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My Ideal Non-NFL Pro Football Game

If anyone, and based on track record I would say 2k, were to take another shot at non-NFL football, this is what I would want:

Pro Football: Rival League

Premise: The game starts as the first season of a new, rival league to the NFL. You hopefully could get NFL Players Assoc perimission to use names.

Start: Set up # of owners (user or cpu) and cities for teams. You could design or customize any or all of them, similar to what you do with APF for 1 team, but you could opt to do for all.

Draft: You pick players from 2 pools, FA and NFLPA, with budget limits. So perhaps you go USFL and sign the most recent Heisman winner, or you go lower budget and sign mostly free agents and NFL backups.

Commish mode: Control pricing, budgeting, TV, etc. to keep league running.

Owner mode: Work on marketing, pricing, etc. and coaches.

Gameplay: APF model is fine for me, excellent gameplay.

Franchise: customizable rules, teams might fold or move after each season (with user veto), each season new college players available as well as a new pool of NFLPA vets.

Basically you could restore the USFL, the XFL, create the CFL, or a new league from scratch. Would have some NFL players (if possible legally) or make up players that are FA or stolen from the Big League.

I think it takes some of the best features of APF (except the lack of retired stars, which frankly I wish I could turn off sometimes) and adds a level of realism that BLITZ lacks in its mock league.
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Re: My Ideal Non-NFL Pro Football Game

Sounds promising, as long as it lasts more than one season and gives me more to do, I'm game.
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Re: My Ideal Non-NFL Pro Football Game

The NFLPA license is an EA exclusive so they couldn't have NFL players. The idea sounds good though.
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Re: My Ideal Non-NFL Pro Football Game

I loved Baseball Stars for nes and that didn't have real players. If the game is good, I don't need real players. Just make a good game.


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