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Re: Gameday.

Lets not forget the cheerleader pics as well

People are for reviews if it backs their argument, and against them when they don't.
"Yes, I get satisfaction out of hitting a guy and seeing him lie there a while."
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Re: Gameday.

Originally Posted by CowherPower
Lets not forget the cheerleader pics as well
I thought those were on the Blitz game.
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Re: Gameday.

Glad that there are still some Gameday fans left.....

Madden fans should thank Gameday for years 99-2004...i'll say why in a second.....

I still have the first Gameday and still pop it in the PS3/Ps2 just to hear the intro song.....it used to get me pumped up.....no rap/rock music (don't get me wrong I love mid 90s rap)...but yeah just that song would start off a great session of Football....... then there was the "we will rock you" stomps from the crowds.... lighting and thunder that came along with the big hits......yeah it was fun...that along with this new excitement that came along with this new system with weird name "playstation"....I mean come on, I can see that yes it is a station where you play....but lets creative here with the name (well thats how I, and maybe others, felt back then...and of course now I love the name PLAYSTATION)

then came GAMEDAY 97....and it was also great.....But what I remember most is the first time when I created myself in the game and the announcer said "Daniel for the first down" OMFG......

then one of my favorite Football Games of all time...... NFL GAMEDAY 98....this had everything.... First polygonal players (consoles?) in a football game....smooth 30fps....great animations .....you could clearly see the Numbers on the back of the jerseys....the graphics where great for its time......but more importantly the gameplay, because of the controls, was great.........you had a stiff arm button that really worked, a hurdle button that if timed right worked as well, and of course spin move.......but what made everything shine was that L2 button...... by holding that button and pressing any of the football moves you could, double spin, double juke, and my favorite....leap over the pile (IMO if the defender did this as well, he would meet you high in the air and would usually cause fumbles) it was great....along with the Total Control Passing.....I was in football heaven

then GAMEDAY 99 came along......and it seemed different...again it run smooth but seemed fake.....me and my friends still joke about it because all we remember from that game was the commentary, would repeat Dick Emberg's(?) phrases like "FLAGGGGGS DOWN EVERYYYYWHERE"....lol.....or "HEEEEE DROPED IT.....WHY'D he do that".....LOL....

but yeah thats when Gameday and the rest of 989 sports started to go down hill....... the whole year me and my friends had Madden 99 laying around the house, someone had let us borrow it but we never played it..it just sat there for most of the 99 season....then when we couldn't take it anymore we stopped playing Gameday and popped in Madden......

long story short..... MADDEN 99 - 2004 where great football games, I stayed around with Madden alittle longer because I always attended Madden Tournaments from 02-05 (I have known these Charators you see on Madden Nation on ESPN for a while now.....and yes Sherm Stick is *little* crazy in real life, i remember him and Pretty Boy came down to Souther Cali for a Tourny and after a long night of Gambling, someone offered ShermStick $20 to jump into a pool outside....and wouldn't you know it his [email protected]$$ did it)

sorry to get off topic but the reason I say Madden Fans should thank Gameday for those years of great football (99-2004) is because of competition.......by 1999 EA had to except that Gameday (or should I say Sony) was serious and they to come out with a better product......if Gameday 98 was never released, for all you know we could have had another couple of years of "Sprite" based football games...instead of 3d players.......if I remember correctly on the cover of GAMEDAY 99 it said "Last years #1 selling football game"....... EA had to get serious and to their credit they did.........

well until Madden 05.....the graphics got worse, they looked like Cartoon players on steroids and the gameplay was ok with little to no changes as far as features........so I finally gave 2K5 a chance and was won over....I was so happy to know that I had a choice of not *having* to play Madden 05 for my football fix......but the rest is history as you know.......

through out this whole time I was going back and always trying the NEW Gameday but was always disappointed (2004 showed potenial) I believe that Sony scraped the 2005 season of its sports titles (beside MLB) so they could regroup and comeback with a better product....but that EA thing happened......so as far as Football we won't know for a while.....

but again thank god for competition, if any of you had the stomach to be able to play MLB2k4/2k5 these past few years, you know how horrible those baseball games where.....so thank god for Sony's MLB the show (or should I say MLB itself for not giving the full rights to 2k)........I believe that even though it was a 1st Party title..."The Show" was the #1 selling baseball game last year on all platforms even though it was only available on 2 systems.......so supposedly 2k has taken notice and improved their MLB game........but I don't know....I'll just stick with "The Show" for now........ but its funny if you think about it, gamers who only have Xbox360's should thank Sony for an improved baseball game (only baseball game) on their system.........

like most know, this is why it is important for 2K to release a real good Football game this year.....to light a fire under EA's arse....at least until the EA football contract is over.........

anyway sorry about the long post......got caught up in the moment.......and sorry for all the ".........." thats just how I type
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