play great defense. Army has the #1 ranked rushing offense and the #1 ranked overall defense in the country. They are only giving up 200 total ypg and under 100 ypg in the air. LSU has the #1 passing offense and the #2 rushing defense behind only Army. If these defenses show up this could end up being one of the most intriguing matchups of the season, but Army will have to slow Watson down and that's something that nobody has been able to do. Im interested to see how Armys oline holds up against this SEC front 7 as well because if LSU cant get Army to 3rd and long situations this one wont even be close:

Pre: LSU 28 ARMY 27

🟢 Pre: LSU 38 UGA 33 -> LSU 35 UGA 28
🟢 Pre: ARMY 42 NAV 24 -> ARMY 48 NAV 28
🟢 Pre: LSU 38 AUB 24 -> LSU 31 AUB 17
Pre: UT 35 UGA 31 -> UGA 47 UT 35
Pre: UGA 31 AUB 30 -> AUB 41 UGA 38
🟢 Pre: LSU 38 BAMA 21 -> LSU 49 BAMA 24
Pre: DUKE 34 MIA 28 -> MIA 28 DUKE 16
Pre: VT 31 DUKE 28 -> DUKE 40 VT 35
🟢 Pre: ND 28 MSU 26 -> ND 31 MSU 24
🟢 Pre: MIA 31 ND 24 -> MIA 36 ND 24
🟢 Pre: LSU 38 MSST 21 -> LSU 35 MSST 28
🟢 Pre: SC 42 A&M 31 -> SC 62 A&M 35
Pre: SC 38 UGA 34 -> UGA 47 SC 38
🟢 Pre: LSU 35 MINN 33 -> LSU 27 MINN 21
🟢 Pre: LSU 38 CLEM 27 -> LSU 42 CLEM 39

3 Colorado 12-1 vs 4 Duke 11-1
Duke 1 score
5 South Carolina 10-2 vs 7 Texas 10-2
SC 1 score
8 Minnesota 9-3 vs 13 Miami 11-2
Miami 1 score
6 Nebraska 11-2 vs 20 Arizona St 10-3
Neb 2 scores


Thursday Night


🟢 1 LSU vs 2 Army
🟢 13 MIAMI vs 8 Minnesota
🟢 Miss St vs 11 Oklahoma



4th inside the 40 is good.. down/tied in the 4th or 17+ are the exceptions
remember in game coaching adjustments are allowed, EXCEPT for the clock option

No huddle rule will be INCOMPLETE PASSES and SACKS
- if you run the ball and lose yards or run out/step out of bounds you can still go no huddle (same as cpu)

Update the AUTO SUBS to DEFAULT outside of the Dynasty

4th down rule
- 4th inside the 40 is fair game
- down/tied in the 4th OR down 17+ at any time is fair game from anywhere (up or tied is still 40, Overtime is anything)
* keep it realistic

- No runs to the empty side of an empty set


KICK RETURNS in the endzone if the cpu starts the run
User Catches
Running with QB (as long as it looks real)
Hot Routes only to add a blocker
In game coaching adjustments

5 Wide
Read Options
Hot routes
Pass plays cannot have 3 players running the same route (hail mary's ok)(posts and corners count as the same)
No Shotgun Offset runs
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Re: RIVALS LAST RUN 2031-2032

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Re: RIVALS LAST RUN 2031-2032

Fiesta Bowl
8 Minnesota vs 13 Miami

1st Half
We get ball first, run game is looking tough, I throw a pick on the first 3rd down.. They score 2 plays later 7-0. I hit Jones on an HB screen for 12 yds then hit Mullins my TE on a flag 1 on 1 and the LB struck out, Mullins turned up field and took it 63 yds for the td 7-7. Next play they get a 45 yd pass and score a few plays later. We trade 3 and outs then Ross breaks a long 40 run up the middle to make it 14-14. We got in fg range in the 2nd but my controller didnt move the arrow so we missed from 42. Defense was still shutting them down. We get another drive where they have tight man to man coverage and I force a bad pass for another int. Minnesota got a good drive into the redzone but we held for a goalline stop at the 1. We got app the way to other side just for my controller to screw me on another easy fg. 14-14

2nd Half
We get the early stop and respond with a td drive to go up 21-14. They came back with a good drive but came up short on 3rd down and took the 3. 21-17 Miami. We get held to another fg and finally make one early in the 4th. 24-17. Anderson gets us to bite on a read option and takes it 64 yds before we can catch him. Few plays later they hit a quick pass for a td and tie it at 24 with 4:58 left. They hits us with a nice blitz that killed our drive, 3rd and long Mack breaks free on a wheel route from the slot but its underthrown so they pick off an easy td. They get one of those every 3rd down drives and score with 1:06 left because our guys let the QB score in front of them. 31-24. 3rd and long Freeman hits Mullins for another clutch catch for 23yds.. Couple plays later with 0:43 Mack gets behind the defense again on a different play and its underthrown again.

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Re: RIVALS LAST RUN 2031-2032

We got the ball first and moved down the field pretty easy and scored a td. Army scored a td on their first drive too. After Armys scoring drive we switched a few things up on defense, nothing really special, we just pinched our d line and spread our lb's out. The rest of half the defense held Armys triple option in check and the offense continued to get points. Halftime score was 27-7, LSU. 2nd half the defense absolutely shut down Armys run game and forced them to pass. That didn't workout for Army either. Their oline aren't great at pass protection, so we started getting a lot of pressure on the Qb. Army didn't cross their own 35 yard line, the whole 2nd half of the game. LSU wins their 2nd national championship in 3 years, beating Army, 48-7.
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Re: RIVALS LAST RUN 2031-2032

Man always plays bums for the Natty

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Re: RIVALS LAST RUN 2031-2032

Again could have won int at the end I hit wrong button

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Re: RIVALS LAST RUN 2031-2032

1 LSU 14-0 *SEC*
2 COLORADO 13-1 *B12*
4 NEBRASKA 12-2 *B1G*
5 ARMY 11-2
6 DUKE 11-2
9 HAWAII 13-1
10 TEXAS 10-3
12 PENN STATE 10-3
15 MIAMI 11-3 *ACC*

1 LSU 14-0 (10-0)
15 MIAMI 11-3 (9-1)
MISS STATE 7-6 (5-4)
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