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WWE2K16 hironationrockz Universe

Hey guyz whassup?? Now I did another universe mode which was more of a 2016 Fantasy booking but things didnt go as I expected and lost my interest in it. Now am gonna do some crazy stuff with the universe and you will find some of the stuff having no logic. But thats the way i wanna do it and as of now I have no idea as to how the universe will go but rather go with what comes to my mind for the time being.
Current Champions
WWE World Heavyweight Champion : Triple H
US Champion : Rusev
IC Champion : Kevin Owens
Tag Team Championship : Alberto & King Barrett
Divas Champion : Charlotte

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Re: WWE2K16 hironationrockz Universe

WWE.COM announced some major returns on the night after Wrestlemania and a NXT star to debut on RAW this week
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Re: WWE2K16 hironationrockz Universe

RAW April week 1

Raw starts with the authority making their way to the ring. Triple H : "Last night I defeated Roman Reigns to retain my WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Now Roman Reigns gave his best shot last night and pushed me to my limit like no one has ever done. But he should know by now that authority always wins." Stephanie : "And my husband proved last night that he deserves to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion."
No chance in hell...... Mr. Mcmahon music hits and he comes out to the ring. Mcmahon: " Congratulation Hunter on your big victory last night. But as you are currently focused on your Championship I guess you are no longer needed as the COO of the company. We should rather let you focus on your title reign. So as of now me and the board of directors have decided to hand over the responsibily of WWE to this man..."
Here comes the money.....
Michael Cole : " Oh my... thats Shane O' Mcmhon. He has finally returned after 6 long years."
Shane : " Hello Monday night Raw. Its really good to be back here. I missed this place a lot. Now as you all know I have been given the responsibility of running the shows and for the main event of the first show under me we have a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match" Stephanie : " Wait wait hold on a second my husband will not defend his championship tonight. He just had a big match last night against Roman Reigns " Shane : '' Well if he dont i guess he will be stripped of the championship." Stephanie : "Common Shane whats wrong with you this man is your brother in law." Shane : " You know what stephanie i dont mix business with family and then the show must go on." Triple H : " Well so who is gonna be my opponent tonight? " Stephanie tries to say something but Triple H cuts her off. Shane : " Good question Paul your opponent for tonight is gonna be Daniel Bryan. "
Daniel Bryan music hits and crowd goes wild in the Yes chant. Daniel Bryan : " Few days back I did a medical test and it says I am fine and can return to the ring. And then I found out The Authority had planned to keep me of the ring by telling the doctors not to clear me. But am back and there is nothin' the authority can do about it because the authority is no longer under power. Now 2 years back at Wrestlemania I defeated Triple H and then on the same night I went on to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Tonight history will repeat itself and I am gonna beat Triple H and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion." A loud yes chant breaks down as we go to commercial.
Match #1 : The Miz vs Zack Ryder
The Miz gets the upperhand at the start of the match. Zack Ryder was able to comeback in the match and goes for the flying head scissor but Miz dodges it and hits the kick to the face and diving head butt to the turnbuckle (guess thats what the move is called). The Miz hits the DDT and goes for the pin. 1..2...3 this one is over.
Winner : The Miz
Stephanie is backstage with Triple H. Stephanie : " Paul u didn't had to defend the title tonight. I am still the principle owner of this company and I could have called off that match." Triple H : "You know what Steph? These people out there and your brother thinks I can't beat Daniel Bryan. And tonight I am gonna show them I can indeed beat Daniel Bryan and prove once again that I am the deserving WWE World Heavyweight champion."
Rusev makes his way to the ring with Lana. He defends his United States Chamionship against kalisto next.
Match #2 : United States Championship : Rusev (C) w/ Lana vs Kalisto w/ Sin Cara
Rusev gets the offence at the match with Kalisto reversing a few moves. At the end kalisto goes for the Salida Del Sol but Rusev counters it and hits the big boot to the face. Accolade is locked in and Kalisto had to tap out
Winner and still United States Champion : Rusev
The show takes us to a pre recorded video. " Hello WWE my name is Hironmoy and I am the change that WWE needs. You see WWE has been low in ratings for a long time now and there is no one but the WWE creative team to be blamed. It is their weak booking which caused this. Like we have a phenom who appears once in a year for a big wrestlemania match as we saw last night. But does anybody know where he is now? Maybe he is dead and will be reborn next year for a Wrestlemania match and then die once again. Changes need to be made and I am coming for that."
Match #3 : Charlotte vs Paige
Winner : Paige via submission
The Social Outcasts makes their way to the ring. Slather : " WWE universe last night we defeated New Day at the grandest event of them all. But I guess we deserve better competition than New Day and thats why we are here. Send us some worthy competition so that we can prove that we are the best." Sami Zayn music hits and he comes out with a huge reception. Sami Zayn debuts next on raw.

Match #4 : Sami Zayn vs Heath Slather
Sami Zayn impresses the wwe universe with some amazing moves and hits the haluven kick for the win
Winner : Sami Zayn

AJ Styles will be on Smackdown this week.

Match #5 : Eva Maria vs Natalya
Winner :Eva Maria

Wrestlemania review : Big E eliminated Mark Henry last to win the annual Andre The Giant memorial battle royal with assistance from Kofi and Xavier.

The New Day makes their way to the ring. Xavier Woods : " Ladies and gentleman welcome the two time tag team champions The New Day. Last night our New Day member Big E won the annual Andre The giant memorial battle royal. Please bring the trophy to the ring." Trophy is brought to the ring. Big E gos on to kiss his trophy. Kofi : " You know what we always knew one of us is going to win the trophy. Why?? Because.... New Day Rocks! New Day Rocks! New Day Rocks! New Day Rocks!" Mark Henry interrupts the celebration. Xavier and Kofi comes out to fight Mark but Mark hits then and charges towards the ring. He stares at the face of Big E but Big E steps out of the ring. Mark stares at him for sometime and then throws the trophy at him. They just look on as we go to commercial.

The trophy is apeariently broken and New Day is trying to fix it in the locker room

Match #6 : Kevin Owens vs Jack Swagger
Back and forth fight. Kevin hits a crossline and goes for the popup powerbomb but Jack is able to counter with a DDT and goes for the petriet lock. KO somehow managed to hold on to it and grabs the ropes. Jack goes near KO and is dragged into the turnbuckle. KO then hits a crossline and hits the powerbomb for the win
Winner : Kevin Owens

Match #7 : WWE World Heavyweight Championship : Daniel Bryan vs Triple H(C)
After some staredown they lock up. Triple H with a headlock and pushes him through the ropes and hits shoulder first. Triple H with some jab. Bryan fights back and hits some kicks to the legs. Triple H pushes him but Bryan hits another kick this time to the head which sends Triple H outside. Bryan with a flying goat to the outside. Daniel Bryan brings Triple H back to the ring. League of Nations music hits as Sheamus, Rusev, BNB and Alberto makes their way to the ring. The distraction allows Triple H to hit a pedigree and goes for the pin 1...2...2 and a half. Triple H had enough. He calls out the League of Nations to the ring. They enter the ring and starts to attack Daniel Bryan.
Winner via DQ : Daniel Bryan and as a result still your WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H

They continue the assault as Roman Reigns music hits and out comes Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. They immediately charge in but the number's game works and LoN gets the upperhand. Just then Kane music hits as he comes out. Michael : " Oh My! Its the Big red machine. But what is he doing here?" By then Roman Dean and Daniel gets back to their feet and starts attacking LoN. Kane drags Sheamus to the outside and hits a choke slam. kane comes to the ring and chokeslam HHH. By then Roman Dean and Daniel takes the rest out of the ring. Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose lifts up HHH as they do a triple powerbomb. Daniel Bryan starts a YES chant as we go off air

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Re: WWE2K16 hironationrockz Universe

Main Event April Week 1

The show starts with the new incharge of WWE Shane O' Mcmahon. Shane : " Welcome to wednesday night main event. Now main event has been very low in ratings becaused of the way the authority have presented it to you. But now things are gonna change and it starts with tonight's main event where Kevin owens defends his Intercontinental Championship against the winner of a triple thread match between Dolph Ziggler, Neville and The Big Show and that match is next." Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring and shakes hand with Shane o' Mcmahon. He will be in action next

Match #1 : IC Title #1 Contender's match : Dolph Ziggler vs Neville vs The Big Show
Neville and Dolph immediately goes after Big Show who fights back both of them and throws Dolph out of the ring. He then went on to hit the giant slap on the chest in the corner. He then goes out of the ring and assaults Dolph. Neville hits Big Show with a flying Kick. Big Show still on the foot but taken away with a diving kick. Dolph then hits a crossline on Neville and takes him to the ring and pins for a 2 count. Dolph then hits a kick to the head of neville. Big Show enters the ring and hits a chokeslam on Dolph. Neville gets up and hits diving kick to the Big Show which takes him to the corner of the ring. neville goes for a running move but is taken out with a KO punch and goes for the pin. 1....2....3 Dolph breaks it a 2 and a half. They fight for sometime until Dolph hits a Zigzag on Big Show. Neville rolls up Dolph for the win.
Winner : Neville

Dolph stares at Neville as he celebrates. Big Show then hits a choke Slam on Dolph. He looks completely fraustrated. He continues to assault Dolph outside and hits a choke slam on the announce table. Referees takes away Big Show as we go to commercial

We see a video package of the opening segment and the main event of this week's monday night raw. This friday on Smackdown Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns will take on the tag team champions Alberto Del Rio and Bad News Barrett. Also AJ Styles will be on Smackdown this week.

Match #2 : Becky Lynch vs Naomi w/ Tamina
Winner : Naomi after distraction from Tamina

Match # 3 : IC championship : Kevin Owens (C) vs Neville
They lock up. Kevin with a punch and Neville with a kick. Kevin is trying to get to offenses and Neville is using his high flying abilities to counter here and there. At the end Kevin Owens goes for the popup powerbomb. Neville counters with a head first. Neville hits his finisher ( the high flying move whats the name?) for the win
Winner and new IC Champion : Neville

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