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superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era

Due to schedule difficulties, i will be discontinuing the universe i was running with a friend of mine. the new universe will start on Page 7. Thanks for your patients

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Re: superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era

Smackdown April 4th Jacksonville, FL



-AJ Styles make his way to the ring-

AJ Styles- Shut up and listen. The word of the day is ‘unworthy’. As in Smackdown world champion Dean Ambrose, is unworthy of said title. You guys see a lunatic, while all i see is a jackass who couldnt lace my boots. Raw will always be superior to Smackdown when the brand is represented by a glorified mid card hack like Dean Ambrose. Watching him wrestle is almost as bad as hearing him being interviewed by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Matter of fact


Dean Ambrose-AJ…. AJ, AJ, AJ. Give a guy a little name in Japan and he thinks hes gods gift to wrestling. Not me though… see i have you pegged. Last name Styles when it should be Bonaparte. Ever since you been here, youve had more tantrums than wristlocks. With a haircut that says ‘i cheat on my husband when hes deployed.’ You can have a problem with me being champion, and ill care as much today as i will tomorrow, which is not at all. See, for me, its belt or no belt ill fight whoever, whenever.


Shane McMahon- Alright, this is what i like! Two of my best superstars, in the center of the ring, toe to toe, ready to fight for the biggest prize in the company. AJ, I hear you. And yes… you are one of guys in consideration for a shot at Dean Ambrose. But let me reiterate.. Youre one of the guys. GM Daniel Bryan and I have a small dilemma. We dont have a clear cut number one contender for the World Title. See i think John Cena has the best case. GM Daniel Bryan believes Randy Orton should be next in line. And then, the WWE Universe made their opinion known with a very lopsided poll result, in favor of you, AJ. Well here on Smackdown, what we prioritize the most, is our wrestling is second to none. So here is what we’re going to do…. In tonights main event, we’re going to have Randy Orton, John Cena and AJ Styles compete in a triple threat match. Winner will face Dean Ambrose at Fully Loaded for the WWE World Championship!!!


Baron Corbin v. Heath Slater

The Lonewolf went on a warpath as soon as the bell sounded. There is a vicious brawler-esque quality to Corbin that is all too similar to when the Road Warriors tore through the AWA tag division. His offense is less headlocks and more head knocks. Slater found himself on the wrong end of strike after strike. Aside from a quality drop kick, Slater was unable to initiate any form of offense. The match concluded when Corbin hit the Deep Six, followed by the End of Days. However, winning the match wasnt enough. He went on to savagely beat Slater, until recently signed, Rhyno came to his aid! Corbin left before the two behemoths could come to blows. **½.


Vaudevillians def. HypeBros

This was an okay match. Both teams had their moments… However, it was the inexperience of Mojo Rawley that cost his team the match when he neglected an open opportunity to Hot Tag Zack Ryder in. Aiden and Simon took advantage of the short sighted decision and within moments, hit Rawley with The Gentlemans Congress. Gotch drop kicked Ryder, preventing him from breaking up the pin. 1-2-3. Vaudevillians pick up their biggest win since being called up to the main roster. **¼

Before the break we see the tag team champions Breezango run into American Alpha in the back..

Tyler Breeze- Hey Fandango, hold this, I want to take a selfie with the two Steiner Brother knock offs.

Gable slaps Tylers phone to the floor.

Jason Jordan- The only picture we care about is the title picture. And when the time comes, we’ll be more than ready to take the straps off Zoolander & Hansel.

Tyler Breeze-Thats good. Thats real good. But this isnt NXT… we’re the hottest tag team in the company. Theres no way Shane & Bryan would want a couple of mat monkeys representing the division.

Jason Jordan- We could keep doing this back n forth, but I prefer to do all my talking in the ring. See you out there, duck lips.

Tyler Breeze v. Jason Jordan

This was actually a pretty good match. Jordan pressed the action with some beautiful, technical mat work. Breeze was no slouch tho, displaying that he was clearly the quicker, more agile of the two. Jordan was controlling the match with several variations of the suplex, when Fandango distracted the ref, allowing Breeze to land a low blow, and then the Unprettier. 1….2…..KICK OUT! This woke the apathetic like crowd right up. Breeze continued with a few rest moves, and a variety of kicks. Things seemed to be going in the champions favor, when out of thin air, Jason Jordan landed a powerful Olympic Slam! The ref got to a two count before Fandango put Tylers foot on the ropes. This cheap tactic prompted Gable to fly across the ring and hit Fandango with a tope. The two kept fighting by the ramp, while in the ring Breezango stable mate (A-listers) The Miz hit Jordan with the IC Title. The ref, who had his back turned, only looked in time to see Tyler hit Jordan with the Beauty Shot. 1-2-3!! Tyler Breeze picks up a dirty, but significant win over his American Alpha opponent. ***½

David Otunga- Oh, that was cheap! Cmon ref, do your job!

JBL- Shut it Dave. Its a dog eat dog world in the wwe, nothing wrong with winning by any means necessary. Maybe if you knew that, you would still be wrestling, and not just calling the match like the rest of us!

Ranallo- Agree with it or not, Breeze does pick up the big victory, giving all the momentum back to the tag team champions. With Miz being the IC champ, and Breezango holding the tag team gold, The A-Listers really are proving to be a faction thats becoming impossible to ignore. Speaking of Miz, after the break, for the first time since the brand split… we have Miz TV coming at you live!


The Miz- How lucky are each and everyone of you? I mean, If i werent me, I would pay to see me in person. And you get the first episode of Miz TV since the brand split? Wow… you are absolutely welcome. Now for the show-- tonights guest will be the two finalist of the Cruiserweight Classic. A good friend of my, The Brian Kendrick, and some geek who spends way too much time at Gamestop, TJ Perkins. First question is for TJ Perkins. TJ, how does it feel to snatch the dream away from Kendrick, after Kendrick took you in when you had nothing? How does it feel to rob Kendrick of everything he worked towards, just to fulfill your own selfish desires? How does it feel to…

TJ Perkins- Let me stop you right there. Yes, Kendrick and his family were there for me during the hardest times of my life. If it wasnt for him, theres probably no way I would have ever been able to realize my dreams. But, I won the Cruiserweight Classic fair and square! It wasnt easy having to compete against someone whom I consider my brother. I downright hated the feeling. But this is why we train day in and day out. We train so that one day, maybe, hopefully, all the hard work and preparation will eventually pay off. If he would have won, I would have been elated.

Brian Kendrick- yea yea yea, I get it TJ. You can spare us all the good guy bull****. See, I didnt just put a roof over your head, or make sure you never went hungry. I also taught you how to fight like a man. And this is how you repay me? You KNEW how bad I needed this win. Not so I could go buy a new Call of Duty, but so I could provide for my loved ones. You selfishly ripped that away from me! If I wasnt so high minded, I would rip you apart right there where you sit!

All three men immediately stand up.



*crowd chants Yes! Yes! Yes!*

Daniel Bryan- Hold it there gentlemen. Before this turns into some unsanctioned fight, and i have to hand out suspensions and fines … Let me tell you what Im going to do. Im going to give you three the time and place to settle this like men. Miz, I know fighting isnt your favorite thing to do, but thats exactly what youre going to have to do…. *crowd continues to cheer*... see, tonight, in that very ring, we’re going to have a tag team match. On one side, youre going to have Miz & and Brian Kendrick… And on the other side, youre going to have TJ Perkins tagging up with the Intercontinental Titles number one contender,.... Dolph Ziggler!!

*Crowd once again chants Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!*


R Swann & C Alexander v. D Gulak & J Gallagher

This was a very fun match. Even tho they were just thrown together, both teams had some solid chemistry.. All four had their moments to shine. The match ended when Gallagher reversed the Lumber Check into a crucifix armbar. Controversy followed when Drew Gulak landed a drop kick to Swanns back after the bell sounded. Many in attendance, and Swann himself, think that the drop kick was blatant. Replays confirm that there was a significant amount of time from the bell sound to the initial impact. Rich Swann is currently in a hospital receiving treatment for moderate to severe whiplash. ***

Dasha Fuentes- AJ, what would a win here mean to you?

AJ Styles- What would a win mean to me? It would mean, after years and years of being the most overlooked wrestler on the planet, I would be one match away from being the WWE World Champion! I was held back for over a decade because I didnt look a certain way. I didnt look like John Cena, I didnt look like Randy Orton...Well I may not look like a world champion, but I damn sure wrestle like one! Tonight belongs to the Phenomenal One!

Dolph Ziggler & TJ Perkins v, The Miz & The Brian Kendrick

Another good but not great match. Both teams did a decent job keeping the two fighting in the same weight class. Miz shocked the entire building when he hit Ziggler with a Skull Crushing Finale within the first few minutes of the match. Perkins made the save. Perkins came in like white fire. TJ went on a 7 move spree before ending the sequence with a double ddt on Miz & kendrick both. Eventually Miz & Kendrick were able to slow down the champ, and go to work. Everything was going great for Miz & Kendrick, until Perkins tagged in Ziggler, and Kendrick decided to stay in. The two men spent a good minute and a half feeling each other out, when a frustrated Kendrick charged Ziggler, only to be greeted by a super kick for the 1-2-3. ***

The arena goes completely dark. Soon after, the titantron comes on, showing what appears to be a parking lot. The cameraman is clearly an amateur as the video is pretty shaky. The cameraman is saying something in an ominous whisper. We cant make out what hes saying, but the whole vibe is really creepy. All of the sudden, the camera zooms in on corporate Kane presumably walking to his car. Out of nowhere two men wearing ski mask start attacking Kane with baseball bats. They throw him in the trunk of a car, hop in the front and speed off! The cameraman drops the camera. As he walks off you can hear the man whistling ‘Hes got the Whole World in his Hands’...

AJ Styles v. Randy Orton v. John Cena ( Number 1 contender match)

This match was incredible. The match began with Styles & Orton temporarily teaming up. Eventually, with Cena momentarily taken out of the match.. Styles & Orton started fighting each other. Styles appeared to have the upper hand. Matter of fact, he was putting on a clinic until the resilient Cena plugged himself back in the match. Styles, unaware that Cena was behind him, backed right into a german suplex. Cena controlled the action for a good five minutes. Everything started to heat up when Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm, only to be caught mid air by Cena and given an Attitude Adjustment. Orton broke up the pin. Moments later, it was Orton who was on the wrong side of an AA! With Styles recovering on the outside, the match seemed to be in the bag. However, The Viper was able to kick out on his own at 2 ½! The crowd began chanting, ‘this is awesome!’ After a minor lull in the action, things went full speed again, when styles hit Cena with a Styles Clash. AJ, making sure Orton wasnt going to be able to break up the pin, hit the viper with a Styles Clash as well! Styles chose to pin Cena for personal reasons. 1….2….Kick out!! Cena kicked out!! Styles, in complete disbelief, immediately crawled to Orton for another pin attempt. 1…..2…. Cena uses all the gas he has in the tank to pull Styles off of Orton! A frustrated Styles, goes outside the ropes, and lands a springboard 450 splash on Cena!. 1...2… Cena kicks out!! AJ immediately went for a Rack Bomb, only for Cena to counter it into a suplex. Cena hit Styles with a Five Knuckle Shuffle. 1...2… Orton breaks up the pin! Cena charged the viper only to be hit with a scoop powerslam. All three men laid on the ground, busted up, exhausted and almost lifeless. The match finally reached climax, when Styles reversed another Attitude Adjustment into a Ushigoroshi. The path looked to be cleared or a Styles victory, when the all but forgotten Randy Orton hit Styles with an RKO outta nowhere!!! 1...2….3!!! Randy Orton is the new number one contender!! What a match!!!****1/4

Show goes off the air as everyone in attendance is on their feet giving a standing ovation!!

SMACKDOWN Stock Report

Randy Orton Up- Randy beat Cena and AJ Styles in a triple threat match to be the #1 contender. The Viper is as dangerous as ever, and heading into a program with Dean Ambrose.
Dolph Ziggler Up- He may have only pinned Brian Kendrick, who is a cruiserweight, but it was still a win over The Miz. Ziggler v. Miz looks promising.
Fandango Up- cheap or not, he pinned Chad Gable. The A-listers own half of the Smackdown gold. They have some serious momentum going into the American Alpha program.
Chad Gable Down- he was pinned by the weakest member of the A-Listers. This hit may be short lived however, as American Alpha will get a title shot at Fully Loaded.
AJ Styles- this was suppose to be The Phenomenal Ones night. The majority of the Universe believed it would be Styles challenging Ambrose, not Orton.
Hypebros- Yes they are a new tag team. The chemistry is still missing, but when you lose to the last ranked team in the division…. Somethings really wrong. To make matters worse, they lost clean.

-Rumor mill-
Several sources confirmed monday that Smackdown was in talks with Kurt Angle. This would be a MAJOR signing if it were to work out. Fans salivate over the idea of Angle v. Ambrose, or Angle v. Cena. However, nobody on staff is getting their hopes up, ever since the Sting negotiations fell through. Theres also rumors of NXT champion Nakamura being called up. Its safe to say if both, or even just one of these two things happen, Smackdown will be a formable competitor to Raw. Two matches have already been made for the first Smackdown ppv Fully Loaded. Randy Orton will face Dean Ambrose for the world title. And Dolph Ziggler will face The Miz for the IC Title.

Fight of the Night- It was easily the main event. While Orton won, it was AJ Styles that carried most of the match. Hes a rare talent, and the universe may wait a little longer for an AJ title program, but it wont be long before the Universe makes their opinion loud and clear.

Overall show grade- B…. It was graded a C going into the main event. If the main event would have been below average, Smackdown would have been graded a D. But that wasnt the case as the main event was a phenomenal match.
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Re: superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era

Really good shows man. Like the old way of the Cruiserweight on Smackdown and Womens on Raw. As well as be interesting to see if Angle signs with Smackdown.
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Re: superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era

thanks for reading dudebro. I found a great Angle in community creations... my friend who will be running raw has created a point system for free agents. basically, i actually need to work a deal to have Kurt full time.
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Re: superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era

Raw April 7th Kansas City, MO

The show starts with Stephanie in the ring

Stephanie- Tonights show will be a special one. Tonight we crown the very first WWE Universal champion. It will either be Seth Rollins, or Roman Reigns. Both men are worthy of being the face of the company. I bid good luck to you two. Knock ‘em dead. Now for another issue. Believe me when I say, this is my least favorite part of the job. But it is a necessary component. Last week most of you probably realized The New Day was nowhere to be found. They were advertised for a month that they would be at the event. Therefore, they will be reprimanded accordingly. Tonight, The New Day will have to defend their title against number 1 contenders The Club! To make sure the best team wins, there will be no dq and no count out.

Michael Cole- There you have it. For the first time ever, we will crown a Universal Champion! Seth Rollins v. Roman Reigns. Two guys who use to train together. Two guys who use to fight together. They will now fight each other for the sports grandest prize!

Corey Graves Not only that Michael, how about the tag team championships also being on the line!?

Michael Cole- What an announcement, and its all coming at you tonight! Stay tuned, when Raw comes back it will be Sheamus in action!

Sheamus v. Perry Tipton

A WWE contract was on the line for local indie guy Perry Tipton. But this match was anything but competitive. Sheamus made quick work of Tipton as he ended the match with a vicious brogue kick for the 1-2-3.

Cameras cut to the back where Charlotte & Dana Brooke are talking to Raw GM Foley

Charlotte- Foley, Ive already beaten Sasha… several times. Thats why it makes no sense to me that shes getting ANOTHER shot at my championship. I mean, she couldnt even beat Dana, and Danas not that good at all.

Foley- Hey, I love the confidence, but Sasha proved last week when she beat Paige that shes the rightful number 1 contender. As for Dana Brooke being better than Banks… well thats great, and exactly what we’re going to find out tonight…..here in Kansas City, Missouri……. Good talk ladies.

Foley walks off while Charlotte stares through Dana

Sasha Banks v. Dana Brooke

The match was pretty one sided. Not nearly as competitive as the Banks/Paige match a week prior. The only offense Brooke could muster was when Banks allowed herself to be distracted by Charlotte. Match ended when Brookes was thrown into Charlotte who was standing outside the ropes, only to rebound right into the Bank Statement for the tap out. **½

Michael Cole- Oh man, the ultra talented Sasha Banks does it again. How epic of a match will it be at Extreme Rules when Womens champion Charlotte Flair puts her title on the line against The Boss, Sasha Banks. Incredible! Dont touch that clicker, up next we have the unbelievably gifted Finn Balor going one on one with the bizarre Stardust.

Finn Balor v. Stardust

This was a pretty decent match. While the Stardust gimmick is a little absurd, theres no denying Cody Rhodes wrestling acumen. Both men were unable to maintain control. The finish came a little over 12 minutes when Balor reversed a Cross Rhodes into the 1916. Finn quickly followed that up with a Coup De Grace for the 1-2-3. ***¼

After the match, US champion Rusev hit the ring and started to violently attack Balor. After Rusev landed a super kick, he immediately applied the Accolade. By the time security was able to pull Rusev off Balor, Balor was unconscious. Michael Cole called for commerical.

Braun Strowman v. Kevin Kaos

Byron Saxton- Im here with Kansas Citys own Kevin Kaos. Kevin, what made you take this match?

Kevin Kaos- its always been my lifelong dream to get a wwe contract. Even if i have to get through a nightmare first!

Match was a quick squash. Strowman finished Kevin Kaos in under a minute and a half with a reverse chokeslam.

Michael Cole- Looks like no contracts will be handed out tonight. Good god Strowman is scary. Stay tuned, when Raw returns…... its The Highlight Reel coming at you live!


Chris Jericho- quiet, quiet, quiet, QUIET, quiet, quiet, quiet! Tonight, my guest is The man everybody Forgot! Neville!


Jericho- Listen Neville, last week was a complete fluke! I was suppose to be fighting for the Universal Championship, not having a singles match against a stupid idiot like you!

Neville- It was a fluke ay? Since when is getting pinned in the middle of the ring considered a fluke?

Jericho ‘since when is getting pinned blah blah blah blah blah SHUT UP! It was a fluke… thats why Id like to call on Stephanie McMahon. So i could politely ask for a rematch.


Jericho- Steph, you and I go way way back. And weve never.. eh eh eh ever had any problems. I know youre a busy woman so im going to make this quick. I want a rematch will Neville, and I want it tonight!

Stephanie- Youre right Chris, I am a very busy woman. Do you think youre the only one in the locker room that bothers me for tv time? ....But.. youre also right in that we do go way back… And you did help Foley and I last week when we needed to fill the time slot. So yea, Ill give you a rematch with Neville. But, to do this Id have to bump Kevin Owens v. Sami Zayn. That match has been advertised for some time now, and we’re NOT going to have another New Day situation. So tonight, your rematch is going to be a tag team match. Itll be you Chris, and Kevin Owens… going head to head with Neville and Sami Zayn!

Welcome to the Queendom plays while Jericho and Neville exchange barbs going into the break.


Karl Anderson- After tonight, the tag division will no longer look like the Cartoon Network. See, we arent here to play games and make people laugh. We’re here to absolutely conquer ANY and EVERY tag team that gets in our way

Luke Gallows- Lets give it up for The New Day. Heard those clowns got lost last week. Haha. how can you dorks be the tag champions, you dont even know which arena to show up to!


Xavier Woods- yea, we missed our flight… and hey, we aint even mad atcha. You know who we’re mad at?
We’re mad at whoever told you two to wear those hideous jackets!

Kofi- we dont even see defending our titles as a punishment. Of course we should defend our titles. I mean, we are….The…...W…...W…...E……...TAG…..TEAM…...CHAMP….. IONS!!

Big E- And we promise to get the win and the pin BECAUUUUUSE……. NEW DAY ROCKS! NEW DAY ROCKS! NEW DAY ROCKS! NEW DAY ROCKS!

The New Day v. The Club

The New Day came out hot. The first five minutes of action was completely owned by the champions. It wasnt until Karl Anderson reversed Kofis arm drag into a backbreaker that the momentum had changed. The Club continued to go to work on Kofi. Looking like an old school tag team, cutting off the ring and keeping the tags fresh. Kofi did avoid a Magic Killer, but still couldnt get the tag. It was starting to look like the title changing hands was only a formality, when Kofi hit a Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere! After both Kofi and Anderson struggled to get to their corner, Kofi was finally able to get the hot tag! Big E exploded on The Club. Slam after slam. Big E was finally slowed down with a low blow. The match being no DQ made this maneuver perfectly legal. But eventually the numbers game would be too much. The Club was going for the Magic Killer when Xaver hit Gallows in the back with his trombone. This led to Kofi and Big E hitting Anderson with the Midnight Hour resulting in a 1-2-3. ***½

Tom Phillips- Im here with The Architect Seth Rollins. Seth, what is your gameplan heading into the title match with Roman Reigns?

Seth Rollins- The gameplan is simple… Do what I do almost every time I face Reigns. Im faster, smarter and backed by the most powerful faction in the business. Reigns and I use to train together, he knows whats up. After tonight, ill be the first ever Universal Champion. Which will be another reason to name me the greatest WWE superstar of all time!

Jericho & Owens v. Neville & Zayn

This was a great match with a poor ending. The action was going back n forth until the momentum started to go in favor of Neville & Zayn. The end came when Zayn hit Jericho with a Helluva kick. Neville went to the top rope to finish Jericho off with a Red Arrow, but before he could attempt the move, Owens pulled Jericho out of the ring. Neville & Zayn won via countout. ***¼

Top Phillips-Roman, in a few minutes you and Rollins will be making history. One of you will be the first ever Universal Champion. Whats your gameplan to take out Rollins?

Roman Reigns- What else? Im going to implement my power. He mentioned we trained together… yea we did. Ask him how many times Ambrose had to pull me off his punk ***. And he can bring the Authority. See the man behind me… *camera reveals Cesaro*.... Hes going to be ringside to make sure the match stays fair.

Seth Rollins w/ Triple H v. Roman Reigns w/ Cesaro Universal Championship Match

The match was intense from bell to bell. Everytime Triple H looked to interfere, Cesaro would cut him off. The first big move came when Rollins hit Reigns with a skywalker. Rollins then went for a pedigree only to be flipped out of the ring. This gave Triple H an opportunity to form a plan with Rollins. After Rollins regrouped he met Reigns back in the ring. Both men exchanged punches until Reigns got the upperhand. He hit Rollins with two leaping clotheslines and then a samoan drop. As he looked to deliver a spear, Triple H pulled him out of the ring. Cesaro came to Romans aid, only to turn on him and hit him with a european uppercut. Triple H ordered the ref to keep the match going. Reigns was all alone as Rollins, Cesaro and Triple H continued to stomp The Big Guy out. Cesaro picked up Reigns and positioned him for a Pedigree from Rollins. With one Pedigree already delivered, Rollins picked Reigns up and delivered a SECOND pedigree. The ref reluctantly made the three count. After the match, the beating ensued. Triple H hit a Pedigree. Cesaro would leave the last impression, punctuating the beat down with a Neutralizer. As the show goes off the air, The Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Triple H are raising their arms along with their newest member of The Authority, Cesaro

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Re: superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era

Seth Rollins Up- Whether you agree with the matches outcome or not, the bottom line is Seth Rollins is the first Universal Champion. Rollins is now holding the most prestigious title on the Raw brand. Couple that with the fact that he is backed by The Authority… and you might want to get use to seeing The Architec on top.
The New Day Up- The current title reign stands at 380 days. Chasing history AND beating The Club??…. Stock is waaaaaaay up for this team, and The New Day is so over the credits rolled hours ago.
Neville- two weeks, two wins over Jericho. Neville has been on fire as of late. With the hottest finishing move in the game, and the support of the WWE Universe, championship gold is most definitely on the horizon
Cesaro Up- Yea, he didnt even have a match. So why is the Swiss Superman here? Because he just joined The Authority. After spending years being one of the best workers to never get a good push, he has finally been put in a great position. The Authority always makes sure their guys get over.
Jericho Down- Two weeks in a row Neville has gotten the best of Jericho. This week was arguably worse, considering Kevin Owens had to ‘rescue’ Jericho from the ring. Theres probably no reason to worry as Jericho is still one of the best on the mic… but, hopefully for the Y2J fans, this isnt the beginning of a trend where Jericho is nothing more than a gatekeeper for the main event.
The Club Down-Maybe they should spend less time screwing with their opponents itinerary, and more time training. To their credit tho, it did take The New Day taking advantage of the lack of rules to pick up the win. Stocks low this week, but keep an eye out, a program with The New Day could put the team on the up and up pretty quick.
Stardust Down- Bad gimmick and hes losing matches. Those two ingredients are combustible. Locker room talk is Rhodes is not happy with creative. This may be why we’re getting flat performances as of late. Hopefully things work out soon for the second generation star, hes still one of the most talented superstars on Raw.

Rumor Mill
Wow what a week. I actually did have a source claiming that Cesaro was in talks with The Authority. I took it as conspiracy fodder. If i could, I would put this source on the Stock Report, because he nailed it. While many thought Reigns would be the most likely wrestler to experience injuries, it was actually Finn Balor who had to stay overnight at a hospital. He suffered a concussion at the hands of US champion Rusev. Last week there was talk that Kurt Angle was in negotiations with Smackdown. This week, several sources have confirmed that The Olympic Hero is also in talks with Raw. This would clearly be the biggest FA signing of the year… a signing that could put one brand over the other

Fight of the Night- New Day v. The Club
This was a highly entertaining match between two of the best tag teams this side of the brand split. Ironically, the no DQ rule worked in favor of the champions. New Day picked up the win with The Midnight Hour.

Overall Show Grade B-.......... The two squash matches were fun. To me there was something missing in the main event and the Jericho Owens/Neville Zayn match. Both had anti climantic endings. Unless you consider Cesaro joining The Authority to be strong enough to end the show. The tag team championship match delivered, as it easily got fight of the night.
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Re: superplex does wwe2k17 The Reality Era

Smackdown April 11th Tallahassee, Florida


Shane McMahon- How about that main event last week?! Thats what Smackdown is all about! Daniel Bryan and I promise to bring you that calibre of a show week in and week out. Our first pay per view will be Fully Loaded. So far we have a title match between Randy Orton and champion Dean Ambrose. Also on the card, The Miz will defend his Intercontinental title against Dolph Ziggler! To kick things off, we’re going to have…


Aj Styles- Shane, with all due respect, the main event for Fully Loaded absolutely sucks! It should be the face that runs the place fighting that chump Ambrose. I had both Cena and Orton beat… hell, Orton was getting whooped the whole match. He wins 10 seconds of a 20 minute match and he gets a title shot? Im the man who carries the brand! This is..


Randy Orton- I got one for you AJ… the guy who loves to cry. Not only did I win the match last week, but it was YOU who got RKO’d. And yea, I was on the wrong side of a beat down most of the match, but it only takes one RKO. I dont know how they operate at TNA, but in the WWE you have to earn your title shots.


John Cena- Im just out here to give Randy my respect. That match last week was one of the hardest fought battles I have ever been in. And while AJ sure does whine and moan a lot, the guy can fight. We straight up tore the house down. Hey AJ, have any plans for Fully Loaded *crowd pops*


The Miz- John, shut up. Who the hell cares about having your respect? And who really cares about Dean Ambrose and his title? This title *holds up the IC belt* is the only prize that matters. Ever since I started the Never Ending Intercontinental championship tour, that belt Dean has, is the number 2 belt on Raw. So, I need you two to go ahead and go to the back, i have business to address with Shane.


Dean Ambrose- *Dean palms The Miz face and walks around him*... I dont know why that guy is even in the ring right now. Anyways, good stuff Orton. Way to get beat up until the other two got tired. The difference when you face me though is I finish my fights. I wouldnt even bother training Randy, im putting you away no matter what.


Crowd does the Yes! chant

Daniel Bryan- I was in the back putting the final touches on the card, when I realized I still didnt have a Smackdown worthy main event. And then you all came out here and it clicked! Tonight we’re going to have a six man tag match. On one side, youre going to have the team of Dolph Ziggler, John Cena and Dean Ambrose *crowd pops*.. And on the other side, youre going to have the team of Miz, AJ Styles and Randy Orton!! *crowd does the Yes! chant*


Fandango v. Chad Gable

American Alpha looked to even the score as Tyler Breeze got the W against Jason Jordan last week. And get even they did, quickly. Fandango was able to land strikes and circle out for the better part of two minutes. But it was all downhill when he tried to grapple the former olympian. Gable put on a suplex clinic, eventually landing the Alpha Plex! Tyler went to grab Fandango from the ring when Jason Jordan planted him with a shoulder block. Gable applied an ankle lock, and it was all she wrote as Fandango immediately began to tap. **¾

Dasha Fuentes is with Baron Corbin

Dasha Fuentes-Im here with the Lonewolf Baron Corbin.

Baron Corbin- Dont even bother asking me anything. Last week Rhyno wanted to play hero. He wanted to get involved in my business. Well now he gets to see what happens when you put yourself in my way.

Baron Corbin v. Rhyno

Corbin began attacking Rhyno before the bell. Corbin continued to dish it out until the 4 minute mark when Rhyno countered with a spinning spinebuster! He was calling for the Gore when the lights went out.

When the lights came back on, Kane was on a crucifix in the center of the ring, when two masked men lit each end on fire. The lights went out again. When they came back on, Baron just left the ring, while Rhyno frantically tried to get Kane down. Luckily for the Big Red Machine, fire extinguishers were close by, and WWE staff was able to put the fire out before it engulfed Kane.

JBL- Man, that Wyatt family plays by their own rules. I get utilizing mind games to give you an advantage over your opponent, but they damn near killed the guy!

David Otunga- Yea, thats just sickening. Ever since the Wyatts have been in the WWE, nobody is safe. I hope Bray knows what hes doing, because they might have just woken a sleeping giant.

Mauro Ranallo- Breath takingly evil. Almost at a loss for words. Thank god Kane is safe…….While the crew cleans up the ring we’re going to go to a break. When we return The Vaudevillians try to keep their winning streak alive, as they face The Usos! We’ll be right back!

The Vaudevillians v. The Usos

This was actually a very even fight. Vaudevillians have been putting together some nice wins lately, and it would be huge for them to pick up a W against former tag champs The Usos. The Usos looked to be on their way to a pinfall when Gotch raked Jimmy Usos eyes. This led to the momentarily blinded Uso brother to accidentally super kick his brother Jey. The Vaudevillians hit Jimmy with a Whirling Dervish, and picked up the 1-2-3! ***¼


camera goes to the back where Brian Kendrick just walked up to TJ Perkins

Brian Kendrick- youre lucky this is a non title match. You and i both know its only a matter of time before that belts where it rightfully belongs, around the waist of the pirate rockstar, Thee Brian Kendrick

TJ Perkins- Youve changed man. Ever since the Cruiser Weight Classic, youve been someone I hardly recognize anymore. Good luck tonight. But friends or no friends, im not holding anything back.

The Brian Kendrick v. TJ Perkins (non title match)

This was the best match of night so far. It was clear both men know eachother very well. It was a counter thon, neither man could get the upperhand to start. Eventually Perkins started to put together a nice sequence, ending with a Detonation Kick. 1...2…. Kendrick kicks out!! He went for the TJP Clutch, but Kendrick was barely able to make it to the ropes. Perkins went for a tiger suplex but Kendrick reversed it into a Sliced Bread #2. He skipped the pin attempt and applied the Captains Hook. A resilient Perkins was able to will through and eventually break the move. Both men looked like they had little to nothing to give. Perkins, who looked like he didnt even know where he was, snapped out of it immediately and hit a sitout scoop slam piledriver. From there, Kendricks legs were easy pickings, as TJP applied his TJP Clutch again. The ending was looking grim, when Kendrick, without the ref noticing, used his free leg to kick Perkins right in the balls. From there he applied the Captains Hook once again. This time, the submission hold led to a tap out! ***¾


David Otunga- Too bad he couldnt do it without cheating.

JBL- what in the sam hell are you mumbling about Otunga. We all saw Kendrick get the submission with a totally legal hold.

Ranallo- Replay does show that Perkins was hit with a low blow. It doesnt look like an accident, but the ref missed it. Im sure this wont be the last we see of these two in the ring. Coming up next WE HAVE THE SIX MAN TAG TEAM MAIN EVENT! STYLES, ORTON AND MIZ v. CENA, AMBROSE AND ZIGGLER!

camera cuts to AJ Styles as hes standing by Orton

AJ Styles- just stay out of my way this time. Let the pro who owns the show pick up the W. Im going to show McMahon and Bryan why theyre making a huge mistake by making you number one contender.

AJ walks off while Orton looks on unassuming

The Miz, AJ Styles, Randy Orton v. Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, Dean Ambrose

Before the match, Ranallo acknowledges that the hottest free agent Kurt Angle is in attendance

This was a quality match. It opened up with team Styles taking turns working on Cena. Eventually Cena tagged Ambrose in. Ambrose got a little momentum going before Orton countered Deans clothesline spot with a scoop slam. The match almost came to an end when Randy had Cena set up for an RKO. However, Cena avoided the move and made the tag. Ziggler went beast mode on everyone. He easily looked the best out there tonight. Both teams were going back n forth, and having frequent tags. The end came when AJ Styles hit Ambrose with a suicide dive. When Styles stood up he got in Kurt Angles face who was sitting in the front row. After a few words were exchanged, Styles pushed Angles face. Angle responded in kind with a right hook that landed flush. Styles, being out on his feet, rolled into the ring, only to get hit by a zig zag from the legal man Ziggler for the 1-2-3. ***½

The show ended with the winners inviting Kurt Angle into the ring to join them in celebration
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Dolph Ziggler Up-- Its two weeks in a row he picked up the win for his team. Hes in top form heading into his title match at Fully Loaded. The latter match being a pin on AJ Styles, which is always a big deal.
Brian Kendrick Up-- It wasnt for the title, but he made the current cruiserweight champ tap in the middle of the ring, If he can match those results at Fully Loaded, The Rockstar Pirate will be on top of his division.
The Vaudevillians Up-- Two weeks in a row theyve picked up a W in the tag division. Neither match was pretty, but considering they were bottom of the dumpster a month ago, two wins feels nice.
AJ Styles Down--Styles is easily one of the best wrestlers in the entire world. You wouldnt know that if you watched the last few weeks tho. Back to back weeks he was pinned in the middle of the ring. Thats never good.
The Miz Down-- Like Styles, he has had a rough couple weeks as well. While he wasnt pinned in either match, he didnt contribute towards a victory either. His lack of chemistry with the locker room doesnt bode well for the A-lister.

Rumor Mill
Everybody knew Kurt Angle was going to be in attendance for Smackdown. What we didnt know, was that AJ Styles would get in his face. Does that help or hurt Smackdowns chances of landing The Olympic Hero? Who knows. Just dont get too excited about Angle making the appearance as he plans on being at Raw next week. Maaaaan, AJ Styles v. Kurt Angle would be a great program. Theres word that Brian Kendrick and TJ Perkins continued their fight back stage. These two use to be like brothers…. These days there appears to be some serious beef. But hey, whatever makes the rivalry better im all for. When medical got Kane to the back, The Big Red Machine had no recollection of what happened the last week. He’ll be getting a CT Scan thursday.

Overall Show Grade C…. The undercard was underwhelming. The cruiserweight match was a sight for sore eyes. Not a fan of the Wyatt Family/Kane drama. Id honestly prefer another cruiserweight match in its place. Or I dont know, maybe an actual finish to the Rhyno/Corbin fight. The Main Event was pretty good, but with another funny finish, it wasnt strong enough to put the card over. The Angle bit was pretty cool tho.

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