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Re: WCW Universe (WWE 2K19)

Originally Posted by SoxSoxSox
This booking is better than anything the WWE has done in at least a decade. Following.
Thanks! Glad you are enjoying it.
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Re: WCW Universe (WWE 2K19)

Welcome to Chattanooga, TN wrestling fans! Tonight we have a huge slate of action in store for you on Thunder. We have women's and hardcore action as well as a tag-team match with the winner headed to Slamboree this Sunday in Charlotte, NC to face Harlem Heat for the tag-team gold. So sit back and get you a snack and drink because you won't want to miss this action!

MATCH 1: This fatal 4-way match was to determine the challenger to Madusa's WCW Women's Championship at Slamboree. The action was very intense with each woman taking turns mounting the offense and getting near falls but in the end it was Jacqueline hitting a tornado-DDT on Daffney while Kimberly and Luna were down on the outside.

MATCH 2: In this non-title Hardcore match La Parka and Vampiro unleashed trash cans, chairs and even a few metal rods from under the ring to really work each other over. In the end La Parka was able to knock Vampiro out with a chair shot and got the victory. He proceeded to dance his way up the ramp stopping to play the chair like an electric guitar.

Chris Jericho would be walking towards the ring with mic in had while La Parka danced at the top of the ramp.

Jericho: Hey, did the circus from the other night leave a couple of their clowns here in the arena as he pointed to La Parka and then to Vampiro laying in the ring. Why don't you go to the back get your little clown car and scoot out here and scrape up your buddies carcass and catch up with the carnival!

La Parka stares Jericho down and then does a motion of a title around his waist and points to Jericho who is laughing.

Jericho: Sorry clown boy but this title is for real wrestlers not side show rejects! But if you want, I can grant you a wrestling lesson anytime!

La Parka nods agreeing and points to Jericho as he exits.

MATCH 3: This match was a technical wrestling fans dream. Eddie and Chris really took turns with the offense with Eddie gaining control. He would go for a frogsplash but miss opening the door for Chris Jericho to put the 'Walls of Jericho' on him and get the submission.

MATCH 4: In this Main Event caliber match DDP and 'Macho Man' Randy Savage came out firing. DDP would gain control and hit a 'Diamond Cutter' on Savage. In a flash the black and white colors of the NWO swarmed the ring and did a number on DDP but Goldberg would come out and the NWO would scatter like waterbugs. Goldberg helped up DDP and the two shook hands and Goldberg raised DDP's hand as he won by DQ.

MATCH 5: The winner of this match moves on to face Harlem Heat on Sunday at Slamboree. The Road Warriors really dominated this match and were setting up ICP for a 'Doomsday Device' when Raven's flock entered the ring and saved Shaggy. They would distract the ref while other members attacked Hawk and Animal. Then they would drape Shaggy across Hawk for the 1-2-3 and the victory. ICP would leave with Raven's flock so one could only assume they are with Raven and his flock now! The Road Warriors were livid when they came to and realized what happened.

MAIN EVENT: Kevin Nash and Lex Luger would square off here and neither man would back down or take control early on. Kevin Nash would hit Luger with a power bomb and get the pinfall. Then Bischoff motioned for someone in the back and out came the NWO again to attack an already beaten Luger! They were working him over when the crowd erupted in cheers to see Sting, Goldberg and DDP storming the ring to save Luger from further harm. The NWO retreated up the ramp.

Sting grabbed a microphone and told the NWO to hold it right there. Hogan turns looking confused at the four men in the ring.

Sting: We are getting sick and tired of the NWO running around here interfering in our matches and thinking yall run this show! Why don't we settle this at Slamboree on Sunday! You get four of your best and you can face us four!

Sting turns to Golberg, Luger and DDP and they all agree to the match and Hogan converses with the other NWO members and gladly accepts the match.

So there you have it we will have a Team NWO and Team WCW 8-man tag match! We will see you for Saturday Night on Saturday and then LIVE in Charlotte, NC for Slamboree on Sunday only on pay-per-view. Good night!

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Re: WCW Universe (WWE 2K19)


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Re: WCW Universe (WWE 2K19)

Exciting card for Slamboree!

My predictions!

Medusa over Jackie
Malenko over Kidman
The Flock over No Laughing Matter
Jericho over Benoit
Harlem Heat over ICP
Team WCW over Team nWo
Bret Hart over Ric Flair
Check out my WWE2K19 Universe Dynasty - "The Monday Night Wars...REIGNITED" WCW vs. WWE vs. ECW
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Re: WCW Universe (WWE 2K19)

Welcome wrestling fans to this episode of WCW Saturday Night from the Disney MGM studios here in Orlando, FL. It's the eve of WCW Slamboree only on Pay-per-view tomorrow night from Charlotte, NC. We have an action packed two hours of wrestling for you tonight to get you ready for the big show tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Our opening bout featured Norman Smiley against the Renegade. In a match that pitted the technical wrestling of Smiley against the power of Renegade. This time power prevailed as Renegade easily handled Smiley and hit him with a Renegade Splash to earn the victory.

The NWO music hits and Eric Bischoff, Buff Bagwell, Vincent, Scott Norton and Syxx make their way to the ring mocking and instigating the fans on the way as they are met with a chorus of boos.

Eric Bischoff:
The NWO has important business to take care of tonight and mainly tomorrow night when our four real wrestlers take on the over-hyped misfits that make up team WCW. When we win this match and proove our dominance in this company there won't be any stopping us then because....

The Horsemen music hits and 'The Crippler' Chris Benoit walks out from the back with mic in hand.

Chris Benoit:You know even if the NWO somehow pulls out that 8-man tag at Slamboree you still will not be in charge of jack around here! You will still answer to the Four Horsemen. I can give any one of you punks a little demonstration later tonight if you are up for it!

Buff Bagwell: Listen here Benoit, I will accept your little challenge and you best come with your A game later on. I'm shocked you had the nerve to come out here without those two fossils Anderson and Flair not around and that meathead Mongo not here either!

Chris Benoit: Don't you worry about the Horsemen and later tonight I'm going to cripple you!

Benoit does a throat slash and then heads backstage to prepare for the Main Event later.

MATCH 2: Wrath makes his way to face Vincent and gains the upper hand and was going for a 'Meltdown' when the NWO would swarm the ring and leave him lying. They would spray paint the letters N-W-O on his back and then make their way to the back high-fiving and celebrating.

MATCH 3: In this cruiserweight battle Rey Mysterio was too fast and elusive for Disco Inferno as he easily controlled the match from bell to bell. Mysterio was able to hit a super hurricanrana and roll up Disco for the win.

MATCH 4: This tag-team match featured The Armstrongs vs. The Steiners. The Armstrongs coming off a good performance against Harlem Heat on Monday looked out of it tonight though as Rick and Scott did a number on them. The Steiners would not relinquish the offense and hit Brad with a 'Steinerizer' and take the easy victory.

MAIN EVENT: In the Main Event that featured Buff Bagwell and Chris Benoit the NWO would look to get involved early and often. This would lead to Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Steve 'Mongo' McMichael coming down to ringside as well to even things out a bit. With that advantage taken away from Buff, Benoit was able to mount the offense and hit Bagwell with a 'Crippler Crossface' for the win.

While the NWO left the ringside area and back up the ramp Ric Flair took the mic and addressed Bret Hart.

Ric Flair: 'Hitman' I know you are sitting at home right now watching this and you are getting ready for our match tomorrow. Well pal, in your little notebook titled 'How To Be Like Naitch' I won't you to pay close attention right here. You will never be like me, you can only dream to be like me. I have all the women lined up every town the Horsemen ride into! WOOOOOOO! We buy out bars and pay tabs that cost more than your house! I spent more money on spilt liquor last year than you made!

Flair points to a kid in the front row booing.

Ric Flair: Shut up kid, ask your mom who the greatest is!

Flair proceeds to strut around the ring and the Horsemen celebrate as Saturday Night goes off the air.

Join us tomorrow fans for WCW Slamboree LIVE only on Pay-Per-View. Call your cable company now and get hooked up because you won't want to miss it. See you then! Good night!
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Re: WCW Universe (WWE 2K19)

Welcome to Charlotte, NC and WCW Slamboree! We have a big slate of wrestling action in store for you tonight with 5 of our 6 championships on the line plus Team NWO vs. Team WCW in an 8-man tag-team match. Stay tuned for all the action wrestling fans!

In the opening match we had Jacqueline taking on Madusa for the WCW Women's Title. Madusa would control the tempo early and Jacqueline never really got any offense going as Madusa made quick work of her to retain the title. The crowd loved the outcome and Madusa celebrated with them as she exited the arena.

CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Billy Kidman was set to defend his title versus the 'Man of 1000 Holds' Dean Malenko. Billy got the upper hand in the match as Daffney proved to be a distraction for Malenko. Over time though the technical advantage of Malenko proved to be too much for Kidman and he was beat by Malenko. DEAN MALENKO IS YOUR NEW WCW CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION!

As Malenko celebrated in the ring Rey Mysterio appeared at the top of the ramp with a microphone.

Rey Mysterio: Congratulations Dean! Very impressive victory and being the new cruiserweight champion. You are a great wrestler and I would be honored to be the first to challenge you after Kidman gets his rematch.

Dean Malenko: You are an up and coming talent and I respect your appreciation of my victory and would gladly accept your challenge.

Billy Kidman attacks Malenko from behind with a steel chair! At the same time other members of 'The Flock' Riggs and Lodi attack Mysterio on the ramp and they all beat the hell out of Mysterio and Malenko and leave towards the backstage area.

In this tag-team match 'No Laughing Matter' was taking on Raven and Saturn of 'The Flock'. Tensions have been boiling between these factions for weeks and they continued to boil as other 'Flock' and 'Dungeon of Doom' members all filed into the ring and a brawl ensued. 'No Laughing Matter' was deemed the winners by DQ but both factions had to be seperated by security as they fought all the way into the parking lot! Raven and Kevin Sullivan were led away in handcuffs by police!

WCW TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: In this match which by far may have been the best match of the night Chris Benoit withstood an offensive explosion by Jericho to take the upperhand. Both wrestlers would exchange moves and turns with the upper hand before eventually Benoit would slap on a 'Crippler Crossface' to win the title! The Horsemen would join Benoit in the ring for the celebration.

WCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: This match was against the unlikely 'Insane Clown Posse' against Harlem Heat. ICP had to cheat to beat The Road Warriors on Thursday. Hawk and Animal returned the favor tonight by distracting ICP enough just by there presence for Harlem Heat to retain the titles.

TEAM NWO VS. TEAM WCW 8-MAN TAG: This match was a brawl and in a brawl there are strength in numbers. The NWO proved to be too much in the numbers department for Team WCW as other members joined them at ringside and would get involved early and often. Despite the interference Team WCW would still have a chance for the win but Eric Bischoff would hit Goldberg with a chair and then Hogan would seal the deal with a leg drop and the 1-2-3.

MAIN EVENT WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: This match featured arguably two of the best to ever lace up wrestling boots. This match lived up to the hype. These two really worked all around the ring and on the outside. Even with distractions and interference from Elizabeth and Woman Hart was able to hit the 'Sharpshooter' and get Flair to tap out for the win and become NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

That's all for tonight ladies and gentlemen, join us on Monday Nitro tomorrow for a breakdown of all the matches and an update on the arrests of Kevin Sullivan and Raven! Good night everyone and see you on Nitro!
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