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Football Heroes Hands-On Preview (iOS)

While at E3 back in June, I was able to get a look at the upcoming Football Heroes for iOS and Droid. Developed by Run Games (former big-studio devs who are now doing their own thing), this love letter to retro football aims to provide the simplicity and satisfaction of games like Tecmo Bowl and NFL Blitz while adding in some modern-day XP and character depth.

Football Heroes ends up playing a lot like Tecmo Bowl, with a sidescrolling perspective, squatty player models and comical hit animations. Similarly, the playbook is geared towards you correctly anticipating an opponent's selection for maximum effect. This isn't to say that the playbook isn't robust, as there are lots of formation and patterns to choose from, but the conceit of trying to rock-paper-scissors your opponent's play remains a factor here.

Read More - Football Heroes Hands-On Preview
Platform: iOS
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Interested to see how this turns out. I like the idea of the "Big" Sports games but the cash structure make it too hard to upgrade your team/players and win games without cheating and I quickly lose interest. I hope this pulls through.
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You lost me at lightning and grappling hook...I was interested until that and even followed it on their facebook page.
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Interesting if they can keep the reliance on IAP down. iOS games like NFL Shuffle are good but when you realise you can't really get any good players unless you fork out money or play ALOT (on top of being very lucky) then it loses it gleam. Well, it did for me at least.
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Old 08-07-2013, 11:37 AM   #5
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Looks a bit like Baseball Superstars with the abilities. If its anything like baseball superstars it may destroy my productivity.
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With all that said, the smartest thing Run Games is doing is making this a free-to-play game. Supported by in-app purchases, Football Heroes is looking to avoid the pitfall of most F2P games by making the free product a good time right off the bat, and it's not hindering players who don't participate in the ecosystem with tons of cash. The devs seemed all to aware of games that become imbalanced by wallet warriors and players who sink in tons of time, and it seemed that the online modes would rely on the matchmaking and balance of the game to limit the exploitation potential of certain matchups. Also, players who quit online matches will gain no XP or currency, encouraging users to tough it out and finish a match. The nice thing is that games are quick to play, making Football Heroes a natural fit for mobile and tablets.
That's good to read. I didn't know anything about this game before this article. I will check the game out when released.

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Old 08-08-2013, 08:10 PM   #7
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Hey guys I actually am a kickstarter backer for this game in which i currently have a beta build. The game is a lot of fun!! Every new build they send me keeps getting better and better. IMO it plays best on an iPad or iPad Mini, at least thats my fav way to play. I was skeptical at the power ups at first but i actually have fun with them. With the player cards and leveling each player it keeps you coming back. Def keep your eye out for it when its released.
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Old 09-26-2013, 11:35 AM   #8
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Re: Football Heroes Hands-On Preview (iOS)

This game looks fun and my son is looking forward to it. I'm hoping it releases soon. Any new info on that?
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