Youth Football Coach Levels Kid

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Re: Youth Football Coach Levels Kid

Originally Posted by Jimplication
It's a moronic move on the father's part, but in a way, I can partly see where he is coming from.

The kid did get whaled on pretty hard, it wasn't anywhere near the ball, and play had ended for more than a second. I am by no means exonerating the father's actions, but I think if someone did that to my son, I would be pretty upset. Regardless, you can't go pushing and attacking other kids just because someone whaled on your own; as tempting as it might be to do so.

The fact that he was an assistant coach makes it especially unfortunate, because such a position comes with the understanding that you should be a role model as well.
It's football, the kid who did the late hit was away from the play, and did I mention, it's football! Give the penalty, march off the yards, and go on. I mean the kid who got hit popped up immediately! It didn't hurt him! The father was WAY, WAY, WAAAAAAYYYY out of line here! It's part of the game!

I mean if the sport was basketball or baseball, and your son got laid out away from the play, on a pure malicious hit in either sport (where hitting isn't the "norm") I could understand the reaction. Here, it's just BS. I mean my coaches always said play to the whistle, and with drunken dumb *** parents yelling and whooping it up the whistle isn't always easy to hear.

That parent deserves to be castrated on live TV...fudge him! Big man, right? Laying out the little kid and then running like a little *****! Downright shameful display...
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Re: Youth Football Coach Levels Kid

The hit between the players was way after the play and as far from the ball as it could be. It was obvious that the bigger Bear hit the smaller Redskin just for the sake of the cheap shot. I'm not condoning what the kid's father did, but Romanowski Jr. had what was coming to him.
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Re: Youth Football Coach Levels Kid

I can see where dad coming from.. If it were my son..well I would be pretty hot under the collar too... What I would do.. is another thing.
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Re: Youth Football Coach Levels Kid

One of those instances where that kid got exactly what he deserved, but no one had the right to do it to him.
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