Madden vs. "The Competition"

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Re: Madden vs. "The Competition"

hell im buying backbreaker instead of madden this year, even if it hasnt the license.
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Re: Madden vs. "The Competition"

Originally Posted by ODogg
I agree that what they did restricted competition but the NFL is not a product that's a public service, like phone service or the oil industry or other areas where we have seen monopolies. I know exactly where you guys are coming from on this, I don't like the no-competition thing either, but every time I see "EA has a monopoly on football games" I must correct it because that implies that EA is doing something shady or illegal when in fact they are not. They simply licensed a product is all.

The truth is games like Blitz II: The League, All Pro Football 2K8, Backyard Football and Backbreaker are all football titles so there is most definitely competition for EA's football games. It's just using a license that most of us want to see in a football game is the difference. That's no monopoly, that's just smart business.

I 100% agree with the rest of your post, give 2K sports 5 years of development using the NFL license and it'd probably be one of the most popular selling games on the next-gen consoles and vastly superior to EA's current game. There is very little doubt in my mind that's true.

But again, it comes back to this, the NFL is not a public good or service, it's a private, trademarked property. It'd be like demanding that all fast food places should be allowed to serve a Big Mac. Does McDonalds have a monopoly on Big Macs? How crazy is it when you think of it in those terms. Imagine people saying they demand that someone do something about the fact that McDonalds is the only one that can serve Big Macs? Sure the relationship is slightly different since the NFL isn't making the games themselves and having EA do it for them but the logic is the same, Madden is the NFL game simply because the NFL has decided that's how they want it to be, not because EA did some dirty business tricks to corner the market and screw everyone over..which is to me what saying they are a "monopoly" implies..
EA has a monopoly on NFL branded football games.

As for the topic of the thread, I've pretty much given up on NFL games. Madden is a disgrace and it doesn't look like it's going to improve much for a long time.

Back in the day (we're talking SNES days people) I bought the very first Madden and loved it. I became a Madden fan all the way up until the PS1 when Gameday dropped. Then when the 2k series came out, it made Madden completely useless. So basically, many years before the exclusive license happened, I had already moved on. At this point it feels like forever since I had a great NFL sim to play.

But thank god for the high courts ruling. The dark ages may soon be over.

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Re: Madden vs. "The Competition"

even if the license wasn't exclusive i wouldn't buy a game in their first year. maybe two or three. once they get ahold of what works and not.

as far as monoply goes, madden wins because of branding. the nfl is on top of every sport. They don't have to give up their exclusive rights if they don't want. I don't think the American Needle court ruling has anything to do with video gaming. I don't think videogames can be looked at as a single genre monoply i think its looked at as a whole with many subdivisions. for example i think monoply in videogaming would be looked at as Microsoft buying out third party developers not allowing other companies to have them make games.

I'm sure the developers may look at EA hold on the NCAA series and NFL series as a monoply but if they did why didn't they file a lawsuit. Probably because there isn't a case. they could make college games and pro football, but to complain for naming rights i don't think will hold up. You can make it but you can't call it the same name.

Odogg used big mac Well Mickey D has a sandwhich called the big mac, but a local restaurant in pittsburgh has a sandwchich called superburger looks exactly like a big mac has the same ingredients well the sauce is off by one ingredient but technically its the same sandwhich with a different name.
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Re: Madden vs. "The Competition"

Once again, Madden is not a product of a monopoly. If you believe that it is then you need to go back and re-read the legal definition of monopoly.
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