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Just released: the best new college basketball game on the mobile market!

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Re: Just released: the best new college basketball game on the mobile market!

what game engine did you use?
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Re: Just released: the best new college basketball game on the mobile market!

Hey all! I've been hard at work at a much deeper pro basketball sim that I know you will like. I'm still also investigating a few of the glitches from this game. As for what engine I used, I built the sim engine myself. Hope all is well as it's been a bit!
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Re: Just released: the best new college basketball game on the mobile market!

I feel this is a great quick sim, but I think there are definitely some little tweaks that could take it from an occasional play to an always play (and likely purchase upgrades).

1) The 1-10 model makes the game far too easy. I think it would play harder with positions, backups, and minutes breakdown (important because of some form of fatigue). It also gets into recruiting because there would be some strategy trying to recruit positions rather than rank.

2) This would include some form of scouting. If Team X had a 10 rated center who averaged 35 minutes per game, and you had a 9 ranked center and a 7 ranked center. You might play your 9 center more. I think it would be a cool twist because PT would mean something, and a kid who played less might be willing to transfer depending on his personality.

3) For a game that gives a lot of upsets in the NCAAT, I feel the regular season is largely a formality. My team usually feels like the UCONN women, blowing out teams consistently by 40 or 50 points. Then you get to the tournament with 20 teams that have 1, 2, or 3 losses and there are a bunch of upsets with "automatic" bids, which I think is great just not enough of regular season.

4) Recruiting is too basic ... You have 1* school and there are always 7 or 8 ranked players available after Year 1 where you finish with like 6 wins. When you recruit, I feel like all you do is look for team ranking and go after those guys. Adding positions makes it more important to not just target a high rated player but someone who would fit and play minutes on your team. This would include transfers, etc.

5) Maybe add more than just team prestige ... There is coach prestige, team prestige, conference prestige, location, playing time, etc. All of these things are important to recruits but in different manners. Other problem with team prestige is if I'm a good coach and I go on a 2 year run with a school and leave, did that school really go from a 1 to a 3 prestige or was that mostly on the coach? Longevity affects team prestige more than results. Coach prestige translates as you move from school to school. And conference prestige matters because a lot of players would choose playing for a bad team in a great conference than a great team in a bad conference. When is the last time the Patriot league had 3 ranked teams?

I just look at the first career I did, I only won 3 NC's at Murray St, but had a 992-116 record in about 30 years of coaching and a 424-40 conference record. I got the #2 recruit in the country before winning 1 NCAA game. Kid was from Texas, no allegiance to Murray, KY. Scored 4,000+ career points.

Same thing happened with Boston University ... In 4 years, made the Sweet 16. In year 5, had the #1 team in the country. Made the Sweet 16 that year. Moved to UCONN for roughly a $300K raise (huh?). I was getting Top 25 coaching offers before winning 1 tournament game.

6) And maybe that is where money matters -- the more a team wins, the more money it produces, the more resources that go back into the program. Coaching salary is always mentioned in the game but what does it really mean?

It might sound like I hate this game, but I do enjoy it. But I do think it's simplistic nature partly destroys replay value, and thus, purchase ability. I usually never buy upgrades until I play through to see if I love/need it.
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