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Do you get to play actual 5v5 basketball or just the management side??
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$35 is steep. $15? Probably. $20? Maybe. $35? Too much... I might fold my tent later in the year when it gets really interesting, but with the next gen coming out I think I'm better off saving my money.... No real gameplay REALLY hurts this game... But I'll download the demo, and if I'm in love with it I might get it.
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$35 is not too much. I don't like Wolverine studios mostly cause of their crappy hockey sim but you will not find a better text based basketball sim. Text sims aren't for everyone but the depth of this game far exceeds any console game you will find.

Its a text based sim, you can't hold against it that you can't play the game.

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Originally Posted by truzoe
Do you get to play actual 5v5 basketball or just the management side??
4th paragraph:
"DDS:CB2 is a text simulation, meaning that while you can view a 2D representation of your teamís games. Still, DDS:CB2 has a ton of value to offer college basketball fans, especially those who passionately follow the recruiting process."
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I've played a bunch of text sims, including DDS:PB and DDS:CB. I agree that they are outstanding games and experiences if you enjoy text sims and the strategic aspects they are built and tailored for.

I really like the comment about iOS, I think text based sports sims would really be suited to a tablet. I recall there have been some queries on the wolverine boards about mac or ios versions, however, due to the setup being quite small and the budget limited, I don't think they've explored or considered making the jump to either mac or ios.

If anyone associated with Wolverine reads this though, I'd be ecstatic with an ios version of your amazing games. I absolutely love recruiting with a smaller school. I recall my experience going from a tiny school out in LA to coaching St Johns.
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A new real world mod for this season is in the works. Hopefully it gets release. This would be a great time to get into this game as the mod will be updated for the first time since 2011-2012. There is also a chance that the mod could have real players in it this time. If not, at least the real life coaches will be in it.

Great game though. I've been playing it instead of CHoops 2k8 for the past couple of years and if anyone know me from here they would know how much I loved College Hoops 2k8!

I wish there was an updated version of the game but with that said, it's still Wolverine Studio's most polish basketball sim (It's more polished than their most recent basketball sim Pro Basketball 3 which was released last year) if not the most polish game they have to offer.

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Re: Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2

I actually prefer FBCB 2, which with all the updates is pretty much FBCB 3 at this point. The interface isn't as pretty but it is more effective and gameplay is more stable and streamlined. As well it is easier to customize the league, case in point there are mods for older year formats, D2, D3 and a mega mod combining D1, 2, and 3.
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Funny this was just posted as today they announced they are getting set to release a new version later this month!
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